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  1. Hi, I own 2 Atari wireless Controller in great shape but both of them have no battery cover. Does anybody have a 3D model of such a batteryplate? Thanks in advance
  2. What kind of wax do you use? For car purpose?
  3. Yes you did but i was relly impressed by the comparison image from Level42 above. Thanks for the good quality images. I wich to have both models in comparison. There are lots of replacement shafts for reasonable prices but i have to find out if they fit or take the cnc way
  4. Thats true, but the internet will help.And finaly a good reason to take out my slide calpier in US sizes i inherited from my grandfathers toolbox.
  5. That's interesting! How does steel gets so "eaten up" by a plastic ball US size shouldn't be a issue, I guess that kind of stuff is international. I packed my recordings to a video, you can actually see the lubing on the cueball
  6. Yes, propably the Trakball wasn't designed to live 30+ years I cleaned the stucked bearing with some isopropanol alcohol then i put some wd40 on it to get it moving again and the add some finemechanical oil. I also put some wd40 on the rusty parts on the shafts to clean them but that was't the best idear. Even after removing the rest of the wd40 with som elektronic component cleaner the cueball has a bit of a wd40 smell. I have to clean it again. I also thought on put some shrinking tube on the shaft but i think it would have a bad effekt on the movement. CNC will be a great option, i work for a company with a modern CNC machine. I will ask the operator if he could help me out in his freetime. Probably the bearings are standart parts, i will ask a mechanikal engineer if he has a clou. Today i played missile command on my vcs to test the joystick mode. Its real fun! I recorded my progress as a video maybe i put it on YouTube help other cx80 owners. Thanks for your posts, i will post my results if i could get some replacement.
  7. Hi, I'm actually new to trakballs but the cueball is heavy and the overall build quality is good. The shafts are burnished and the middel part that has contact to the ball is not burnished. I wonder why they didn't use stainless steel. Even if I manage to remove the rust the sweat of the hand will quickly generate new rust. I wasn't aware of Atari Trakballs at all, they are rare here in Germany and importing from the US has very high shipping costs. So I have to take what i get The fieldservice manual would be a great help, but i can't find it for the cx80.
  8. Hi, I got a cx80 in a bad condition and managed to get it working well. I took the cx20 fieldservice manual as a help. The shafts and the idler shaft are still rusty and i like to clean them but the idler shaft seems to be glued into the Plastik. Is there a cx80 fieldservice manual, or has anyone disassambled a cx80 fully and could support me? Thanks Florian
  9. Thats it, i own the version from the thread you are linking from. I watched a guy trying to sell his japan version in box for a redicolus Price.... But finally your psu and manual are the final prove for me. And why not, that is free market! Japan and Europe ports where unofficially done, because atari tries to make money
  10. There is even a discussion about it http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262886-fake-japanese-heavy-sixer-on-ebay/
  11. For the console, i have one with the same stickers. I payed a 'normal' heavy sixer price. So i guess there where some imorts in the early days.
  12. There is currently a boxed Japanese model on ebay. I asked the seller if its ok to upload Some of his pictures of the box with the epoch logo http://www.ebay.com/itm/182438629156
  13. @Rom hunte: thanks a lot for the answer! @high voltage: Foreign abbreviation are no problem i guess. Like "muscle car ss" and the letters are no runes symbols;)
  14. Hi, im researching about the Quelle games here in Germany. I own some of them and found the S.S. in the molding. On AtariAge I found out that it stands for Sun Science and that is related to Suntek(Sunteck) somehow. I suppose that Suntek was some kind of distributor or Software "Developer" and Sun Science was producing the cardridges. Is that correct? And are there more detail information about the company? Thanks Florian
  15. I bought that unit mentioned here some days ago. I like to find out about its history. So if someone has some information or a similar device let me know. Thanks
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