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  1. I see, i think I'm just gonna get a replacement disc for the game since its much cheaper than a new saturn and its the only game that doesn't work. Thanks for the responses though everyone!
  2. Hey guys, I am interested in buying a lot of gamecube games and or trading for them. I have a ton of SNES, PS3, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, and Vita games available for trade as well as an ambassador's 3ds and a dsi for offer. I sold my entire collection of my childhood gamecube games around 4 years ago but I want to repurchase a lot of the games I played during my childhood so I am interested in pretty much any game. I only kept pac man world 3 and super smash bros melee but I still need a new manual for melee if anyone has one. please message me with what you have thanks!
  3. The thing is the start application option doesn't even show up. All my other games start up perfectly. It is just the 1.
  4. Which direction and how far should I tilt the saturn? Can't that make the laser damage the discs? thanks
  5. Hey guys I recently just got a copy of panzer dragoon 1 and for some reason the game doesn't start up. It brings me to the audio cd menu and the system senses that there are 16 tracks of music but there is no start application option like with all the other games. The problem is not my saturn since all other games run perfectly. The disc doesn't have any visible scratches. Any help wouuld be appreciated. thanks
  6. Would you do 35.67$? That's all I have in my paypal now but I would pay immediately gifted. Let me know thanks
  7. Hey guys I'm looking to sell my CIB Super Metroid in very good condition for 70$ or best offer. I don't really wanna let this go but I am in need of some money now so I have to. Please message me any questions.
  8. Are you interested in anything? I've sold a lot already and am looking to sell this stuff as well so everything is negotiable and I will give a big discount if you buy in bulk thanks
  9. D I would be interested in haha. Let me know if you change your mind about it .
  10. Eventually probably, but I'm not really interested in it now. Thanks for the offer though
  11. Oh sorry here's what i have/have ordered Nights into Dreams (w/ 3d Pad Controller) Area 51 Congo Magic Knight Rayearth House of the dead (disc only) Lunacy (discs and manual only) Mech Warrior 2 Tomb Raider Battle Arena Toshinden URA Iron Man / XO Manowar in Heavy Metal Fighting Vipers Battle Monsters Shanghai Triple Threat Soviet Strike Bust a Move 2 Arcade Edition Mass Destruction Virtua Cop Virtua Cop 2 Pandemonium Duke Nukem 3d Virtua Fighter Remix Virtua Fighter 2 Virtua Fighter Kids Sega Rally Championship Resident Evil Bug Bug Too Astal Burning Heroes Die Hard Arcade Panzer Dragoon Shining the Holy Ark Sonic 3D Blast Mr Bones Deep Fear All Japan Pro Wrestling featuring Virtua
  12. I have a small saturn collection so I'd probably be interested in pretty much anything. send me a pm of what you have thanks
  13. No sorry I only have what is listed in my for sale thread, some 360, ps3, more wii, and ds games available thanks
  14. bump the for sale for trade list has been updated as well
  15. interested in anything I have to offer? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216349-theironmangos-fsft-nes-gamesgold-neswii-games-turbografx-16-and-more/
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