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  1. Legtendga


  2. It's a shame that this is dead, a Jag controller on the 5200 would be ideal. I'd certainly be buying one if he someone started making them again.
  3. Thanks James, your a SainT! Add me to the list, please!
  4. Man, after all this, I've really gotta know... Why didn't he just use a Genesis 3?
  5. Thank y'all very much for the info! Not quite what I expected, but still really quite neat.
  6. I bought this as dead, as the owner said it didn't power on. Usually means that they just didn't have a cart to test it with, so I took a gamble. I was right, but it's come with a bit more(/less?) than I bargained for. Is there anything particular that can be done with this? Is this worth something to someone? Please comment with any insight, as this is one of my odder finds.
  7. Alrighty, thank you. Here's some pictures of the inside. None of the (visible) caps seem to have burst/corroded.
  8. Huh, bad caps usually have a more complete failure of some aspect, but I'm not a good enough solder-er to replace them either way... Thanks for the response.
  9. Hi, I bought a Lynx II and it is not really working. It's kinda easier to show than describe, so here's some poorly shot videos. These seem to be both video and in game bugs and crashes; I am wondering if there is any fix for this. It seems to be an issuse with the system, but I don't know anything for sure.
  10. Bump, please, if y'all can help, do. I'd very much appreciate it.
  11. Hi, I bought an Atari Lynx II off eBay recently, and it has some major(/minor?) issues with it. Here it is with some games... http://youtu.be/CWBfSetBSP8 http://youtu.be/uom5cUNRLMQ http://youtu.be/PIIG-Len6w4 These seem to be both video and in game bugs and crashes; I am wondering if there is any fix for this. It seems to be an issuse with the system. ...Or if I should try and get some/all of my money back. ($42.88 after shipping, came with loose Roadblasters and Blue Lightning, boxed Klax, and sealed Xybots and Crystal Mines II)
  12. Thanks again, sorry for not only asking twice, but also for missing that topic... twice.
  13. Thank you much, I'm headin' there now!
  14. Is it too late for me to get an XM?
  15. I'd like to know how much it'd be to order one of these, if I still can!
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