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  1. Where are the birthdays?

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    2. Albert


      It should be on the front page, though..  I have to see why they are not. 

    3. Albert


      I figured out how to add them back to the front page.

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      They are now on the front page. Well done. Thanks.

  2. M.U.L.E. - Atari 800 Street Fighter - Arcade Oil - Atari 800 (Not Oilwell)
  3. This thread deserves to be locked simply for the video posted
  4. That's funny, but know you know Ever played or heard of the game M.U.L.E.?
  5. It's true! Tough times
  6. Sad times, last night I was not the First Founder
  7. NES Sega Genesis Super Nintendo Atari 800
  8. Don't be a Smollett....

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    2. NE146


      There have been a whole bunch of fake hate crimes (usually forgotten about just after exposed.. but not before the frenzy got whipped up).. this was just the latest. :P

    3. jaybird3rd


      There are too many people who seem to enjoy fetishizing victimhood.


      (I'm reading now that he apparently faked the "hate letter," too. What a guy.)

    4. Sauron


      Typical leftists proving that demand for hate crimes heavily outstrips supply, so they have to manufacture it.

  9. Here is my favorite Madden intro followed by
  10. The best part of that was when Luda said "since Madden 92'"
  11. NHL 93 on the Genesis is my personal favorite. 94, 95 and 92 are close.
  12. Well, I'd recommend M.U.L.E, but just glad you didn't spell M.U. ending with S.C.L.E.
  13. *bump* because this section needs less arguing and more M.U.L.E. convo....
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