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  1. RePixel8

    Jump VCS

    Hi, Apologies for this. We are currently in the process of updating the Website and some content is currently not yet migrated. These pages should be back within the next few days, but in the mean time you can download the ROMS from the following links. http://download.repixel8.com/games/jumpvcs_ntsc.bin http://download.repixel8.com/games/jumpvcs_pal.bin Hope this helps.
  2. Glad you like the game. The labels look even better than I imagined on a real cartridge. I'm currently working on a couple of new 2600 games that I'll be announcing very soon, so stay tuned...
  3. RePixel8

    Jump VCS

    No official connection, just inspired by Canabalt.
  4. RePixel8

    Jump VCS

    Thanks for the offer. I'll know where to come in future How about optimising for performance? I'm recently working on a new platform game, written in BB, but with an assembly display kernel. I like the ease of development that BB provides for the game logic and bankswitching etc, but this particular game really required a custom kernel to do things like changing the playfield color mid-scanline and render horizontal sections of the PF based on ROM lookup tables. I put it down a while ago to concentrate on other projects, but when I get back to it I think it definitely could benefit from some optimisation to squeeze a few cycles out of the display loop, so I may be requiring your assistance
  5. RePixel8

    Jump VCS

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did take a look at this at the time, but unfortunately that would have pushed the game past the 4K limit. Towards the end I was fighting for every byte and in fact, some of the "features" of the game are a result of having to make compromises to make every single byte count. By the time it came to make the PAL version there were next to zero bytes free, so as a result the NTSC version scrolls every 4th frame and the PAL version every 3rd frame (rather than 3.37), which means the PAL version runs a little faster than it should. I hindsight, if I'd have known it would be released on a 32Kb cartridge I could have implemented this, along with other features that I had to leave out, but maybe these could be something for a future sequel
  6. Hi, I did look at adding paddle support to the original Brik, but using BB it really didn't seem possible without simplifying the game too much, in which case it just would end up being a straight Breakout clone. It's more an issue of CPU cycles than Rom space. However, this led me to find a way of implementing a Breakout style game in 4K, with paddle support, individually designed levels, delimited bricks, no flickering, and the result is by rotating the playing area and mirroring the bats it is just about possible within the limitations of the 2600 and BB with a small amount of asm. The result is Brik180 . The "180" aspect is more by necessity than design, but I think it provides an interesting twist on the genre As I mentioned in the other post, Brik180 will be available as a bonus game on the Brik physical cartridge which is to be released soon, but for now you can check it out at http://repixel8.com/games/brik180 Also due to popular demand, I managed to free a enough bytes in the original Brik to add the option to turn off the controversial flickering by using the console's Select switch. This version will also be available on the cartridge.
  7. RePixel8

    Jump VCS

    Hi, Just noticed this topic and thought I will clarify the AW127's questions around JumpVCS Unfortunately due to the timing differences between PAL (50fps) and NTSC (60fps) and the fact the game scrolls horizontally in steps of 1 playfield pixel, it is impossible using an integer frameskip to exactly match the 20% difference in speeds between PAL and NTSC within the limitations of the 2600. However, the PAL version should only be slightly faster than the NTSC version and not anywhere near 20% faster. I did design the game in such as way that the NTSC version will work without problems on a PAL console (i.e. PAL60) and vice versa, as I used colors that work on both formats. I guess the NTSC version would be the preferred version to run on PAL consoles, unless you have a TV that does not support NTSC or PAL60 in which case you would need to use the PAL version. 2) The roms that can be downloaded from http://repixel8.com/games/jumpvcs do not have PAL / NTSC switching capabilities built in, as they are the original 4K roms and the game left no space for this logic. Originally, it was planned to release these as 4K cartridges however, the 32K physical cartridges which will be available soon have bank switching abilities, which allows for both NTSC / PAL60 and PAL versions, plus the selection screen at startup, and an additional title screen with music. So in summary, the PAL / NTSC switching will only be available with a physical cartridge. Hope this helps. By the way, I should also mention that the additional space available in the upcoming Brik cartridge will be utilised with a special bonus game, Brik180 which works with joystick and paddles Also, the original version of Brik will have a non-flicker mode that can be enabled with the 2600's 'Select' switch.
  8. Cartridges will be coming very soon, but as a new year's treat, and for those who can't wait, the JumpVCS ROM is now available to download at http://www.retro-reload.com/jumpvcs/
  9. Yeah, it's me I was gonna start a thread, but looks like I've been beaten to it. I created JumpVCS before Brik, using Batari Basic. It's not really a port of Canabalt, but more inspired by it. As with Brik, I chose to restrict this to a 4K rom which was fairly tricky along with the obvious limitations of the VCS, but I have managed to include multiple levels with increasing difficulty and collectible items as you can see in the video. I'm hoping to get a physical cartridge release for this and Brik ready by the end of the year once I've managed to get the PAL version working as well. Keep an eye on the page (above), but I'll make an announcement in this forum when the cartridges are ready. Trying to decide whether to make boxes as well, or just cartridges. Any thoughts?
  10. Well, I've been working on a label design and had a few prototype cartridges made up. If there's enough demand, I'd certainly consider a cartridge release. Anyone interested?
  11. I had to implement a few tricks to get it working within the limitations of the 2600. Mainly the vertical lines that separate the bricks. These are actually made of one sprite and one missile with the appropriate TIA registers set to duplicate them 3 times. This only provides 6 vertical lines, so in order to get the full 12, I had to draw the 6 lines and reposition them every other frame. This makes the lines effectively 50% transparent, and gives the kind of 3d effect to the bricks. The remaining missile and sprite is used for the left/right borders the enemy and bonuses etc, the bricks are obviously made from the playfield and the ball is used for, erm, the ball It turned out to be not as complicated as I had originally expected, but the big challenge was fitting it all into 4K.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. Just checked out Poing on the Amiga. I like the way the game is rotated 90 degrees. I'm currently working on another game at the moment, but given the feedback I think I'll definitely have to make a "deluxe" version for an 8 or 16K ROM that has support for paddles and includes the features PFL mentioned, many of which I had originally planned, but turned out not to be possible within the 4K limit.
  13. Yeah, I was a little worried about the flicker on the border. Didn't seem that noticable when I was testing it.
  14. Currently it only works with Joysticks, partly because I ran out of space and partly because I don't actually own a paddle controller
  15. Hi, My first game, so I thought I'd share it in my first post I wanted to create an Arkanoid-style game for the 2600 that that improves on Breakout. Key requirements were: - Have many individually designed levels (unlike breakout which just has a solid wall). - Bricks should be displayed as individual blocks with horizontal division, not just solid rows. - Have bonus objects falling down the screen that can be collected. - Have an enemy that moves about the screen. - Fit into 4K for physical cartridge release. It's been a bit of a challenge squeezing it all into 4K and within the available cycles. However, after a lot of optimisation and many re-writes, it's done and *just* fits, although the sound had to be compromised. It's been a bit of a learning experience I've have thoroughly enjoyed working within the limitations of the hardware and the programming environment. 4K rom is attached. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. brik.bin
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