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  1. Way-back-when -- In 1990 or 1991, I ran a BBS on my TI 99/4a. I found a schematic on a BBS somewhere with plans to build a RTC that would fit into the speech synthesizer. I built it, and it worked great from what I remember. Fast-forward 20 years, and I no longer have that system, and can't remember the details of the RTC project, other than the fact that I built it... If I could find the plans/schematics again, I'll do it with my newly-acquired TI 99/4a system. I don't remember what components were needed, so I'd have to google to see if I could find those original plans. Or maybe I could start from scratch, using a PIC or Arduino?!? Heh, I wish I still had a copy of the BBS program - I had made many 'tweaks' to it to customize it to my liking... I think I had called my BBS "Jeff's 20 Megs" - or something similar - I actually saw it on a Google hit on a list of BBS numbers recently... It brought a smile to my face. Jeff
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