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  1. I’m enjoying riding around on Epona from the very beginning. I think it makes the game a lot more enjoyable to get this great steed at the beginning of the game. I wanted to rename her Shadowfax, but they won’t let you. I guess then I’d have to find some all white gear and ride without a saddle.
  2. I’m not sure why they added so much Amiibo support to this game besides the obvious idea of money. Maybe it’s supposed to act like a difficulty modifier? I think it’s a fun thing to have in the game, but it almost breaks the game in some ways.
  3. Nevermind I guess someone already mentioned Carmen. I wish I was in San Diego right now.
  4. Yeah it’s really a strange miss. I just restarted the game today and it’s not a huge deal. It’s seems like it could easily be patched. It’s not that noticeable when your playing with a pro controller. It really is an inspiring game. I forgot how vague you can be with your responses, even from the very beginning. I’m really excited to take this play through slow and methodical. I’ve almost got myself talked into going without any amiibo this time(well nfc cards anyway). I used to have all of the amiibo, but I sold them for a tidy profit back when the prices where ludicrous.
  5. Hi, I can still make some, but I still need to find some free machine time at work. I’m glad you like them. I really need to go in some night or weekend and make some. I’m sorry it’s been so long. Hopefully I’ll have a weekend when I’m here in town to make some this month. Thanks, Adam
  6. Is this the necessary step to allow Xbox content to become available on the Switch?
  7. One of my little niggles with this game is the lack of touchscreen support on the inventory screen. Have they fixed this yet?
  8. True, good enough is usually what I go for. I’m usually not interested in 100% of anything, especially video games. This game is so vast and is known for being hard to get 100% of everything I thought it might be fun to take a few months and see if I can get close without a guide. Then when I can’t find those last few shrines or Korok seeds use the guide.
  9. Well not a Tech Demo that pushes it to the limits for sure. I guess it’s just a solid game.
  10. I think I’m going to buy one of those hard bound guide books and go for a 100 percent complete run.
  11. This was on my want list for a long time. Then I saw how much the 5.25” floppy drives sell for and I changed my mind. It’s still intriguing to me though. This looks like a good deal as others have said.
  12. Is this a fun game or is it just rare? Or both?
  13. How was this game? I am thinking about picking this game up or the New Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. I’m not sure which one to get? I know the answer is both, but which one is the better game?
  14. After listening to Hugues talk about YS games on the Retro League Podcast for many years I feel like I need to give this one a shot. Hugues did recently start another podcast called Retro Game Club. It’s actually pretty good. It’s funny that it’s with another Co host named Rob.
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