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  1. Understood. Sounds like your already making progress. I was thinking of how nice it would be to have custom 3D printed shells with the names of the games printed into the shell. We live in a fun world these days. Here’s a few things we’ve printed at my shop recently:
  2. To get the most accurate Solid model it would need to be scanned I think. With calipers and physical measuring instruments you could only get about 90 percent dimensionally accurate. The other 10 percent would be trial and error. I’ll talk with my friends at Go engineering in Salt lake and see what I can come up with. I’m sure others here on the forums might have direct access to a nice 3D scanner. Although I’ve not yet opened a cartridge and tried to pull dimensions. It might be fairly simple.
  3. I feel the same way. I would like to purchase all of the Christmas Homebrews as well. Maybe that could be a theme next year to only give Christmas homebrews and play them as a group during the holidays! I to wish I could code really well, especially in Assembly. I’ve read a lot of books( first 20 or so pages) on assembly language. I recently started watching some YouTube Videos on the subject and that has helped a lot. Mainly I was stuck on learning binary and Hexadecimal Math. All the books I’ve read say that if you don’t have that down pretty well then don’t continue. So I haven’t continued. I also get stuck on the idea of dedicating a large sum of my time to learning a dead language for the most part. When I could much more easily learn Python or some other modern language. I’m always held back because of my love for Atari games, and the history behind how they were created. Learning to code feels more like just for fun to me, so why not learn assembly first?
  4. I thought it would be a lot of fun to share your favorite games to play during the Holidays. Games I like to play with my friends and family during this time of year are: 2600: Circus Millipede Stay Frosty 2 Galagon Juno First Beamrider Lady Bug 7800: Centipede 2 player Asteroids 2 player Robotron 2084(to show off my mad skills and make my daughters boyfriends cry a little) Dreamcast: Street Fighter Fighter Alpha 3( and kids think they can pull off combos on old Dad, good luck) Wii: Just Dance (any version) Super Mario Galaxy House of the Dead 2/3 Super Mario 1-3 all stars(once again to make little children cry and have some momentary respect for their elders when it comes to gaming)
  5. I’m really surprised that quality 3D printed replica Atari cartridges haven’t been done yet? It can’t be that hard with tools like solid works or fusion 360? Maybe it’s cheaper to buy the originals? I use solid works all the time at work and something as simple as an Atari cartridge would be easy. I’ve also seen extremely high precision 3D scanners that could make an exact replica. I haven’t ever done high volume 3D printing, so maybe it’s still cost prohibitive?
  6. I might need some brown shag for my game room. I also really like that chair. Very inspiring.
  7. Asteroids - Arcade Missile Command -Arcade Pacman - Arcade
  8. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked into the Concerto cartridge. Is this thing closer to becoming a reality? If so I may have to hunt down a UAV modded 7800.
  9. I played it a bunch last night and today. After plugging my PS4 controller in and not using it through Bluetooth I noticed the controls felt just right. I think there was a bit of lag over Bluetooth. Wonderful game! I’m really having a great time. The way it looks and feels like a 2600 game but plays like the arcade and 7800 is an amazing achievement. This might be the greatest Homebrew ever created. Galagon, Mappy, and Wizard of Wor are the other games of yours that I own. I adore those games as well. But the amount of things going on at the same time on the screen in this game makes it feel like it’s on another level. I’m not trying to add to your workflow or give you ideas but you could probably pull of bringing Tempest to the 2600. Having Robotron on the 2600 is enough for me to die a happy man though.
  10. If you listen to some of the interviews with Phil Spencer he makes it sound like Microsoft is happy to just be along for the ride. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are close buddies that don’t really compete. They are interested in cross platform co-operation and putting each others exclusives on all platforms. What a load of BULL!
  11. Yeah, “certain point” sounds like something I would say to my wife. There probably isn’t such a thing when it comes to the hobbies you really love that grab that part of your heart and mind nothing else does. I guess in reality if I could afford to have every 2600 game CIB on a shelf I would for sure. But part of the adventure for me is learning about new games on a podcast, forum, YouTube, or just searching the Internet and then seeking them out and acquiring them. I’m not sure why having them tangibly makes the experience more for me, especially having physical documentation like the manual. I’m not so much into the boxes. But somehow the bits of data flow more realistically in the experience when I plug the cartridge into the system and read the manual physically in my hand. I sometimes get bored or find something new and need to harvest some money out of particularly expensive purchases. But those times have become less now that I am focused exclusively on 2600 collecting. And honestly I’m much happier this way. And this is all strange to me because I didn’t grow up with a 2600. The first system I owned was an NES. I came across the 2600 first at my great Uncles house when I was 4 or 5 years old. So maybe my mind somehow feels it differently. But either way I like the history and games much better on the 2600 than any other system I’ve come across so far.
  12. I don’t know after playing it again for awhile the movement and shooting speed feel right. It just has different sized sprites and a different sized play field area in relation to the 7800 and arcade versions. I think it’s just getting used to the space between objects and the time of your shot direction when switching between different versions on different systems.
  13. I just played this for about 45 minutes in the Stella emulator with a PS4 controller. Gameplay- excellent as far as I could tell. I did switch from Direct 3d to OpenGLES2 in Stella and the game felt overall faster. Not sure why on that one. The ramping of difficulty between Standard, Novice, and advanced all felt like an appropriate difference. I enjoyed looking at the different enemies on each stage so much that most of the time it ended up causing my deaths. The movement of your character feels a bit slower than when playing in mame, and a bit slower than the 7800 version. But overall not game breaking. Also your shooting when changing directions feels a bit slow, and possibly could be a bit faster. The overall presentation and look of the game is unique enough to feel like a true 2600 port of the game. The transition screen looks very VCS to me and so do the enemies, especially the standard robotron robots. If their are any bugs I haven’t noticed any yet. I’ll keep playing tonight for a couple hours and update this thread if I find anything. I’m really impressed by this effort to bring my favorite game of all time to my favorite system of all time. This is at the top of my Christmas list in whatever year this game comes out. Thanks for making the demo available to try, it’s been a great time! Once my 2600 is back from being modded I look forward to trying this on a harmony cart. Thanks again!![emoji8] P.S. I’ve logged hundreds of hours playing Robotron on the 7800 with an Edladdin controller and this game feels great to me so far. I’ve played the original game on mame, and ports of the 800, and 5200 versions. I think this is as close to a port of the arcade version as I would expect to the 2600. I like the way it looks and plays just as much as the 7800 version, which has been my favorite version until now. I was thinking of possibly an expert variation where you could have friendly fire and kill the humans your trying to save. That would make your shots have to be very precise. Or possibly friendly fire co-op mode. As it is now it’s an incredible game though.
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