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    I'm mostly an 8bit gaming fan, but I've been known to wander. I grew up playing NES, SNES,PS1,and N64. I also really like Golf, Tennis, board games, and taking my bulldog for a walk.
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    Whatever I feel like. That's generally how I role, but right now I'm playing 3DS mostly. I also recently purchased an Analogue NT Mini Noir V2, so I hope to give it some attention. I'm really looking forward to getting into the famicom library.
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    Not sure. I hope to play with the various cores on the NT Mini, so probably some games related to them.

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  1. I have some made. I’d be happy to sell them for $5 each plus $5.00 shipping. Combined Ofcourse. I have 3 different designs now. I’ll have to check and see how many of each one I have available. I’ll update this thread tonight with some pictures.
  2. For my new alienware R12 from fleabay. It has an 11400f that gets a bit to hot with the stock fan. Picked up the R12 for $373.00. If you keep a watch on them they go for pretty cheap without the GPU. People are just ripping them out and selling them like hot cakes.
  3. For the record Yurkie acted admirably in my last encounter with him. It took some time, but eventually he refunded my money and sent my unmodded 2600 back to me.
  4. Not super Retro but I would like my Sony GDM-W900 back again. I like it more than the FW900 with the flat screen. I paid $200 from a wholesaler on eBay for it in 2003. I got tired of lugging it’s 100 poundness from apartment to apartment so I eventually gave it to goodwill. I’m sure someone was excited that day at goodwill. I remember playing Counter Strike, Baldurs Gate 2, and just watching movies on it. I didn’t realize how good I had it. I’m hoping Oled will fill the gap for me at some point. So far my 2007 42” Panasonic plasma from 2007 that does 1920x1080 is still my second favorite computer screen of all time. It’s almost as good as CRT, but not quite.
  5. Current favorite is Micro Mages. It’s a blast playing 4 player.
  6. I’m currently enjoying the continuation of insane GPU prices. I’m starting to feel bad for Youtubers like Paul’s Hardware that like to do PC build videos. The comment sections are always full of people having a GPU bitch fest.
  7. Nintendo has been doing business like this for many years and I’m sure most people still support them. How many times have you repurchased one of their games?? I know I’m guilty.
  8. I’ve never owned a titanium power supply. I didn’t know they went above gold. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a new psu. Hopefully it’s a while longer now.
  9. I had to buy my wife an original PeachesNCream Barbie because my little girls ripped the head off of her childhood one and destroyed all hope of reattachment. I decided that I needed a better motherboard for my 8700k with better VRMs so I could overclock to atleast 5GHZ with my Noctua Cpu cooler. This is the first motherboard I’ve purchased that doesn’t have some kind of built in Video output solution. Now if they could just eliminate USB 2.0 my motherboard dreams would be complete.
  10. A Retro Voyage Kevtris Cores make my heart palpitate The AnalogueNT Mini Noir
  11. Kind of makes you wonder if Intellivision owners had Atari Joystick envy back in the day[emoji848].
  12. I know I’ve taken it for granted over the years. After using a nt mini noir for about a month now I started feeling like I was just using an emulation station. I don’t have a fondness for physical media and I think it’s the best way to get all of my gaming in one place.
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