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  1. Oh how I wish I hadn’t sold my Vectrex consoles over the years to fund other projects/interests. But as has been mentioned they cost quite a bit and they hold their value. Im now slowly rebuilding my Vectrex collection. I started with games, then moved on to controllers. I’ve been looking for a really nice minty/new one but they are pretty much non existent from what I’ve been able to find so far. Im sure it is do to the fact that some collectors own 4 or more Vectrex consoles these days. I’ve been thinking the same thing myself the past few weeks.
  2. I’ve had every one of them shipped to me and they have all worked. I even had one shipped from the Netherlands all the way to Utah. I’m not sure they are as delicate as you think. I’ve owned 4 different Vectrex Units.
  3. Really the prices haven’t changed much over time. A mint Vectrex was $500-$750 when I first started buying them in 2014. An increase of $150-300 isn’t that insane. The Vectrex is a very different system than any other, especially retro systems. It’s not like you can go buy a new vector monitor easily and replace the one you have.
  4. I’ve thought a lot about that as I’ve looked for a Vectrex recently. I don’t think I would realistically pay over $1500 for a Vectrex new in box. The problem is how rare these items have become. After talking with a few Vectrex collectors the consensus is that there may be 500 or less new Vectrexs in the box. As strictly a player and not so much a collector it horrifies them when I tell them I just want one so I can open it and have that new console experience. I would be just as happy opening a reproduction Vectrex, but I don’t think we will see one anytime soon.
  5. She’s not in the best condition. I’ll see if I can get you a picture. Don’t worry about paying for shipping, I’ll cover it. Consider it an early Christmas present.
  6. I have one I’ll send to you. It just sits here most the time. It’s in ok shape, and I think it’s composite modded. I really never use it. Just PM me your shipping address.
  7. I recently(1 month ago) purchased 4 of these CX40s from Best Electronics for $49.99ea. I ended up purchasing a couple other new controllers and don’t need this one. I’m selling this one for $40 shipped. This is currently the best Gold upgraded CX40 that Brad sells. *All Sold*
  8. Not nobody. I thought about it for a new in box Vectrex. They are about $2000-$2500. But your average Vectrex is between $450-$650. A nice minty one $800-$1100. Ofcourse you might get lucky, and hopefully this is just a bubble.
  9. NES: Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 3 Ninja Gaiden Tetris Final Fantasy Snes: Super Mario World (probably 500 hours) Street Fighter 2 (somewhere near 500 hours) Final Fantasy 3 Playstation 1: Final Fantasy Tactics Suikoden Final Fantasy 7 Chrono Cross N64: Goldeneye Super Mario 64 PC: Baldurs Gate 2 Counterstrike Quake 3 Arena
  10. Hi, I’m looking to buy a New in Box Vectrex. I’m willing to spend an amount in line with todays value. I am also looking for a New in box controller. Thank you.
  11. I like watching this review of Death Chase.
  12. I’ve always thought collecting for the sake of collecting was strange. I blame my mom and her strange porcelain doll collection for that. She also collected stuffed bears, and that was also pretty strange.
  13. Where do you purchase the non dev versions?
  14. That’s great news! Thank you!
  15. Now I really want to see Star Trek 7 the Wrath of Mecha Godzilla. Sadly Mark Bussler is busy managing a Chic Filet in Pittsburgh.
  16. Why do people use PCBS then?
  17. Will Nox/Deathchase ever get a re-release?
  18. Can I get a novelty PCB of Death Chase?
  19. http://www.vectrexmulti.com/order.html#!/Vectrex-Empty-Cartridge-Shells/c/38886086 Looks like a good source to me.
  20. I look forward to him coming back soon! I hope all is well in Roli land!
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