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  1. Why? I was in my 20s when I got it, I was very impressed by the game and played it through.
  2. Nukey Shay's Adventure kernel was also used for KevinMOS3's Adventure Enhanced. Are there others as well?
  3. Sega Dreamcast Soul Fighter. What initially appeared to be a 3D Golden Axe turned out to have a terrible camera, too zoomed in so you cant see around you, and the gameplay was difficult, frustrating, and not fun. Played it for less than an hour and never returned. Oh my, which 32X experience should I also mention? I suppose Cosmic Carnage was the most awful, closely followed by the dirt bike game.
  4. It didn't sound good when somebody recently noticed he hadn't posted in a while. Very sad to hear of Kurt/ Nukey' s death.
  5. If you see the Trophy, you've earned the patch.
  6. @matosimi Thanks. My problem was a simple one - I didn't have the display window 'turned on' for some reason. I found it in the View Tab / Display . Now that I have a game screen, it all makes sense. Not sure why the display wasn't on by default, maybe I accidentally turned it off one day.
  7. If I hit run/break, it doesn’t return me to the game screen. I’m still looking at the console window, memory, and disassembly debugger windows. So how can I try to trigger the breakpoint which is in a routine after joystick 1 button is pressed around a certain area, if I can’t see the game or move the players ? EDIT - I didn't have a display window. I found it under View / Display. (!) Now I think I'm in business.
  8. I can't figure out Breakpoints! I'm using Altirra64 v3.9. Running a 32K 5200 ROM of my own. I found where I'd like the run the game and stop at the LDA $20 which I found is at $6B53 in memory. It was tedious to find it, by the way. I click Enable Debugger, and then Break (which allows me to see the disassembly code and enter comands in the Console window). 1. I enter "BP $6B53" . Altirra> bp $6b53 Breakpoint 0 set at $6B53. 2. Now what? I have to click Enable Debugger again (turning it OFF) to get back to playing the game. But this seems to turn off the debugger completely and loses my set Breakpoint. There is a Debug Window called "Debug Display" , but it isn't real-time and doesn't even show the sprites , just off-color background. I've used Watch Byte (wb) many times but can't figure out the BP. In the past I used other emulators like Atari800win and even VSS-Debug to do this type of thing. Any suggestions? 6B53: A5 20 LDA $20 <== I want the game to break here, then have Altirra let me step through the code statements 6B55: 8D 62 03 STA $0362 6B58: A5 95 LDA $95 6B5A: 8D 63 03 STA $0363
  9. That is kind of interesting, also I see a product called Nevada Fortran for C64. A subset of Fortran IV. And C64 COBOL compilers too. So somebody must have been using 8bit home computers to run their businesses.
  10. I've read the Apple II Fortran was not a 6502 compiler but ran on its Pascal foundation, something like that. Anything is possible, but I wonder how usable Atari 8bit Fortran would really be, other than the at-home instruction benefit.
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