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  1. Good news, that bug drives me crazy and I can't truly enjoy the Vox because of it. I'll have to get a new one.
  2. Ive played many hours of both CCE and CE (Japan) and DC Daytona. Enjoy them all. I found that you can reduce the DC version sensitivity in options, and only on the DC version can I roll the Analog wand and hold it finely on a curve, like a steering wheel. With the Saturn Daytonas, even with the analog I have to use soft subtle thrusts, can't just hold it at 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock for example. Any Daytona is a good pick for this thread.
  3. Interesting review of Pitfall. Some thoughts: On the originality category: There was nothing like it at the time. So many innovations exist in the game. The running animation. The swinging on vines. Standing on the back of the croc heads. The underground tunnel shortcuts. You could run whatever direction you chose. Graphics are very attractive , and no flicker -- an Activision staple. We all knew that the vine swinging sound was the Atari version of the Tarzan yell, I'm really surprised there are people that didn't hear it that way. But I was very familiar with Tarzan so it was obvious to me. I eventually grew bored with the gameplay, until I started to attack Pitfalls REAL challenge -- getting a perfect score before time runs out. Yep, I've done it.
  4. If I had to rate Xbox Knights of the Old Republic based on the first 5 hours, I'd have given it a meager 4/10 , and those 4 points were solely because of the Star Wars universe. You are stuck on boring planet Taris. Your character slowly jogs around the upper and lower levels of a city block, talking to characters, breaking into apartments (how exciting!), trying to remember who's who and why you care, and engaging in some turn-based battles with unimportant characters. Blah. The music, voice and sounds are pretty good, and the graphics not bad for that era, but it just lasts too long, and that's why I gave up on the game 15 years ago. To be honest, I played even longer than 5 hours on Taris because I forgot stuff and re-explored, and I'm not sure how 'fast' you could beat the planet in a replay. But the game immediately gets more interesting once you get off the planet and head to Dantooine. And then, you can Pass Go and proceed directly to Tatooine! Yes! I really enjoyed the cinematics of the Falcon Ebony Hawk taking off, hyperwarping, and entering the new planet! But it is a thousand years before Anakin... Dantooine was mentioned by Princess Leia as a bluff to Grand Moff Tarkin, back in the original Star Wars film. The Imperials investigated and found remnants of an ancient rebel base , that's all. To which the evil Tarkin, who just exploded Leia's home planet of Alderaan, exclaimed hilariously, "she LIED to us!!". What comes around, goes around, Monsieur Tarkin. Back to KOTOR, I was finally seeing Dantooine, and that was a little bit exciting to me. There's a Jedi counsel, farmland to explore (those people must starve regularly because the Xbox can only render a few polygonal fruit trees), mysterious Force-related stuff to learn about, and rogue Mandalorians to battle! I was again growing frustrated with the game, because I ran out of things like grenades and credits. So in desperation, I did what the game's creators wanted me to do, I searched around. Oh! There is a Rodian (Greedo's race) selling weapons! I passed right by him a few times. Oh! By going back to my base ship, the Ebony Hawk, I find that the Wookie and Mandalorian in my party will actually give me free grenades (not the type I really wanted) and Stim enhancement shots! That's good. So far in the game, I'm low on credits but I refuse to play the Pazaak card game to try to win more money. That will have to change, I suspect. There were 2 tough battles for me on this planet. The first comprised of 2 individual attacks against a security droid. I seemed to be attacking it, but it wasn't getting harmed. So I re-engaged my brain and examined the weapons ... oh! ION weapons are good against shields and droids, and sometimes Vibro Blades might be better than a lightsaber due to energy shielding. So I switched things up, threw an ION grenade, and both Droids fell quickly . The final battle on Dantooine was against the leader of the Mandalorian thugs that were bullying and killing the populace. This guy was TOUGH. And I didn't have any Frag Grenades because I was out of credits. After at least 10 losing battles, my team defeated him (and the rest of his team was a snap to finish off after he fell), and the experimentation did teach me better how to battle in this game. Mostly my other 2 party members have been the Mandalorian guy and Jedi Bastila. I've been talking to both, hearing his glorious war battle tales, and her sad tales about her family. This is likely par-for-the-course for an RPG (I don't play many), but I took note that KOTOR has very good writing and very good voice acting. The one problem with the game is the frequent re-use of character faces and builds for different characters. But hey, it was 2003. So now I'm on Tatooine, at familiar Mos Eisley (ahem) - I mean at Anchorhead (not that they look any different). I'm actually eager to get back to it after work tonight! I love the idea of destroying Sand People and outwitting Jawas! And the Star Wars Binge continues ....
  5. I was unable to defeat Bendak Starkiller in the Taris arena. No matter what I did, i lost. And then after beating the Sith Governor the story progressed to leave the city. I would have received a lot of credits for that oh well.
  6. Stopped in and the local Wal-Mart isn't carrying Shenmue III!? Edit - another Wal-Mart carried it. It's on my shelf, will play it next weekend.
  7. I started to watch the Mandalorian (excellent!), and also tried out the animated Star Wars Resistance show. I really don't think I can enjoy the youth-skewed Resistance show. So far it is far less appealing than Clone Wars or Rebels. After a decade of Marvel MCU films monopolizing my interest, it is nice to do a film viewing palette cleanse with Star Wars shows.
  8. I was not even aware this collection existed! What a ton of content.
  9. I'm picking it up at a store this week. Have to get my PS4 back from my son's house first, to play it! I might wait a few weeks to play it, maybe they'llneed to push some bug fix updates or other timing tweaks first. It's a shame that is the gaming environment we live in when you think about it, but thanks to the fast internet, not a big deal. It is surreal that Shenmue III actual exists.
  10. I binged The Clone Wars before Ep7 came out. I skipped some eps and a few early arcs; there is a lot of content there. I saw most of Rebels. I might have missed some at the end. I remember Ahsoka showed up again, as well as Lando and even Obi-wan Kenobi. There were minor references to Rebels in Rogue One. Never saw the Resistance show. I'll check out some of it on Disney+ eventually, but for now the only show I want to see is Mandalorian! I'm waiting for more han 2 eps to be available before I subscribe. I'm anxious to play some Star Wars games now. Im not sick of SW but I'm done with the films for a while.
  11. I am done watching the films in story-chronological order! Here is my ranking of the 8 Skywalker films and 2 side story films, which I'm sure nobody will agree with: Ep5 > Ep4 > Ep6 > Ep7 > RO > Ep8 > Ep3 > Solo > Ep1 > Ep2. Breaking it down a bit: Ep5 > Ep4 > Ep6 - because the OT films are the best of all them. Unbeatable. Ep6 ROTJ is an 8.5/10 film, not quite up there with Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back - both of which are 10/10 excellent films. Next I list Ep7 The Force Awakens which I rate as an 8.5/10 film overall. Despite mirroring Ep4: A New Hope story points: a desert planet with a force sensitive new person, and a cantina scene, and a new planet-killing "Death Star" type of weapon, a new "Empire" and a new "Emperor" , and even a trench scene ... despite what it looks like when written down, I think JJ Abrams and crew did a nice job bringing back the SW feel and making it all seem familiar, but not really the same story at all. Plus we got to see Han, Leia, and briefly Luke 30 years after ROTJ! John Williams introduce new themes here, including Rey's theme which I love. Ep7 TFA is the best of the not-OT films. Next I listed Rogue One. I like the film, I'd rate it 8/10. It has an awesome final battle, the first Darth Vader scenes since 1983 ROTJ, and reanimated Tarkin which I greatly enjoyed. I can't rank it too high, since without the OT already existing, Rogue One wouldn't be so great to me. It fits right into the OT feel, it adds to the Death Star / Rebels story, it fleshes out Vader and the ruthless Grand Moff Tarkin too. Its a great and fresh film. Next I listed Ep8 The Last Jedi. I like the film, I'd give it 7.5/10 overall, but I get bored with the Finn/Rose scenes, and I don't like how the film uses Holdo and killed off Ackbar. I don't mind Snoke getting killed, I never really liked that character anyway. Poe and Finn seem less interesting than they were in TFA! Maybe the film is just too long and should have had some parts cut or edited. Next I listed Ep3 Revenge of the Sith, a 7.5/10 film to me. It is packed with combat scenes, and even shows Kashyyk and the wookies. Although it doesn't connect with me like the OT does, it does have scenes we never got before , mostly Palpatine vs just about everybody individually, even Yoda. I love watching Ian McDiarmid chewing up his scenes. Next I listed Solo. I enjoy the film, and it has young Han, Chewie, the Falcon, and a fantastic version of young Lando Calrissian! I would rate it 7.5/10 overall. But despite Han and Chewie and even Lando, this film feels the least like a Star Wars film to me. Especially with Woody Harrelson and The Vision and that G.ame-of-Thrones actress in it. So I didn't rank it that high on my SW list. Fun to watch, but not memorable to me. Next I listed Ep1 The Phantom Menace. Like Ep7 about 15 years later, TPM brought back the familiarity of SW in a decent way, starting with 2 Jedi and lightsabers. Darth Maul is the best not-Vader Sith who ever could have been imagined! His athleticism and attacks , and appearance, are a treat to watch while the swelling music of Duel of the Fates is playing. Other superb characters are Liam Neeson as Qui-Gonn and introducing Ewan McGregor as young Obi-Wan . I liked seeing Tatooine and Jabba again, and the Pod Racing sequence is thrilling. I'd rate TPM 7/10 as a film. Finally, Ep2 Attack of the Clones (easily the worst of all them), perhaps a 6/10 film. AotC has some enjoyable scenes like all SW films, but a lot of bad scenes that weigh the film down; usually as soon as Anakin and Padme start talking, I click the Fast Forward button until the next scene appears, making it a much more enjoyable movie. I guess I really don't like the Prequel Trilogy films as much as the other ones. One of the reasons is that George Lucas relied on CGI too much and you can see it. Another reason is the dialogue is often bad. I think Lucas has great ideas, but it seems he wasn't the best director, perhaps? In hindsight, I think only 2 PT films were needed. Or, we could have gotten to know the other Jedi a bit more over the course of the 3 films before they are all wiped out. Or, Darth Maul could have, you know, NOT been killed off so quickly? Well, I have to watch Episode IX and then re-evaluate the PT against the entire Sequel Trilogy. Next up on my Episode IX Star Wars binge: more video-games, and The Mandalorian to watch!
  12. I've watched Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens about a dozen times; I've watched Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi a couple of times. I just re-watched them, after having watched all the other SW films in story-chronological order. I've already blogged a lot about Episode 7: The Force Awakens, so I'm not in the mood to say the same things. Basically I really enjoyed its return to the OT feel, and I really liked Daisy Ridley as Rey. Even though TFA mimics story points from ANH, I still enjoy it a bit more than TLJ. If TFA is an example of how to play it super-safe in making a new Star Wars, then TLJ is an example of how to go in a totally unexpected direction from the prior film, for better and worse. TLJ starts with off with an unexpected use of humor, as Poe Dameron and his droid BB-8 try to stall First Order General Hux from attacking the fleeing Rebels or their own tricked out X-wing. I like the gag and I laughed out loud on this viewing as Hux, who takes himself and his role far too seriously, is played for laughs. He just doesn't get it; but his fellow officers sure do, as do we the audience. Then after a costly brief battle (for both sides), Hux is immediately and hilariously berated by Supreme Leader Snoke himself, wiping the floor with Hux's face! But Hux was not 100% a fool as we soon learn. As I watch General Hux later in the film, I am starting to believe his character is the Star Wars equivalent to Pride and Prejudice's character Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins is a pompous, idiotic clergyman who constantly drops the name of his patron, lady Catherine De Bourge. The actor who plays him in the 1995 BBC mini-series was perfect for the role, a greasy and sniveling man who has a bit of authority. In the same way, Domhnall Gleeson's General Hux can't mention enough times his admiration for the SUPREEEEME LEEEEEADER Snoke. And he is pompous enough in his zealous love of the First Order that he gets easily pranked by Poe Dameron. Hate the scene if you will, but I've watched it several times and I like it. My problem with TLJ is that as the film progresses, I start to get bored with some of it. I love all the scenes with Luke Skywalker , Rey, and Princess Leia. Leia's Force abilities are demonstrated for the first time. She is empathic and senses what is going on with Kylo, Luke, or Rey. She doesn't waste time doing things like levitating and cutting fruit for example, but when her life is in danger, she is able to almost unconsiously pull her body through space to safety. I like this scene. I will not criticize it. It makes sense to me. What I don't like about that part of TLJ is that Admiral Ackbar is killed off in this attack scene with only a mention later. The film squandered his character. Later, paleo-botanist Ellie Sattler shows up in a purple wig to replace Leia - it should have been Admiral Ackbar in this role, taking charge, making the sacrifice, and being heroic! Admiral Holdo (purple-hair's name) is lame! Sigh.... oh well. I also have problems with Finn's and Rose's dialogue and mission , namely the journey to the Casino planet and return. This stuff veers away from the main story and I get impatient with it. The Casino's aliens are entertaining enough, but the preachy message about war profiteering, sad or smiling horses and pauper kids really don't connect with me. Well, once Finn and Rose find a master hacker character and infiltrate the First Order Star Destroyer (to turn off the hyperspace tracking device), it gets better. TLJ does a great job with its use of the Force. It shows new Force abilities and the Force is once again quite mysterious! The scene where the Dark Side tempts Rey is creepy, mysterious, and very cool! The way Kylo and Rey get connected, and Luke's unexplainable final demonstration as he punks Kylo Ren on the Ice Planet Hoth the SALT planet . Well, at first watch I didn't really like the reveal about how Luke got there. But now, I think it is GREAT. The scene where Luke appears in the cave, briefly talks to his sister Leia, then walks past them all and outside to confront Kylo Ren and the walkers ... that was one of the most exciting SW scenes I've ever seen. Even knowing how it ends, its still magnificent! When he brushes off imaginary rubble from his shoulder , fantastic! Mark Hamill rules in this film! I actually enjoyed the decision to make Luke regretful and hiding out on the island, waiting to die. I originally expected him to be an uber-powerful wizard by now. But that would have been boring to be honest. Instead, it was nice to see Mark Hamill act his way around the unexpected direction of his character and his journey to going back to using the Force and his decision to help Rey. Especially enjoyable was his getting trolled by Force-Ghost Yoda. Who was again an excellent puppet. Finally ... I really really liked that Kylo killed Snoke, and I liked Kylo and Rey teaming up to battle the First Order red guards. I never really liked Snoke that much, good riddance and bring back Palpatine for Episode IX! In my next blog entry, I will rank the 8 Skywalker films and 2 side story films and give some brief reasons for my personal rankings. Star Wars!
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