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  1. 75,700. This is about the best I can do in emulation. The pinpoint accuracy of the CX52 control is far superior.
  2. Not on my Android tablet. It loads fine. Using chrome. It is not a secure website however so you get browser warnings.
  3. Madden had passing windows until Madden 95, which eliminated them, and 95 also had the players license. But you may enjoy the old timey quaintness of the passing windows. I own several years versions of Madden on Genesis and its fun to compare.
  4. Try Road Rash. For Sports, there are a ton. Madden 94 or later might tickle your fancy. I like the Joe Montana Sega Football games too. But if you want more arcade style , maybe stick with the earlier titles. I enjoy a few rounds of Sports Talk baseball, and especially Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf is one of my favorite golf games. NHL 94 hockey is a sweet game. It still has its fans.
  5. I remember you working on that, like 20 years ago. I'm surprised you still have the source code and didn't lose it across the various PC's you've likely owned.
  6. 2 early Sega CD games that really sold the system and were not FMV games, were Batman Returns and Silpheed. You could see how next-gen these games were over Genesis, and they were not lame. Great graphics and sound. IMO! If only the hardware could have had higher resolution FMV, or more colorful FMV, then those FMV games wouldn't have look so terrible even back then. Sewer Shark is actually fun, but the name of it turned me off, and actors yelling at me all the time was a turnoff. The pack-in Sherlock Holmes game had very low res and video and in a small window to boot. Seeing the FMV was initially very cool but would have been more desirable if it actually looked good. Later FMV games somehow improved the video quality and load time however.
  7. The graphics were very appealing when it debuted, just like every 3DO game had amazing, appealing graphics compared to 16-bit. When I finally played Gex on Saturn, I was underwhelmed. A decent game but not in same league as Sonic, Mario or even Crash. I still appreciate its very mid-90s look and feel though. I remember renting Gex 3, it was a snarky voiced 3D collect-a-thon if I recall correctly.
  8. I wasn't sure but a search revealed this old entry of mine. Sorry no picture to prove it.
  9. The first a8 Dig Dug kind of sucked compared to the 5200 version, too.
  10. I might have to use a real 5200 on this one, not sure how well it emulates with analog control.
  11. Could it be the change in OS issue? For me BITD, the GORF cart never worked on my 1200XL. There were translator disks if you have a disk drives but not sure if it would get a cart to work.
  12. Last year recovering from back surgery, I played through Dreamcast Skies of Arcadia. So may that RPG you haven't devoted the time to yet?
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