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    Always liked playing games and still do, especially Atari 2600/5200 and the SEGA console games. Enjoy sci-fi , British Detective, and comics superheroes shows / films. Grew up reading comics like Captain Marvel (Shazam!) , Spidey, Batman, and Superman/Legion of Super Heroes. Loved Star Wars and Micronauts. I started to learn guitar in 1985, I still enjoy it and learning new songs and riffs but don't have the time to do it like when I was young. I only made a few homebrew games but you wouldn't believe how much time I spent working and thinking about them. I had half a dozen WIP games that I never got back to. I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, sitting around a campfire, and being on a lake on a boat. Lately haven't found time to, however.
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    May 2020 - SOR4 , Namco classic games, and F1 2019 all on Playstation 4.

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  1. That would be an exciting project. My guess, a more authentic Defender?
  2. TIX, thanks for being the sole contributer of some images. It may seem like an easy addition, but it turned out to be a bad idea of mine, to try and add this to the already completed game. It was becoming too much of a hassle to get it to work and endangering the completion of the project. That and significant life change, and I decided to cancel that idea and call the game finished. Your new key images are in the game however, thanks for those as well!
  3. The artwork and the charcoal cartridge shell really complement each other! I loved how the original 5200 version turned out with Dave G's cartoon style back in 2007, but it's also awesome to see a change for the expanded XE version! I wondered how it would turn out, given the Atari 8bit line's much smaller carts compared to the 5200 carts. It turned out great! Great job Albert and David!
  4. Today the company lays you off, says "enjoy your vacation!".
  5. In July 2020 I and sat down at my home-brewing desk and started to play around with tweaking my 2002 Atari 5200 homebrew, Koffi: Yellow Kopter. I have had notes about doing a 2nd Koffi game since 2002 when I finished the first one, but it seems ever more unlikely I'll devote time to do a whole new sequel with all the ideas I'd planned. So, I decided to play around with the original, add a few game play tweaks, some new visual details, fix a few bugs, and add a new 2-Player co-op mode. Some of my first changes are listed at an earlier blog entry: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16763-koffi-2020/ As I started to experiment and add fruits, more colors, 2-Player code and other things, what it turned into was a serious need to reclaim some more ROM memory. And OH THE HORROR of some of my old code! Koffi was a 32K game, which seems like plenty of ROM for a game like this, but it fills up. And in 2002 I was new at 6502 ASM codeing and learning, so I did several routines burning more ROM memory than I needed. And I had tried to fill in all the 32K memory just for the principle of using it all, thus the original game had a lengthy Credits with people's names at Game Over. For this version, I axed all that. I reviewed several screen-drawing routines that were basically the same code, so I consolidated most of these to use tables and parameters and to call a common subroutine. Same deal with the BuildRainDrops / EraseRainDrops (which use the 5200s' missiles) - I consolidated 6 of these subroutine to be consolidated table-driven loops rather than 6 lengthy individual subroutines which all basically did 90% the same thing. Between these two categories I freed up about 700 more bytes in the past week, so that should be enough to finish 2-player mode and add some more interrupts and colors. Here are some WIP pictures. I hope to accomplish a few more dramatic visual changes, but it depends on free memory and if adding too much logic affects the gameplay. For this version, I kept Koffi's "Koloring Book" mode, where you press the #5 key and then can use *, 0, and # keys (at the bottom of the 5200 controller) to change the colors of 16 different categories on screen. And I added 3-character text descriptions to each of the 'categories', for example CL1 is Cloud Color 1, Tr1 / Tr2/ Tr3 are Tree colors 1/2/3, and so on. In the 5200 original, it just showed the hex value 0 through F. 2 Player Mode is starting to work. You toggle it on the Title Screen by pressing the #0 key. It is understandably glitchy for now, until I modify ALL the collision and Points logic to handle 2 players. To get 2 Kopters on-screen, I took Koffi's original Player0 and Player 1 (which gave him multi colors) and devoted Player0 to the first kopter, Player1 to the 2nd. If the first Kopter is named Koffi, then I guess the second Kopter will be named Toffi.
  6. Ok. I don't like that mechanic of the prize destroying an energizer, but I guess it just adds the need to eat them more quickly.
  7. I have to chime in, I was startled to see the miles of 4387.6 and day 22! And it was recorded, so I watched sections of that. Great job, keilbaca! You make it look so easy. I've got to day 13 or so in the past, but I'm thinking my reflexes need some tuning up before I'll ever get there again. What was the world record? Is it via Twin Galaxies ? It was interesting to hear you label those unpassable formations ... what did you call them, triple formations? Those things really slow me down. I used to brake until they disappeared in the horizon, but your method is quicker. Enduro is one of my top 3 Atari 2600 games and I had a blast playing it again.
  8. Fun game and great in-game art and box art!
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