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  1. Cafeman

    AdvII XE testing

    I updated Option to be pause, but it wasn’t as easy as I’d have thought. I had to review how the CONSOL register works again, plus Perry when he ported this had plugged into my old 5200 logic which used asterisk and hash keys logic. I started to comment-out supposedly unneeded code, to disastrous result! Works now, though. So all functions are capable using joystick and console buttons. Now back to Sounds work!
  2. I still have not beaten the main game, but I'm getting closer. Still have several side quests I'd like to complete too. I just finished The Mountain that Fell. There was a nasty surprise I encountered on my way there, . It is so obvious that Sylens is the actor who played Broyles on Fringe.
  3. https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16070-advii-xe-testing/
  4. Cafeman

    AdvII XE testing

    Sounds like a great idea to me! Dig out that banner showing off the box art! Hook it up to a 70" flatscreen!
  5. Cafeman

    AdvII XE testing

    You don't need the keyboard to play the game. In fact, now that you mention it, I think I'll change one more thing so that OPTION will pause the game (as well as the "P" key as-is now). SELECT quits the current game, sending you first to the Game Over rankings screen, then back to the Title screen. This change will make the game even more XEGS-friendly. (the XL's of course always have their keyboards available).
  6. Cafeman

    AdvII XE testing

    I'm putting the final touches on this long delayed project., so here is the first summer '19 status report. I tested on my real XEGS hardware to ensure no game-ruining bugs! Didn't find any! Although that ranking seems too high based on how many times I got devoured and how many minutes I took to beat it ... I take notes of which variation I play , the end stats, and the ranking given. I'll review them after a few weeks and see if I need to tweak the rankings logic. It's not a big deal, but you don't want to see the same ranking all the time regardless of how well your game went, right? I made the game a bit more joystick-driven than it had been. You can pick all the options on the Title Screen using the joystick and button now, and when you are eaten, you can revive by pressing the Joystick button. Previously I had mapped the "R" key to the revive/respawn function, but I was tired of getting up from my reclining sofa and using the clunky XEGS clip-on keyboard all the time! So now I can sit back and play Adventure II XE for hours and not need to get up. To Pause ore reset completely, you still gotta use the keyboard or console buttons though. That is one huge advantage of 5200 gaming, you have all the needed commands at your fingertips using the CX52 controller. I also experimented with some color changes. Some have complained that the Gold Key and the Green Key are hard to distinguish from one another. This is true, depending on what color is the background image that each key is sitting overtop. Plus, the keys are tiny so color bleed on the overall image is worse than with the bigger images like the Chalice. But my eyes can still distinguish the difference. I tried different hues and luminosity settings but I was reminded once again WHY I chose those colors in the original 5200 version -- the items need to be bright and a different hue from the many background graphics across 4 kingdoms. Changing colors started to bring back the old "blending-in" issue . But I did decide to tweak some background screen colors. I tested my new colors and they looked great on a real TV; now I have to change them for the proper screens in-code and recompile everything. Some of these include files, like the ADV2COLR.TXT one with the screen colors, I haven't changed since about 2006! The thing is, these are compressed into INCLUDE files which are decompressed into RAM at boot-up. I forgot the compression steps completely, had to search out old notes to re-learn it. Thanks for reading, c(_)
  7. It always amazes me the GUNK that sticks to our cement and brick walkway slabs in 1 year. Every year I spend a full day pressure-washing all these front & back, and also my pool deck which has composite decking but still accumulates dirt that needs to be washed off. This year I had a little drawing fun before cleaning them all off. This isn't chalk on cement; the dark parts are slime, the bright parts what it looks like after the pressure wash water cleans it off.
  8. I think you are onto the points strategy. Get to the Death Star ASAP, only worry about shooting a shuttle if you can since it is 1000 points. Then shoot the Death star and survive the entire explosion. All other points really seem ... pointless! *slaps knee and utters a HAW HAW HAW*
  9. This game could be made much better with few hacks. Add the Star Wars Music, and make the TIE fighters fly in set formations and make it more of a fun shooter. And change that awful hyperwarp.
  10. No, needs 48k ram. I wonder how many still actively use the 400?
  11. I think you can own and enjoy both versions. The XE version is like a 10th Anniversary edition in a way. An encore mode. There are 2 minor bugs I've not had time to address yet, but once I do, I'll be showing off the XE version more in prep for releasing it. The Atari 8bit computer line was released in November 1979. So why not celebrate the 40th anniversary with the release of Adventure II XE!
  12. 86,470 and bridge 40. Hand went numb by the end of it.
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