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  1. A few years ago I made a partial sample set replacing the old sounds in Mame. I even sent it in to Mame, might still be in there. Haven't played it in a few years (still got the board though), i'll check later to see if i still have the voice files. Update: The link posted earlier contains all the samples you need.
  2. My goodness, that's clean! If I didn't know any better I'd say it's a reproduction, but it looks to be the genuine article! Good luck selling this beauty!
  3. No, WiiLi has disappeared, with about 450 dollars of donations (that part is speculation) but the site has disappeared, leaving behind a suprised and angry group of WiiLi users.
  4. Well the solution is easy, just put the games on your SD card
  5. This baby can run ANYTHING, so yes to arcade games (which run on NTSC RGB)
  6. Outrun 2 is in arcades, relatively new, originated in Japan yes, but most (almost any) games do.
  7. Genuine ATARI Pong or by some other company?
  8. 100 nF or 200nF between the VCC and GND pins of the eprom. And another one for the 7404, likewise.
  9. Tim, what is the actual problem with the board? I have some experience with game repair (not berzerk), and with a set of schematics, a good soldering iron and some time anything can be fixed.
  10. If you get a proper set of foto's and measurements, i can draw a decent set of plans for you if you like.
  11. It's integrated in the ROM chip, both the game and the bank-switching logic.
  12. You are forgetting one small detail: A line 'degrades' on the fosfor after it's been drawn, the game needs to constantly update the screen and so you need to keep track of every vector, how long it's been there etc etc. When in trouble, one can always use an oscilloscope as an example, that basically is a XY monitor with Z control.
  13. Actually, there is a way (for B/W games) i think. The site fpgaarcade.com has a bit of software for an fpga that converts a vector signal to SVGA! So I think it's possible, but difficult.
  14. The point is basically, you can't pull the chip from the board without killing the contents on it. The encryption tables are stored inside the customized processor in a bit of ram. To rip it's contents the pirates would need to either 'open it up' and read the table manually via a electron microscope or something, or analyze it by running a special program (trojan) on it. For both options one would need the chip without the rest of the board, hence the suicide battery circuit. It probably seemed like a good idea then (probably worked for a little while), and yes, arcade games have a 'life expectancy' of about a year, because you need a new game every now and then, the system was already written off and also wear and tear ofcourse.
  15. That's normal because Microsoft doesn't have the license to play the protected AAC format. Your Ipod and Xbox are fine, though they don't work quite the way you want
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