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  1. Hi all, It seems that Atari VCS is finally launched. My relative has received an Atari VCS unit today. Is it worth it to buy one especially, it costs around 400 USD. madi
  2. Edit: Deleted .. Same answer provided by @Rybags. madi
  3. To clarify it, the picture has nothing to do with Arabian architecture or building style any where in Arabian peninsula . Have never seen such buildings in any Arabian land (desserts or forests). This is more of Indian style and to some extent a Persian (northen east). I believe it is an American type of story made by American cinematic world.😁 madi
  4. Hi @Nezgar It is very kind of you to think of me. I did manage to fix my broken switch with superglue and applied a thin layer of epoxy. It looked ugly but works great. I can not thank you enough for your generosity. I will keep that in mind for future need. Indeed, this switch is so previous due to its rarity. Thank ounce again. Madi
  5. There are some bios sets provided by some members. The sets are essentially the same except for some differences. We could make one collection to be standard. Hence, update to that collection will be much easier. madi Altirra Bios _by Serj list.rar Altirra bios_by Mclaneinc .rar Altirra Bios_by Scotty.rar
  6. Welcome back MrFish. Missed your inputs. Madi
  7. The game button behaves normal during play. No noticeable delay. Altirra 3.90 test 17 - under WIN 10 x64 Did not test other versions/tests. madi
  8. Back to normal 👍 .. Fixed Thanks
  9. The makers of 3d SIO plugs usually recommend this type of female pins madi
  10. The new relese "Altirra-3.90-test15" crashes just after loading. No response. No error message. Once loaded it stays on screen for few seconds. The mouse pointer changes to blue circle. Then it vanishes. Edit : Both of Altirra.exe and the 64 version act the same. System Win 10 1903 - x64. Reverted back to test 14. (working version) madi
  11. I am sure you have checked that the the video cable is connected to TV/monitor and tested with another device. Actually, it happened to me once 😀 Check monitor jack for broken traces. Use the generic RC connector with (Ch2 -3). Press START while turning the computer (cassette sound?) If there is no sign of life or even a blink after that, then it is a mystery to me since you had already tried the U1MB and UV boards. Good luck madi
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