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  1. Strange.. I tested the game on Altirra 3.10-test28 WIN10 X64 The file: Ikhtabir Thaka'ak (198x)(aDawliah)(SA),bin works only when AltirraOS for XL/XE/XEGS is selected as an OS. The cartridge mapper 52 *MicroCalc 32K also must be selected. The file: Ikhtabir Thaka'ak (198x)(aDawliah)(SA).car, is automatically picked up by Altirra. The game executed normally using either: Atari XL/XE/XEGS OS ver.4 or AltirraOS for XL/XE/XEGS. For any other OS, the game screen for (.car) will load but when an option is selected (using arrows) and then Enter is pressed, the emulator freezes madi
  2. I had a close look at the working image file :"Bank_ul_Maalumat.bin" My finding is that the whole cartridge banks only serve two purposes. 1. Download a basic program (the game) to ram. 2 Provide a Basic Cartridge at $A000 - BFFF for the basic program to run Funny. The basic program (game) is attached. LOAD and RUN madi BankMalu.BAS
  3. Hi atari65xenajm I only managed to run the following file: 31_MegaCart_512_Ikhtabir_Thakaak.bin Actually it is not Ikhtabir Thakaak.bin. It is Bank_ul_Maalumat.bin which was reported as working file in an earlier post. madi
  4. Same findings. I guess that the conversion of The_Tail_of_Beta_Lyrae__Databyte.scp image file went wrong at some where in the conversion process of the original disk. The summery obtained from the conversion at the CMD (Command Prompt) window using a8rawconv.exe is identical to that in the The_Tail_of_Beta_Lyrae__Databyte.txt file found in the zip file. i.e : 330 missing sectors, 49 phantom sectors, 17 sectors with errors. madi
  5. It looks as if the "SUPER BUSIU-DOS ©'88 by LIZAKsoft" menu loader is just a variant of the "Micro-DOS II D Initializer" from atarionline.pl website. madi
  6. Downloaded from http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=3369&page=1 This link.. Do not forget to add (.ATR) to the end of the downloaded image file. madi
  7. Hi Mclaneinc I found this disk image with the same loader you are looking for. A quick look at the image, it shows that the loader resides in directory sectors (361-368). This loader also can access sectors beyond 720. madi DYSK_31A 180 PANTHER HENRYS HOUSE BOWLING.atr
  8. This menu maker is an AUTORUN.SYS file. Just copy it to any formatted disk. madi Menu QuickBoot.ATR
  9. Hi atari65xenajm Unfortunately, the second file (Ikhtabir Thakaak.bin) didn't work for me under Altirra. madi
  10. Attached is an RPM test file in .LST format. It was part of the Book with Software ( I lost the the disk) I found it quite useful in the back days. madi rpmtest.lst
  11. Gunstar, You are quite right. I never owned any computer other than Atari 800XL (1982 until 1995). So, the word “computer” is always meant Atari 8-bit machines to me. I only recently heard about Blitter chip which many old Atarians (8bit) never heard of and is not part of their experience. On the contrary I defiantly, enjoying my U1MB that is installed on my 800XL. Although not utilizing all its rich features, but with it I can feel the joy of the extra ram and the other OSs I had in my original 800 XL in the back days (Terminator 512K and RAMROD/Omniview/omnimon XL roms). Of course I examined some featured of the VBXE under Altirra, but did not have that much of like to it. It did not give me the impression of being using classic Atari 8-bit except, for having the thoughts of installing an alien hardware inside Atari which only absorbs/wastes its power (sorry for that).
  12. Not planning to get one. I don't feel that it ads any new ATARI experience/touch/joy to me.
  13. I wonder if this one will do: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-Crimp-Terminal-Connector-3-96mm-FREE-SHIPPING-/251118500449 It will be great if it fits. I think there is no need to cut the wings !!
  14. The crash dialogue is still there. (test 18) Be sure that the "Enable Debugger" option is not checked. (the crash dialogue doesn't show if debugger is enabled". Confirmed: The F1 issue is fixed. madi
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