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  1. Haha, actually, I ended up having to box all of my projects up in order to prepare for a move. I'd been in the house since 1998, so I accumulated a ton of stuff. Anyway, as I've finally finished the move, at some point I'll be digging all of my projects out and resuming my tinkering. Glad to see there's some hope for getting around the dead keyboards!
  2. Yep! That's the kind I got from Ray. If you have many machines, just move it to whatever one you're using at the moment..
  3. Justin - Ray has the schematics for the power saver posted on his site! Here's the image.
  4. If that doesn't work, do you have any soldering experience? I'd pry it apart and reheat all the solder joints inside just to make sure there isn't any open joints..
  5. Great! I'll have a look.. I think I have a 5.25 drive in my old 286 machine.. I'll just have to dig that up.. Not sure if it's 1.2MB, or 360K.. It's been quite a while!
  6. Thanks for the info - If I get some way to write my own disks I'll give it a try!
  7. Yep - I have that link, but I need an actual disk, unless I can get WriteAtr or Ataridsk to work for me...
  8. Hi all, I'm working on an Atari Indus GT drive and I'd like to do more testing with a program that's mentioned in the Field Service Manual (Section 4 page 4-2) - GTDOC.COM. I looked on the only 2 disks that I have for the GT - DosXL and Data Manager and it's not on there. I don't have an SIO2PC, so the image that I've found (INDUSGTD.ATR) won't help me with the actual drive. Can anyone make me a copy of this disk? I would really appreciate it! Right now my drive reads fine, but won't format a disk - I'm getting the 'F9' error. I've tried multiple disks and changing the density selector on the back with the same failed result. Thank you!
  9. I've got the drive working - mostly. It doesn't seem to want to format a disk, though.. I keep getting an "F9" error on the drive. It reads fine, though. I've tried selecting the single/double density selector on the back. I was looking for the program GTDOC.COM, which is referenced in the Field Service Manual - it says that it is on the Master Diskette, but it isn't on mine. I have 2 disks for the Indus GT - "System Master Diskette DOS XL" and "GT Data Manager for Atari". I don't see the program on either disk.. I don't have an SIO2PC interface, so the disk image that I've found (INDUSGTD.ATR) won't really help.
  10. Hmmmm.. In that thread the last post from Mikey was Sat Jan 19, 2013 - Maybe there's still hope!
  11. You shouldn't regret your username! The IndusGT drive is still badass, and if you have a stack of them like your profile picture, then you're pretty lucky as well. I've never seen one of these drives 'in the wild'.
  12. Hello all, I have a question about SNES cartridges with the save game feature - the ones with internal batteries. I was given several carts that the batteries exploded in, and I was wondering how similar the board inside is between different games. I don't have enough of a variety to know the answer to this question. Are the internal boards the same except for the main IC that contains the game ROM? I'm asking because one of the games is Breath Of Fire, and it's in really bad shape inside. If I could pop out a Super Mario World that's in great shape, and swap the IC, that would be ideal, but I'm not sure that's a valid option. I'm thinking that there were several types of boards, and unless someone knows which games use which boards, I'm probably out of luck. Thanks! Whoops! I actually solved my question - sometimes Google is your friend.. I searched this many times, but never came up with this site until just now - http://www.snescentral.com/index.php They have info on the internals, along with pictures and which games use which board types..
  13. Cool! You will be the first to get a crack at it once it's repaired. Right now it needs some love, but I've been working on electronics for a looooong time, and I'm hoping that this will be a quick fix! I still have a cousin that's Atari crazy that I have to check with before I do any trades, though - wouldn't want him to flip out!
  14. I appreciate everyone's help! It's sounding like I'll mod a 1050 drive and go from there. It will be nice to see the track readouts and such with the IndusGT, but it won't make it a 'have to keep' item for me. Now if anyone has a Commodore IndusGT drive that they would swap for this Atari one, that would be something I'd consider!
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