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  1. Hmmmm - I found some info online about FTe 3.2g, but I've already tried DIR to get a directory listing and it says "ERROR DIR" and the drive never tries to access.. I'll try more later - thanks!
  2. Hi, Well, I was finally able to track down a few floppies and test my drive - it may have a broken bezel, but it works great! (The drive looked a lot smaller in the picture..) I've loaded up one un-labeled disk and it states that it is Spartados 3.2d. I've done a quick search online and I've not found a manual or much info on what commands to use. I've tried commands from a PDF that was Spartados 2.x and those don't seem to do anything. Anyone have a PDF manual, or maybe just a few commands to get me started? Thanks!
  3. Great! Thanks! I'm new to the Atari computer scene - but it looks like most hardware problems can be solved by "Best!"
  4. Hi all, I purchased a drive from ebay that the seller intentionally obscured the fact that the faceplate on the bottom right has a big chip out of it (by posting a super dark picture - I cranked up the brightness on the picture below), and the screw mount for the faceplate on that side is also broken. I was wondering if anyone may have a 'spare' one of these they would sell reasonably? It's a strange part to request, I know, and it's just cosmetic. Maybe someone with a big bin of parts can help me out? I'm not sure it's working yet either, but I should know in the next couple of days... Thanks!
  5. Always good to have a list of stuff that you should NOT do! Thanks!
  6. Nice! Thank you for the links! This is a much more detailed list than I had, but I can see that we figured out the same things along the way! Too bad they don't make this mandatory reading before buying on ebay...
  7. Good information! Here's a couple of threads that discuss the GOLD releases: http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48765&sid=eaff049e272137bad341f90e8e391a87 http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=570425 The second link has responses from Magervalp as well.
  8. There's no shortage of good games on the C64. Some of my favorites: The Ultima series (IF you like RPG type games - these were some of the first of that type) (Ultima III, IV, and V are my top picks, just because I played them so much!) H.E.R.O - a neat Activision game The Way of the Exploding Fist - karate fighting game Loderunner and Championship Loderunner (the champ version doesn't really play well with the SD2IEC yet) - these also have a level maker so you can make your own fun - seriously one of my ALL TIME favorites! Summer Games / Winter Games - two pretty fun games to play with friends. Spy VS. Spy - another game to play with friends - can get crazy! Satan's Hollow - arcade style game that's fun. ANY of the Infocom games if you like word games - my top favorites are Planetfall, Infidel, Hitchhiker's guide, Deadline, the Zork series... Law of the West - hilarious game! You'll want the fastload cartridge in for this one, though... otherwise slooooow load times take away from the fun. Also - a warning about the brick style power supply on your C64 - those are the MAIN failure part, and they take out the RAM when they go - you may want to either find a C128 power supply and rewire the plug, a RAM expansion power supply, or get one of Ray Carlsen's external POWER SAVERS for $50 - that's the deluxe one with two LED's, I think he has a cheaper option as well). Any of these options are good, because believe me, desoldering eight 16pin RAM IC's, then putting in sockets and new RAM is no small job! And if you like to tinker a bit - take the 64 apart and ditch the cardboard 'shield' in it, and then put some stick-on heatsinks on the SID, and the PLA at the minimum (I use pure copper VGA heatsinks) - these IC run hot and they are the next in line for death - usually from overheating!, and pop the top off the VicII chip (it's in the metal box with the holes in it) and clean off the old heatsink paste and apply new- and you don't need as much as usually is on there! Good luck and have fun! At some point I'll see if I can dig up some .D64 images to send you to try out!
  9. Good luck! I hope whatever you get works great! I've found that if some of my original disks that I ripped don't want to work on the SD2IEC, I just go online and find a cracked one, which works great! The only bummer I've had was trying to play the Ultima III and Ultima IV GOLD editions for the 1581 drive. Magervalp did a lot of code re-writing and improvement on both games (not to mention the trainers, if you want to use them) which sped up the games quite a bit. Apparently he used some fast-loading type routines that will only work with an actual 1581 drive, and NOT the emulators - at least as of yet. Having both Ultima III and Ultima IV on ONE single sided 3.5" disk is like a dream come true (especially if you played it back in the day and can vividly remember all of the disk swapping going on - town disk, player disk, dungeon disk, town disk, etc...)
  10. Great discussion so far! In my own experience, and UNTESTED item works about 5% of the time. I've purchased items that have been chip ripped, used as a dumping board for bad chips (listed as FULLY POPULATED!), and items that have obviously been underwater, left in a barn for 30 years, etc. I have had a few surprises, but most of the time it's been seriously broken. The sellers that are honest will offer at least a partial refund to help you either fix the item, or just recover some of the lost funds. I try to stand by anything I sell as well, but I also am very explicit on how and when refunds are given. I'm not going to socket and repair some vintage electronics and then have someone 'swap out' all of my good IC's for bad ones, then claim that the item isn't working. I take pictures of the motherboard of every item I sell, so unless you're lucky and can match all of the brands and date codes, there's no room there for cheating! Thanks for the comments! Keep 'em coming!
  11. You can hook up your 'real' drive first, then chain this one off of it!
  12. I didn't know that you could use 3.5" floppy drives with the TI ! I thought it was a 5.25 only deal! Sweet!
  13. Hey all, I've been getting some real junk on ebay lately, and really I should have known better. It seems like a lot of items are full of ALL CAPS warnings like: UNTESTED, PARTS ONLY, NO WAY TO TEST, etc. Now I understand that stuff can be broken, and also that you may not have a way to test it, but I've discovered a little trick to check on the seller's honesty for untested items. At least, I hope it can help. When an auction has an UNTESTED item listed, they usually state that they don't have the power supply, TV connector, etc. so they can't try it out. A quick way to see how reasonable this is - check out the other items the person is selling. For instance, if you're buying an UNTESTED Atari 1050 drive, and the seller also has a power supply for it in a different auction, 800XL's complete with cables, and a LOT of other game/computer items that relate to your item, it's probably really not UNTESTED, it's BROKEN! A more likely scenario for UNTESTED is that the seller doesn't have anymore items that directly relate to that UNTESTED item. I hope this helps. Of course, there are exceptions - like two different auctions for related parts, but they are listed as estate/yard sale finds. Very few people (in my opinion) would be willing to sell something that can be easily tested, which would increase the sale price. Anyone have any other ideas on how to decrease your chance of not getting junk (other than not bidding!) ? Thanks!
  14. This looks like a nice unit as well! You can set the device ID on mine, as well as reset the unit, go forward and backward for disk selection, etc.
  15. Correct! It won't work with the C-16 either (no user port). I got this one because I'm not as 'into' the Vic-20 or Plus/4 at this time. The 64 is the one I had in High School, so it's my main interest in the Commodore world!
  16. I'm sure someone could rig up a cable that would do the job. I don't mind having it where it is - plugged into the user port on the back of my C64 - it's a whole lot smaller than having a 1541 drive on my desk, and a simple task to get the SD card out (with the power off, of course) for me. If you have a system that's 'built in' somehow and it's difficult to get to the back of your machine, I can see how that might be a problem! Here's a pic: I don't always have the monitor hooked up like this - I usually just have it connected to my PC monitor instead.
  17. Right - I looked that over - it's not too difficult a job, but it is wire soup! I'd be motivated to do the upgrade if I could get a cart with a bunch of games on it, though...
  18. Finally got those pictures of the different keyboard looks: This one has larger letters on it: This one is the Mitsumi:
  19. Ksarul - I'd be interested in getting one of those carts just packed with games (especially the GOOD ones!). I've no need for utilities unless one of them is a RAM checker / system tester, etc. Also, are you all implying that one of the few game cartridges that I have is a less-than-stellar play?!?!?
  20. This is the one I purchased: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Commodore-64-64C-128-1541-Disk-Drive-Emulation-SD2IEC-SD-Card-Reader-Reset-/261503855686?pt=US_Vintage_Computing_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ce2d82c46 I also helped with the manual so it would be more accurate. Great guy selling these, and it looks nice too!
  21. Sd2iec is the same speed as a 1541 unless you have jiffydos or a fast load cartridge of some sort. I have an Epyx version and it works pretty good.
  22. I've used an sd2iec, as well as the old style of using an x1541 cable and a 1541 drive. All have their challenges- just read up online to see which one fits you best! I backed up all of my c64 disks using a parallel cable, nibtools, and a 1541. I think the zoomfloppy is USB, but works along the same lines. They are pretty reliable overall, but if the copy protection was too crafty there can be problems.
  23. Ksarul - Good to know! I was wondering why the cartridges, cartridge port, etc. were all so oily!
  24. Nice option as well! Where can I find more information on the 32K mod and the cart boards? I may not have time to complete it all soon, but I do like to check out the modern options as well.
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