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  1. Thanks for all of the info everyone! I'll probably swap the upgrade into my working 800XL if I can't get this one going. ClausB - I think this one had a spill into the keyboard, and then they put it in a basement for 30 years. The shield was almost rusted off, and that rust is on a lot of the motherboard. The keyboard connector (on the mobo) has been used to the point of destruction (bent pins, etc) the mylar keyboard connector was rigged up with scotch tape, etc. It seems like if you took the time to install upgrades, it could have been kept free of liquids! I've located the keyboard and connector, but $35 later it's still got a case that's in pretty bad shape - the cartridge port doors won't work because all of the support hardware is rusted off (springs, mounting screws, etc.), and I had to drill one of the screws out because it was rusted in. I suppose I could swap the parts out, but after looking on ebay (I know, not the best source of affordable parts), the parts option ends up being expensive. I've tried bidding on a few of the 'good deals', but someone always steps up at the last minute to pay too much for some untested broken machine. Anyway, I'm not going to part it out just yet, I can keep looking for a junker for a while and hope for the best!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the fast response! I did clean the connector, but it's suffering from " I've been apart too many times " syndrome. The pins are all bent and gnarled up. I thought I might take it off the mobo and try a repair, but if I can find a new one, that's the best deal, I think. It is the Mylar connector, and it's tired too - looks like someone used some scotch tape to keep the stiff piece of plastic on the mylar part... Yes, ebay is making it near impossible for anyone to buy a parts machine anymore - everything seems to start at $50 now.. I'll see what I can do with your information! Thank you!
  3. Hi, On my recent find - an Atari 800XL that has had a very hard life. The keyboard plug that's on the motherboard is trashed. Does anyone know of a good replacement, or has anyone de-soldered one and tried a repair? I was hoping just to remove it and put in a new one (possibly one from some other dead hardware that may be a common flea market find!). When I power up, I get no power light. The ribbon type plastic trace cable from the keyboard is in pretty rough shape too. I was thinking about just wiring it in directly to the mobo with some nice ribbon cable if I can't find a way to get the keyboard plug and ribbon cable fixed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm working on an Atari 800XL that has had a rough life. Probably in someone's leaky basement. It has the Rambo XL RAM upgrade inside. What does this do for the average user? Are there any games/apps that take advantage of the extra RAM? Just wondering if I should pull it out and install it in a working 800XL, or will it just be a waste of time. Thanks!
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