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  1. No, I've already sold all the games that I have. What I have listed is it. I have a few 3DS games I was looking on getting rid of but otherwise no, unfortunately.
  2. But you sure have enough time to be on this forum yelling at me, right? Plus you've said multiple times you leave Wednesday morning, not Tuesday morning so...
  3. As Nancy already said, if you want a refund, we'd give it to you if you send the items back. You say "it's up to eBay now" but one of two things will happen: they'll make you send the items back to us anyway or two, they'll let you keep the items and your money back. Right now, the latter doesn't make much sense since you're complaining you don't even want them in the first place or you're stirring up a fire for the sole reason of keeping said items and money. Might as well just agree to return them and we'll be done with this because you're embarrassing yourself right now.
  4. I have been completely civil and calm, you've been the one blowing a gasget. As I said, message me on Twitter - both of us - we will respond. I'll even get on Skype with you and go on webcam if you're not convinced that I'm a woman.
  5. You seriously sound like a child right now. As far as legitimately goes, I really am working with a friend. My name is Kelsey, her name is Nancy. You can see her Twitter here: https://twitter.com/ohnoesnancy And mine here: https://twitter.com/kelsygram We'll both be more than happy to respond to you as far as our identity goes. Normally I sell locally on Craigslist but decided to sell on forums. I was going to move to eBay but new accounts only had 10 items per month but Nancy had one that sold 100 items - she let me use hers but she took control over it and I shipped everything from my end. Nancy lives in L.A and I live in Seattle - we are TWO different people.
  6. I may or may not! What do you have? I just started using Steam and only recently bought games through the past sale so I don't have many games myself.
  7. I refurbish Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Micro's as a hobby and I currently have a few more in stock and want to get rid of them so I can move on to refurbishing something else. I have discounted them as far as I can allow them while still making a profit on them. At the moment, a Gameboy Advance is $65 and Gameboy Micro's is $70 each, free shipping included. Colors I have in stock: Gameboy Micro Pink/silver x 2 Pink/black x 1 Blue/silver x 1 For those that want one and don't mind imperfections and would like something a little cheaper, I also have a few Gameboy Advance models that have slight defects. The defects may vary and I can take pictures for whichever ones you're interested but they range from misaligned screens or dimmer screens (some aren't as bright as they should be). They're still completely playable and will range from $40 - $50 depending on severity of the imperfections. Please refer to the purple/violet GBA picture below of what this might look like. It's very minor but I'm too lazy to fix them so you get a discount on them. No longer have any for sale. Don't worry about the scruffs on the GBA screens - it's a screen protector and can be peeled off. Underneath, it's 100% brand new. Sorry, I don't sell faceplates separately. For reference: chargers are included with the Micro's - batteries are not included with the GBA's. If you want games, I also have the following available. One is $10, bulk pricing is $8 each (doesn't include the Pokemon games). Common questions: 1.) How is the GBA modded? The GBA comes installed with a Gameboy SP screen, AGS-101. Essentially the whole device is brand new as the inside components have been cleaned out and the outer casing as well as screen are new as well. 2.) How clean are the Micro's? How are they refurbished? The Micro's are as clean as I can possibly get them. Some will have light scratches on them but I try my best to buffer them out. None of them have cracks or chips or anything like that on them. The screen is also brand new (the screen, NOT the faceplate) and the insides have been cleaned out thoroughly. I've done the same to the faceplates as well and they're very clean; however, some have very very thin scratches but you don't notice them when you're playing nor do they affect gameplay. One or two may or may not show up but I try my best to provide faceplates that are as clean as possible. 3.) Will you accept a lower amount? No, sorry. If you factor in how much it costs for me to get the initial device, plus parts, I'm barely making a profit as is. At the moment I'm trying to recuperate my money I spent and move on to refurbishing something else. 4.) Will you accept trades? Yes! I'm willing to trade but note I only play PC games and 3DS games so anything on Steam or whatever would be cool. Feel free to make any offers one what you think I might like. I'm also looking for any extra Minecraft or Guild Wars 2 keys. 5.) Can I trade my broken GBA for a refurbished one? Yeah... no. If you have any other questions, please ask! If you want to buy in person, I'm in the Seattle area, for the curious. You can test it out before you buy.
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