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  1. I'm not a hardware guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm going to assume that not having your Operating System running on an actual unit two months before the scheduled release is a bad thing....
  2. I'm no math expert, but I'm convinced if I had a dollar for every time their social media team said "Stay Tuned", I would have enough to purchase Atari.
  3. Apparently "winsauce" is code for lead paint chips
  4. and it already has more to show than the AtariVCS which supposedly launches in two months
  5. The whole point of branding it with Atari was to get the Atari fanbase involved. If they had just done a min-PC without the branding nobody would have cared and it wouldn't have generated much of anything with the IGG campaign. And if they actually had competent people in charge this could have been a success, instead of the train wreck that has alienated the vast majority of people who would have considered supporting this project.
  6. People are skeptical because they've already delayed it multiple times, their PR is a train wreck, they don't have any original games, no developers have signed on to develop for it, and still have no working prototype
  7. Their initial PR statement said nothing about this being in addition to the Atari Vault, which led to confusion. And yes, they have a picture of a circuit board that is painted blue and has the Atari logo on it. Give me a few hours and a Radio Shack and I can have the exact same image. They still haven't shown a working prototype, which is inexcusable 2 months from the supposed ship date.
  8. They still haven't shown a working prototype, and this "update" is the first time they've shown off something they claim is actual hardware (but for all we know it could be an art project). This thing is supposed to ship to backers in 2 months, which is shaping up to be pure fantasy since if they don't have a working prototype it means they haven't even placed the order with their Chinese manufacturers, and with how little money they have on hand you know they aren't going to be going for the express shipping option.
  9. That is just some straight comedy from the Reddit page. They are actively encouraging emulation, which I'm sure their new partner is just going to be thrilled with since you can get every single of of their games for free via emulation.
  10. So in order to run this software it looks like you're going to have to be in Sandbox mode, which is basically either Windows or Linux. So if it's running those operating systems, why not just instal emulators and play all these games and a whole lot more for free? This doesn't seem like they really thought this through.
  11. Nothing like battling the constant cries of "this is an overpriced RetroPie system" than by making an announcement that the only games on the system are going to be provided by a $10/month service that emulates 35+ year old games.
  12. Going off the IGG backer numbers (which are just over 11k), we can assume that at most they pre-sold 10k systems (because a lot of people just bought the controllers, and they double counted people who ordered an extra controller). To put this in perspective, the Ouya had 58,000 kickstarter orders. And the Ouya failed mostly because they didn't have a wide enough user base to make it worthwhile for developers to make games for it.
  13. To be fair, it's a lot easier to market something that actually exists.
  14. I think the better comparison is to the OUYA, which everyone regards as a colossal failure. the marketplace collapsed due to lack of a viable user base. They pre-sold 58,000 units. Nobody is going to waste time developing for this system, especially when you consider each model has different specs.
  15. Are there any games deals in the works, at all? How binding are those commitments? If I were an indie developer, I'd steer clear. But even those who have reached out to them have been ignored or had their messages bounce. You can't manage an email address and we're supposed to develop software for your platform? Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.59.22 AM.png In addition to the incompetence on the part of Atari, developers should steer clear due to the lack of a viable user base. Going off of the IGG page, they had 11,216 backers, which some of those were double counted because if you ordered an additional joystick you got counted twice. So let's so big and assume they pre-sold 10,000 consoles. Sounds like a lot, right? Well the OUYA sold 58,000 and collapsed due to a lack of a user base.
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