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  1. Even if it is 20k, that's still 1/3 the number of consoles that Ouya had at launch after Kickstarter, and 1/10 the estimated number of Ouya consoles that were sold total. With those numbers, the Ouya couldn't sustain a viable marketplace for games, which is what ultimately killed the system since nobody wanted to develop for it since their sales numbers would essentially be capped. And with no first party titles driving console sales, it doesn't exactly bode well for future success.
  2. Some constructive criticism. You might want to turn down the game volume a bit because it is very difficult to understand what you are saying because it is getting drowned out by the gameplay sounds.
  3. Honestly I'm surprised it only went for $610 with the manual. Those don't come up for auction very often (I look on ebay pretty much daily over the last year and a half or so and never recall seeing one). All it takes is two collectors who want a complete set to start bidding it up.
  4. Tossup between Music Machine or Demon Attack Prototype
  5. What makes this card so sought after? It's just a piece of cardboard from the 50s with Mickey Mantle's picture on it. There are plenty of pictures of Mantle out there. What makes this comic so sought after? It's just some newspaper stock from the 60s with Spiderman on the cover. There are plenty of pictures of Spiderman out there. What makes this painting so sought after? It's just some canvas with paint on it signed by Picasso. There are plenty of posters from Picasso.
  6. 80's Mad Libs: The Motion Picture! Based on 80's Mad Libs: The Novel! The book was painful, at least for me. Glad some people enjoyed it, but I barely got 40 pages into it before I had to tap out.
  7. If you are looking for a digital version of my series, I do have a complete collection on Kindle for $14.99. It's somewhere north of 1,650 pages. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08RMP2GWZ
  8. Hey everybody, I have started something new with my Atari 2600 Encyclopedia video project on youtube and wanted to get some feedback. Instead of a single game, I'm now doing 5 games per video. Here is the latest episode.
  9. Thank you I really appreciate it! so glad to hear you are enjoying the books!
  10. Unfortunately the original volume 1 has been abandoned due to massive printing issues. The printer I had to use couldn't handle the complexity of the project, which killed the sales on it since the reviews were (rightfully) brutal on it. I still don't think I've recouped my investment to this day as a result. The project just sat on a shelf for years until I decided to just redo it from scratch like my Sega Master System Encyclopedia just to have it done.
  11. Hey I'm the author. Both the hard cover and soft cover versions are identical on the inside. Thanks for checking it out!
  12. If you go to their front page you can browse the papers by region and it will tell you how many pages they have from date ranges
  13. Not sure why the series isn't populating on the UK Amazon, but the books are available from Amazon UK. Here is the link to the first one. If you click on my name the rest should pop up (they are filtered in amongst my zombie series) Hope you check it out! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atari-2600-Encyclopedia-1/dp/1945294302
  14. The single most amazing line from that "article". I honestly can't tell if this is satire, or if I need to facepalm so hard I give myself a concussion "Atari’s new VCS will launch with 100+ classic games embedded in the Atari Vault and users will have access to thousands more titles via a partnership with Antstream Arcade. Personally, this alone makes the console worth the $389 pre-order price tag."
  15. Thank you so much for picking those up! Glad you are enjoying them! I would like to do both of those in the future as I never had either of those systems growing up, so it would be fun to go through the game catalog. With the way the lockdowns are going due to COVID it looks like I'll have the time this winter, haha!
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