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  1. Reading the IGG comments there seem to be a problem with the transactions. So beware, some backers got charged multiple times. Maybe this is the reason of the goal crushing start?
  2. I hope this exceeding expectations crowfunding will make Atari to reconsider (provided they have enough capital) the console's specs hardware-wise and deliver a more powerful product, but most importantly, provide a decent game library with titles from the past but also new exclusives. Well done Atari
  3. Indiegogo page now loads. Hell it reached already the goal? $107,353 USD raised by 422 backers
  4. Couldn't expect something different:
  5. Me too I believe that they do not have a working prototype, however this fact was also true 3 days ago and didn't stop them to email everyone and announce the campaign launch. How a company (even so "small" as Atari nowadays) can make such childish mistakes? You can't reach the launch day and at that exact date decide that you are not ready to do so! On the other side, it's Atari, everything is possible to happen...
  6. I am very intrigued to learn what was this "key element" that caused the delay literally the last minute before the campaign was to take off. Darn, I hate to say but once more atari has been proven completely unreliable
  7. To put some french sauce in the taco recipe: http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-eco/2017/12/14/97002-20171214FILWWW00087-atari-lancement-des-pre-commandes-decale.php In other (english) words: We should not expect a campaign launch today because: "Les vérifications finales ont permis d'identifier des travaux complémentaires à réaliser pour lancer cette campagne et pour certains accessoires du produit" meaning: their final verifications have identified more work to be done for launching the campaign and for some of the console's accessories. Come on Atari, just two days before they've sent the pre-Order Date Announcement email and now they have realized that they are not prepared to launch the campaign? Ohhhh so atarish!!!
  8. It's pretty expensive for a mid/low-class console (I am not expecting it to compete with PS4/Xbox1). Lets see what they have in mind.
  9. Well well, this is what I got into my inbox today from Atari: http://mailchi.mp/ataribox/first-look-ataribox-design-36241?e=83493d0a83
  10. Just received the cart! Very quick delivery thanks Saint! Didn't have time to test it though.
  11. Well ... in Greek "GAMATE" is the imperative for second plural person of the verb "f*ck"! It was very funny reading Greek video game magazine advertisements of GAMATE of that era!!!
  12. Hello SainT, Could you please add me to the list for one cased? Thanks! Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  13. Yeap no point continuing on this, we all know that ataribox will be a pc based machine, I just expressed publicly my wish. I always admired game consoles from architecture perspective and seeing Atari going the x86 road is a bit disappointing for me. As for exotic it doesnt need to be something overly expensive or complicated. Take as example the raspberry pi. Very very cheap, limitless capabilities, ARM architecture. Really innovative and massively accepted by the communities all over the world. It was exotic when it was first introduced, now it has set the standards and we all consider it common. Thats what I would like to see from Atari, affordable innovation. Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  14. It's my personal taste, not blaming or accusing anyone. Going the x86 road is the easy road according to my opinion. No inspiration to create something that stands out, something pioneering. Thanks I already have a PC I don't need another one in a fancy wooden box. I prefer something more exotic, but I also expect from the company that produces it to be capable to support it both with first class titles and with 3rd party licensing/support. If it has crappy games it makes no difference if it is a x86 PC in disguise or a custom architecture beast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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