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  1. Howdy all, I've been silently following this thread for a while now, dying to get my hands on one of these flash carts. Do we have to declare interest in X of them here (or elsewhere), or is it just a matter of ordering it on the LTO website once they're ready?
  2. I've watched that vid a couple of minutes ago, what a coincidence! Might postpone the surgery until tomorrow (hoping new IPA has arrived by then), but i'll give it a go
  3. Hi Jason, It happens with each cartridge, although the symptoms differ. (but that's even between different resets on the same cart). Carts work fine in another unit. Still waiting for a new batch of IPA, but i did clean the cart slot with air spray. Would contact cleaner help? Should i open the unit up and clean her guts?
  4. Howdy! I own an Intellivision I that seems to be quite ill: when i power it up, and press reset, each time, something different happens. Sometimes i see the © Mattel screen, but characters are simply missing. Other times i see this entire grid of all kinds of characters in funky colors. Other times the screen just blanks out in red, or green, or another color. This happens to games that i have succesfully played on another INTV unit, and happens with multiple games. Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong with this baby. Would love to get her back on her feet again. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm not that much of an electrician, merely a fan of classic gaming If needed, i can upload some vids or pics describing the symptoms. Kind regards, Miel
  5. Howdy Turbogfx. Your Vectrex has the exact same problem as one of mine: horizontal line in the middle of the screen, that seems to move/twitch a bit when a game plays. Wondering if you ever managed to solve it, and if so, how Another Vectrex I own has a slightly different problem: the sound seems to be a bit wonky. If i twist the pwr/volume knob it sometimes works (on certain volume levels, as it seems) and sometimes doesn't. Also hear a lot of crackling. More than what seems to be normal. If anyone has any tips for me, concerning both issues described, they are more than welcome!
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