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  1. Oh my! Well thank you for teaching me the ways of the search function... I was looking for an answer as to why exactly it went down. Thanks Al, for what it's worth, the chat is typically a good group of people I have more than once found that the chat makes my day more enjoyable after a long hard day at work.
  2. First, I apologize if there is a thread somewhere with this information, I was not able to find it. I was curious as to why the chat feature was removed, a lot of us come here mainly for the chat and it had a nice welcoming community. Can someone explain why this was removed? Is there any way we can get it back?
  3. Wow this is great! Respect++ haha Thanks for sharing
  4. Chat is down :( guess I'll just do something productive instead...

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    2. Iwantgames:)


      There was a Troll, people was bad mouthing the mods, among other things

    3. Destinaxe


      So ban those individual people?


      Perhaps do it by IP address and not just username?


      The majority of the crowd there were good people, I hardly ever saw any trolling :/

    4. Iwantgames:)


      I agree I liked hanging out in the chat. Nvr personally had any issues with anyone

  5. A couple of things here, "Power Level" has very little to do with the reasons that this is difficult to do, the NES, GBA and NDS all use different architectures and are vastly different (NDS and GBA being the most similar). There was the classic rom series on the GBA where they released Metroid , Super Mario Bros, but those are a massive pain to emulate as nintendo actually put antiemulation measures into those games. That being said, it would be in interesting project to attempt to abstract the code from the NES game and through LLVM or some other various tools convert it to code that can natively run on the GBA. I will do a little preliminary research and post back later if people are still interested.
  6. Awesome work thus far! I would be happy to help hack along with you if you ever need any help!
  7. Hi All, I don't post much here, but I will finally be getting some free time in the coming months and I wanted to query the general public and see if there would be any interest in tutorials and examples of reverse engineering various game console ROMs. I would like to focus on consoles that I am relatively familiar with in order to guarantee a quality series of write ups! What do I mean when I say reverse engineering? Gaining the ability to look as ASM code and relating that code to what is going on in the game Using various reverse engineering tools to better understand the internals of how various games work Learning to hack / modify your favorite games from various consoles. What are some of the skills that I plan on covering? Basic computer systems architecture and design Programming basic and essential knowledge to be able to reverse engineer existing code Introduction to various programming and reverse engineering tools in a linux based environment What do I expect from users? Willingness to learn Understanding that I will not be able to give constant updates at first while I am still in grad school. My vision for this is that I provide instructions to build a VM (Virtual Machine) that will give the users access to the tools that we will be using throughout our research and learning together. From there we will start with the following write ups! Building Our Environment - Tools, setup, and overview Basic Computer Architecture and Systems Design - A Ground Up Introduction to Computer Systems Busses / Protocols and Communications - An Overview of Typical System Components and How They Interact What makes Code "Code" - A Brief Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Compilers, Assemblers, Linkers, etc all at a very high level) Interrupts / System Calls / Low Level Goodness - An Introduction to How Code Makes Use of the Underlying Hardware Our First Console Overview - A Hardware Rundown of Whatever Console is Chosen by the Students What is Reverse Engineering? - An Overview of Our Goals and Plans Involving What We've Learned So Far Reversing Our First Rom - We Will Modify A ROM From a Console Picked By The Students If you are interested, please response with one of the following consoles that you would like to see the series of writeups based on: Sega Genesis Atari 2600 Game Boy Advance (My personal favorite) Game Boy Nintendo NES Nintendo 64 Thanks!
  8. I hear that there was a samsquamch siting, better stay on the lookout

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    2. BassGuitari


      It's come full circle; Sam Losco's become an actual caveman.

    3. Torr


      All of 'em!

    4. Destinaxe


      Sighting Tom, I'm not to good at word readin, I only got my grade 10 ;)

  9. Could be a good opportunity to learn I'm sure that you could get help on people from here (myself included) on how to build a multicade!
  10. Sorry man :/ recently moved here, thought I'd need it with me, turns out I don't use it as much. Let me know if you are ever passing through again and are still interested! Cheers
  11. Hey Guys, I've got an old Neo Geo cabinet that I used to create a multicade machine that I am looking to get rid of. I have removed the interior electronics, but the buttons (which I replaced) are still on the panel. I honestly am willing to give it away to the first person who wants to come pick it up. I am located in the Boston MA area. The cabinet was on Hack-A-Day a while back after I finished it, there are some pics here and I can post more if folks are interested. http://hackaday.com/2014/04/14/neo-geo-arcade-gets-second-life-with-a-raspberry-pi/ Tl;dr - Free Neo Geo cabinet with some external wear that has been gutted - perfect for multicade project. Cheers
  12. Hey guys, change of plans! New blog updates on the Microcorruption CTF, lemme know what you think! https://destinaxe.wordpress.com/2015/02/08/taking-a-look-at-the-microcorrpution-ctf/

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