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  1. Pretty amazing. Three recently sold for $450 each. Pretty decent for the seller to offer all 3 of them for that NIB price. Those are pretty fair prices. Sad how much people expect to get for it. $4,000? LOL
  2. That’s strange. I had this drive go bad in one of my 1040’s and I swapped it out. Then a few years later decided to try the drive and it worked. Might just have bad caps on it!
  3. One is selling on eRape right now for over $3,000 lol
  4. If you get an external drive make sure you get a SF314 which is 720k. Once you get it you could copy some ST software to 720k disks on a PC even with USB drive. Format disk and copy files over. But you won’t be able to write ST or MSA images without a legacy Floppy drive on older PC.
  5. They use to sell that exact set for $24.95 for years and recently upped it to $40. It was a great deal at that price point. It's a little high now IMHO.
  6. Anyone have a cap list for this monitor?
  7. The HomesSOFT site has everything pretty well organized and has good tested XEX versions, too.
  8. Click the Download all at the top right.... http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=0
  9. Actually the very early 520ST’s had no RF and had TOS boot roms.
  10. Years ago I was trying to find a keyboard for my Mega 4 and had to buy one from Germany. I used it for years with German keys and last year bought some USA key caps from Best to get it US Spec. Might want to see about going this way since you are very hard pressed in finding a US keyboard (for a descent price).
  11. Damn, feel like a noob. How do you use this program? Tried to boot it and it gets to DOS. There is a AUTORUN.SYS, but it won't work. Tried with BASIC enabled too. EDIT: OK I got the demo working, but can't get the other ones working correctly. I guess I need to RTFM. lol
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