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  1. Never saw it with the intro. Would be most excellent if you could do it!
  2. Yes when the game is done, a single file XEX would be great as there are a lot of people who use flash devices and we like to run executables from (side/2, Ultimate cart, etc)
  3. That explains why the XEX file does not want to work on my ultimate cartridge and side/2
  4. Is there an ATR or XEX of the game with the cool intro? Or only the Atarimax version?
  5. The smooth style Atari XE cartridge is much better because it doesn’t get damaged when you open it. Works just fine with older PCBs.
  6. So do you just join the two dumps to make it into a rom to test on emulator or burn to chips?
  7. They use to sell it for $24.95 up until recently. That was a fair price.
  8. Since the 400 and 800 were out for so long 48k was standard. The extra 16k was a "hack" so it wasn't readily avail. Special code had to be written to use it, which it was in the later years. Most games only used 48k due to the fact that they wanted it to run on all Atari computers. The market at large since the 800 had 48k and the 400 could be upgraded to that as well. You might need to do the Chroma hack on the 800XL and also remove C56 capacitor to sharpen the image. See here for a great video mod you can do. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/41580-quick-easy-video-upgrade-for-800xl/#comments
  9. Bump. https://ia600207.us.archive.org/13/items/SC1224_Service_Manual_CA-3/SC1224_Service_Manual_CA-3.pdf
  10. Tried to run the XEX file on my Ultimate Cart and Side/2 and they didn't work. Will try to copy the ATR to a real disk and see if that works...
  11. I think they this new backwards version is a rewrite and demo and not from the actual game. Just testing the engine they are using to create the game Return of Fury.
  12. I am a big ATARI 8-bit and Commodore 64 fan but I always thought the Atari 8 bits were much superior graphic wise and wished it’s superior graphic capabilities were utilized more. Part of the problem was a lot of software was designed with the Atari 800 in mind and was limited to only 48K. That’s why a lot of Commodore 64 ports were better.
  13. I think it’s just the same old eBay “I must win“ the auction bid war mentality. You can still find some pretty good deals on there as a guy recently bought an Atari 1040 STE computer for like $70 on there which is an insanely good deal.
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