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  1. Fletch, are you using HDDRIVER on this? How big is your SD card?
  2. ok spend like 5 hours trying to get this damn thing working and it was a pain. I ended up getting it to work, somewhat. I could not partition it with AHDI V5 or V6. Nothing worked. I have an old version of HDDRIVER V7, that saw the drive and was able to format it and partition it into two 512MB partitions. But then I hit a brick wall. Could not get the drives to work or show up. I was able to see the partitions in HDDRIVER but was not able to install the driver or get the drives to show up in GEM. Tried HDI and I was able to install the driver to C: and then the drive was able to boot. But could not see D: Then I went back and deleted partitions and set them up again in HDDRIVER and repeated it with HDI, and now I can mount C: and D: Seems to work ok now, but I am getting random intermittent lock ups and errors. Sometimes the booting is slow, other times faster. Copied a bunch of PRG games to the HD and they did not load. Was getting a TOS 35 error. Then I cold booted and tried to copy some over again and now they load. Weird. I read that using a shorter SCSI cable helps, going to try that next.
  3. Trying to get a SCSI2SD 5.1 running on my Mega STE with built in HD adapter. Won't see it. I have a 4GB SD card on it. Even tried to set the SCSI 0 to 1GB and it still won't see it. Tried AHDI V6 and HD Driver V7. What parameters does it need to work? SCSI 2 enabled or not? Parity on or off? I set Termination on since it's the only device. Haven't tried a shorter SCSI cable, but it won't even see mine right now so I don't think that's it. EDIT: put it into SLOW mode, SCSI 2 OFF, PARITY OFF and it now sees it. HDDRIVER is formatting it now. Wish me luck.
  4. Here is a rare NTSC version of Rambo III for the ST! All the ones I found online were PAL. https://mega.nz/#!KyBliIpT!8hhGCmljkcxPY7bR9CnyZ97gUrrakw2vEXdttAF24N0
  5. Did you buy in USA or Europe? How much was it? Do tell
  6. I take it this doesn't work on Atari800WinPlus? There is no background, even in PAL.
  7. Pretty cool version! Pity it ends with error and the shooting is pretty laggy.
  8. 1040STf keyboard? I might have one.
  9. Since I have a TT also, I need another set. Updated list. rickerbh : 2 remowilliams : 2 jcnventura : 2 Bama : 4 bevenais : 1 tjlazer : 2 green led kit + 2 yellow led/cable/grommet/connector for HD
  10. The first thing you should do is tear into it and reseat all socketted chips.
  11. I will take 1 in green. Also if you have one in yellow (just the led/grommet with connector) for the HD side that would be nice too. Let me know when they are ready to ship and where to send payment. The list: rickerbh : 2 remowilliams : 2 jcnventura : 2 Bama : 4 bevenais : 1 tjlazer : 1 green led kit + 1 yellow led/cable/grommet/connector for HD
  12. Gave it a quick go. Found a bug. You get stuck when you hit the bottom right of a bush. Was able to replicate it a few times.
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