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  1. Good for Side 2 and Ultimate Cart! I use those for instant loading.
  2. Thanks, can you do one with no compression? Loads faster
  3. Nice! Love NTSC fixes!!!! Strange on how the original PAL version had pink dirt!
  4. Probably not since the Atari ST external drives work on this computer. SF314 is a 720k drive and works great.
  5. Did you check for bad solder joints on the PCB?
  6. I recently bought one that looks brand new and it's pretty yellow too. But I thought they are supposed to be yellow? In this picture it doesn't look as yellow but definitely not white. Wonder if they came as yellow or if they were light yellow and got yellow over time.
  7. Yes it should. Have you tried the cable on a VGA monitor yet?
  8. No. It would be like asking if mid 1990's VGA software will run on a CGA system from the 1980's.
  9. I wouldn't bother with 2.06. Also you don't have the RF mod so you are missing circuitry for composite video so you will be limited on displays. I would just put TOS 1.04 in it and leave it as is and get a newer ST like a 1040STE where you can easily upgrade the RAM to 4MB and TOS to 2.06.
  10. Cool game! Will there be mouse support? These play so much better with the mouse.
  11. Yes I have this in mine, and in my other one I have the latest Rev 11 1200XL OS which fixes a lot of issues.
  12. No it's the same, now there might be slight variations of the color due to different batches and 35 years passing, etc.
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