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  1. Can we write these 180k EF's Cheat Arcade disks to a real atari disk?
  2. Ah yes CAPS LOCK and Q, S, and X. Weird!
  3. Can you put your collection of many games in TOS that you mentioned before? ST or STE version?
  4. Stumbled on an early version of Missile Command from 1986. It's not the same as the normal one from 1987. The game runs but for some reason the fire button doesn't work. Can't fire missiles. Anyone seen this version before? Missile Command 86.zip
  5. I have the original game, I tried to make an ST image of it but the last 2 tracks have some errors. Probably copy protection. Winnie the Pooh.ST
  6. Anyone have a disk image of this game in English? All the ones I have found are in French.
  7. Us yanks really do appreciate the NTSC fixed games and hacks! Thank you and keep up the good work!!!!
  8. Before you tear into the keyboard try pressing the keys really hard many times to see if they come to life. I was able to get all of mine working by doing that.
  9. I am having trouble registering on your site. Send emails but no response. Can I get some help?
  10. I remember typing in creepy caverns, that was a pretty good game. There was an update that was done later that had speech synthesis in it which is pretty good. It’s in the homesoft archives.
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