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  1. Oh ok I didn't know you can do that, but it's for both bombs and missiles. Which is an improvement. I like to play from the couch and am far away from the keyboard. Would be nice to have it with fire and down joy though. What do you guys think?
  2. Can someone do a patch for Scramble to allow the bomb to drop with the joystick instead of the space bar? Like in Super Cobra, press button and move the joystick down. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-scramble_36326.html
  3. Wish Scramble was able to drop the bomb with the joystick instead of the space bar. Like Super Cobra, press button and move the joystick down.
  4. Never understood this mentality. Yes it is 2021 and we all use our modern machines to do stuff that is for modern times. But we also like to play with our old vintage Atari computers like it is 1986 too. Using it as it was back then. Using floppy disks or Cartridges and some even tapes! A lot of us are perfectly fine with this. If you aren't, go back to your PC or Mac. Not sure why you are on here.
  5. I have got some games working by booting from disk, pressing ALT to disable the HD. Karateka is one of them.
  6. Great news! Another port for our A8.
  7. I support the game being 128K. It's appropriate for a great port like this. If there was a way to make it 64k with an AtariMax cart or such that would be extra cool. Otherwise 130XE it is!
  8. Clearly that wouldn’t cut it in 1986. It would be an Atari 130XE with 1050 Disk Drive since the game requires 128k.
  9. Maybe the monitor port had a short or something to force it into Mono mode?
  10. Nice, wonder if we can hack this to work on US TOS ROMs to include these icons?
  11. $19.95 is a very fair price. Now put on a nice label on it and play the game.
  12. It might be tough to make this work 100% on 1,000 different elaborate setups. Just staying. Maybe stick to basic setups and finish the game... This is getting kinda out of hand.
  13. I dumped Synapse Games and Datasoft Games https://mega.nz/file/7qIEETbZ#mOSN5hnX8t2i9FC6uQ-7CMEgkVYyd3DgKNcOB5rZWXo https://mega.nz/file/emBiyLbB#sZ12iy5tS2k4SUVP16fjV6GbyHbgdBNH8dzKkogvGJQ
  14. SunMark made some of the first Multicarts for the Atari 8-bits. https://comp.sys.atari.8bit.narkive.com/X4gmfBdm/review-of-sunmark-s-multicart-2 I have a few of them and my favorite one was Datasoft Games!
  15. I thought he mentioned he was willing to but just couldn’t get the palette right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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