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  1. A real 2600 port of this would be ultra cool!
  2. Since you are new, please be aware of the plastic cling wrap method. It can cause "blooming" and discoloration if you are not careful or leave it out too long without manipulation and massaging in the hot sun. I just don't bother for this reason. Not worth the risks.
  3. Not directed to this game here, but just a small rant. People who say the games are too easy should speak for themselves. Not everyone is an expert. Most of us are not, so making the game hard (FOR YOU) is not a good idea because a few of you are expert gamers and think the game is too easy. The C64 version is a good balance and I appreciated the extra retries as well. Nice idea.
  4. Excellent! Can’t wait to play it. Will it be a single file XEX or ATR?
  5. Cool, has Mr Robot and Miner 2049er elements in the game. Rename the file to AUTORUN.SYS for it to autoboot.
  6. I heard others having issues with it as drive B: It works as drive A:? You do not need to mess with jumpers.
  7. Oh didn't know what to call them. The green characters, right? I clearly see different faces.
  8. Actually it wasn't. But I do see the differences in the screen shots. Different sprites for the player and aliens. I like A better.
  9. So very happy to see Bruce Lee ROF being ported! Thank you!
  10. What is the difference between the A and B archive?
  11. Correct, if it was formatted on the XF551 it would be a double sided 360k format. And that will not work on the 1050.
  12. Mega ST's had normal drive and long buttons. I have one of each. My Mega 2 has the long button. Mega 4 normal one.
  13. Vertical roll usually means Vertical setting on back of the monitor.
  14. I bought one on his last batch. Looks brand new!
  15. I was a brat, my Dad was AF. I didn't see any Atari stuff in a few of the BX's I went to in the early to mid 80's, but I do remember seeing Commodore stuff (and Amiga). I was bummed as I had an 800XL at the time. I later got a C64 and Amiga 1000.
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