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  1. It seems that that website has been taken over by the Vectrex Regeneration iOS app. And my Veccy just crapped out this week. (I get sound like normal, but no graphics other than a 1-cm bright white horizontal line in the center of the screen!) So… anyone know how to fix one of these things? I'm terrified to open it up, even just to look at the caps and ICs.
  2. I appreciate the advice. I'm mostly just trying to talk myself into letting the STfm go rather than just keeping both. :Þ
  3. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Gearing up to move to another state, I decided that it was finally time to divest myself of my retro collection and just get by with emulation in the future. At least for 4th generation machines and older (with the singular exception of the Philips CD-i; I'm not aware of any good CD-i emulators out there). I no longer own any Commodore computers, or Apple computers, or Tandy computers, or Timex Sinclair computers, or IBM computers. All of my 1st/2nd gen consoles are gone except for my Odyssey 2, and that one's just a matter of time, I'm sure. The only 3rd gen console I'm keeping is my Atari 7800, because it's awesome. But I couldn't just get rid of everything. I've kept an old 486 that I dearly love, and I've also decided that I'll keep one 8-bit computer (an Atari 130XE) and one 16-bit computer, which was always going to be an ST (on account of the ST not being such a pain in the ass like the Amiga). But I can't quite decide whether to keep my STe or my STfm. Leaning towards the STe, of course, but I'm wondering if anyone has a good argument for going with the STfm instead. I've always been a "wide net" retro collector in the past, and now that it seems like I'm finally paring down to just Atari stuff in the main, I'm wondering if anyone more expert in the platform can offer any advice. Sell me/tell me: which ST is the real keeper?
  4. I just found one on ebay, so thanks for the tip. Next rarest console I have is the Emerson Arcadia. Does anyone still make a multi-cart for that system? (As if there were games other than Cat Trax worth playing on it...)
  5. My cart just arrived today! Worked perfectly; Pac-Man on the ChF is amazing! So, let's see, now that I have a multi-cart for the oldest video game system, the next ones to look for are multi or flash carts for the Atari 2600, Mgnavox Odyssey 2, and Bally Astrocade. Hrm. Anyone know where I can find an Astrocade multicart?
  6. Damn, I just found out about this. When's the next run of carts planned for?
  7. I've just recently acquired a 1040STfm. It's my first ST, and I'm given to understand that it will run the majority of ST games, except for those few games specifically made to take advantage of the superior hardware in an STe/Mega/Falcon. If I want to be able to access the largest possible library of games, what would you recommend for a second ST? My gut tells me to wait until I can find a Falcon, but are there many games that will not run on either a regular ST or a Falcon and must run on an STe? Or is the Falcon mostly backwards-compatible with STe-specific software? I haven't been able to find an answer to this question anywhere online.
  8. Sorry for the thread-necromancy, but I'd like an answer to slx's last question. I'm experiencing the same issue with my lately-acquired 800's "System Reset", "Option", and "Select" keys (but not "Start", curiously enough).
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