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  1. Sounds like a question for @cmart604 or @Lathe26! I don't have any numbers from 1980, but here's what I do have: Ardan Summer 1982 - games were $31.95 (just Astrosmash, Baseball, Football, Space Armada, Space Battle). Intellivision $299.95 Radio Shack 1983 - games were $37.95 (Star Strike was $42.95). Note that the Tandyvision One sold for $389.95 Weller Bros Wholesale Sept 1983 - games were $30.00 to $36.00 (except for Sharp Shot, Kool-Aid Man, and Frog Bog at $19.50, $22.50, and $22.50, respectively). Intellivision II is $169.95 Telegames USA 1993 (very late year) - games ranges from $7.95 to 19.95 $7.95 - Mattel Space Spartans $9.95 - Most Mattel $14.95 - Activision, Imagic, Atarisoft, Coleco, Parker Bros (Q*bert, Popeye) $17.95 - Interphase, Parker Bros (Frogger, Tutankham, Star Wars), Mattel Soccer $19.95 - INTV JHC Electronics Aug 1993 - games ranges from $12.95 to $19.95. Super Pro System $79.95 Note: Weller Bros listed the Deluxe Joy Stick Controller for $24.50 !!
  2. If you are looking for deeper information on this controller, check out:
  3. Dude, I've seen how many boxed Intellivision consoles you have in your closet. You'll buy 30-40.
  4. An evening with a blonde, an excellent choice. I am spending my evening with a petite, devilish, redhead. Apologies for the hardcore Intellivision nudity.
  5. But in the end, the picture is rendered as a bitmap on a flat 2D display. In reconsidering things, the bitmap was then displayed on a CRT's curved glass so maybe it's 3D after all. 😜
  6. Agreed that there were games before Doom that were full 3D. However, many of them sacrificed graphical detail to do it. Stunts and 4D Boxing are good examples of this. As for the term 2.5D, the first time I ever heard it used as a term was specifically for the game Doom. I'm sure the term was used on other games before that. Also, whether Doom is considered 3D or 2.5D is controversial. It mainly comes down to whether simple Z projection that prevents over/under movement (or the flat scalable sprites) is a deal-breaker for being full 3D or not. The main point is that the term 2.5D has different meanings to different people (as you list above).
  7. Regarding 2 ROM chips vs 1 ROM chip, its simply that the early ROM chips had less capacity so they split the game in half and used 2 chips. Later on, chips could hold more so only 1 chip was needed. That said, it's neat to see the various manufacturers who made GI-compatible chips. For a long time, I thought GI was the single-source for all Intellivision game ROMs.
  8. 2.5D really doesn't have a strict meaning. It varies from situation to situation. The only consistent meaning you can take from the term is "more than 2D but less than full 3D". Just for comparison, the original PC game "Doom" is sometimes referred to as 2.5D (though controversial). Now you might look at Doom and say "no way that's true; it looks full 3D"... and you'd be mostly right. It does look 3D. However, PCs at the time could not perform the full 3D calculations with that level of graphical detail so the programmers took some shortcuts to simplify the calculations. So while the perspective looks 3D, if you viewed the map from above, it would look like a 2D game because no part of the map goes under another part of the map. There are no bridges or tunnels where you can both go over AND under. Later versions of Doom were full 3D.
  9. Ironically, if you had both the Keyboard Component and the Printer today, they would be worth in excess of $3500. However, there was no way to know that back then.
  10. Since you cleaned the ribbon cable, check that voltages are getting from the power supply to the board. That ribbon cable is notorious for being fragile and coming part in some Intellivisions.
  11. Considering she's trying to get to Hell, I would hope she's getting warmer. 🙂 How deep do the levels go? -10? -20? -100? Just want to know how close I am, which also gives me an inkling of how much time I need to block off in the evening to play such a game.
  12. I finally got to play Maria. I was delayed by my large Kiosk Multiplexer project (see link) and with upgrading to have composite video output. This game is impressive! In beginner mode, I've made it down to level -10 so far. Still curious how many more levels there are to go.
  13. For folks who have opened up their Intellivision and removed the metal shield(s) that encase the circuit board... do you solder them back on when you're done or do you just leave them off?
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