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  1. Can you make a DB25 female board?
  2. I know I plug this video all the time, but here's the Kiosk Multiplexer electronics that was in Mattel's big kiosk and might have appeared in some Sears kiosks (but not the photo above).
  3. Mattel's big kiosk has a few survivors today. Sears is known to exist in photos only. However, it isn't known if Mattel's small kiosk / counter-top kiosk ever even appeared in stores.
  4. At this point, the only variations known of with Tutor Pros is whether or not they have the original Mattel EXEC or the larger Tutorvision REX ROM. As far as anyone knows, there are no Tutor Pros that exist with other combinations of mix-and-match parts, which makes sense since the 3 minor circuit board variations of the INTV88 circuit board are almost the same and have the same parts. Maybe there are unknown variations out there or maybe some of the mysterious jumpers activate/deactivate things.
  5. Seattle has SRGE as well, but it is small. However, PRGE in Portland is HUGE, probably the biggest in the US.
  6. I've never counted, but I've narrowed the range to less than 1,000,000 and more than π.
  7. Only 2 more cuts and the price won't be 🦇💩 crazy
  8. The 2K RAM could be used for executing ECS BASIC programs as well as 8-bit data but not typical programs since CP1610 machine code is 10-bits wide. The 2K RAM is only 8-bits wide.
  9. Oh sorry, I thought this was a city map game of northeastern Minnesota... of Cloquet https://www.visitcloquet.com/
  10. The only item I will add is that a partial schematic was made but there wasn't enough to make a full schematic.
  11. The scans are still wanted. I haven't been able to find the printer manual anywhere on the 'net.
  12. A very nice doc. My bits of feedback are: The PDF isn't text searchable. Going to Edit->Find and typing in something to search for, such as the word "and", produces no results. URLs aren't click-able. Copying text doesn't work. When I select text to copy and then paste it elsewhere, it just pastes garbage characters. While there is mention of the Sears In-Store Kiosk, there is no mention of Mattel's In-Store Kiosk. Some resources are (please add me to the credits if you add the below material): https://atariage.com/forums/topic/303301-kiosk-multiplexer-–-research-and-video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vMPc39v13g
  13. That would probably be an easy-ish game to port from Apple BASIC to IntyBASIC. You _might_ even be able to just use color squares mode.
  14. Perhaps @jaybird3rd or one of the other Aquarius collectors knows of if/where these files are available?
  15. (just kidding, the museum is a great place for it) 😉😉
  16. You probably have a good guess given the just-added photos. 😉
  17. Talking about variants, it looks like I have a variant with the microphone stand. If you compare mine to Papa Intellivision's, you will see a difference. Of course, his might have been an early-run prototype. Papa Intellvision's Mine:
  18. A variant? Wow! That explains the Cmart-like noises outside my window last night.
  19. So lame person picked up these KC parts? https://www.ebay.com/itm/164884006195
  20. I recently picked up an Aquarius Printer for my ECS. Online, there are references that talk about the Printer's manual and that there is a separate document for the printer's schematic (https://www.digitpress.com/faq/aquarius.htm). Does anyone have links or scans for either? Note: EdgeOfPortal on AA was kind enough to posted the manual for the rare Aquarius Plotter here.
  21. He doesn't need to spread his property so far away. Just a little ways south along the West Coast should be fine... 😉
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