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  1. Received EA & FL today. Thanks Eduardo!
  2. Received package earlier this week (South Florida). I am very happy with my decision to join. Question - will club members get an announcement on reserving next year's title? I check this board very infrequently.
  3. mufla

    Opcode 2019

    Moon Patrol Galaga Elevator Action Frogger
  4. Dude. I now own a super game module. Thanks Ed. I'm coming for you pixelboy
  5. very pleased to receive my USPS alert today. Thanks Eduardo
  6. Ditto. Pixelboy, expect some orders from me when Eduardo delivers.
  7. I'm a bit confused. How do we place an order for the games once they are available? I did not pre-purchase the games (still waiting on SGM 2nd). Thanks
  8. I am in the same boat. I took a break from collecting somewhere between stonix and DK. I would also be interested in trading for KOM. I have a hover bovver half cut edition (with box) for trade. That's about it for home-brews of trade interest.
  9. Where is Dig Dug SGM version in the priority of things? I need it now.
  10. Glad to hear. Hope you make a few extra for those late to the game. I don't think we ever see a third run.
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