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  1. Games arrived. Asteroids much better than I expected. The boxes are too nice.
  2. Agreed - great choice Ed. While I got rid of my Odyssey collection, I kept the 3 master strategy games -- they were just too cool to part with. There was a 4th one the never got released. https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/strategy/
  3. Turmoil a little buggy for me on Phoenix -- resets after about 3 levels. I find myself playing it more than other games, bugs and all. I miss the sideways gameplay, but like it for what it is. I have not tested on CV. No problems with new Bosconian on Phoenix. Have not tested on CV.
  4. Got my e-mail. Payment sent! Let's hear a review of the Asteroids Controller.
  5. Does Game 1 have the old easter egg? Have not been able to trigger it.
  6. Ed - hope you will reconsider taking a vote on some color line re-releases. Many longtime collectors missed the boat on a few. Happy to preorder.
  7. agree. I never truly played it until this release. Once you get past the difference, you realize that it's a neat take on shooter genre. I've grown to like it...and it's my only cart getting play in the CV these days.
  8. +1. I would also like to see this in future (and 7800/2600 cart adaptor)
  9. package arrived today--just got home from work. still processing this. holy damn. going to plug it in now. thank you guys. this is awesome. edit: Hollywood, Florida
  10. Received EA & FL today. Thanks Eduardo!
  11. Received package earlier this week (South Florida). I am very happy with my decision to join. Question - will club members get an announcement on reserving next year's title? I check this board very infrequently.
  12. mufla

    Opcode 2019

    Moon Patrol Galaga Elevator Action Frogger
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