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  1. I have an AV-modded 2600 Jr. and a RetroTink 2X-Pro on the way! 🕺

    1. DrVenkman


      I have a RetroTink-2X Pro as well. It provides very nice output but it's essentially just a 2X scaler. Many games work and look great but there are some oddities. Some Atari titles do not produce a "clean" or very steady 240 scanline output signal so some carts do not work properly when displayed though the RetroTink, as I discovered just today. For instance, I found that both Atari's Battlezone and Activision's Starmaster do not work with my TV through the RetroTink - I get a "Resolution Not Supported" message from my 2013 Samsung LED. Different sets might give different results, of course.

    2. Bixler


      Thanks for sharing your experience! I plan on using a couple other consoles with the RetroTink but I'll keep that in mind for my Atari gaming w/ my Harmony Encore. Fingers crossed I don't run into any issues.

    3. DrVenkman


      Sure. My Genesis looks very good through it, as does my 7800 and 5200. Of course, I haven't tested all my my 7800 or 5200 games, nor have I tried more than a dozen or 2600 games. Most of the 2600 games look great but some are trouble. I've emailed the developer tonight to see if he could do some testing with 2600 games to see about fixing sync/scanline issues in a future firmware update. Hopefully he'll decide to try.


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