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  1. Bixler

    2600 HDMI Mod?

    Not that I know of, but it's fairly common to perform an AV or S-video mod on one. Then you can run it through an upscaler if you'd like! Another option is to pick up the Retron 77 and then read the relevant thread(s) on AtariAge for the Stella community build for it to expand the Retron 77's gaming potential.
  2. Gorgeous controller and awesome haul.
  3. I have an AV-modded 2600 Jr. and a RetroTink 2X-Pro on the way! 🕺

    1. DrVenkman


      I have a RetroTink-2X Pro as well. It provides very nice output but it's essentially just a 2X scaler. Many games work and look great but there are some oddities. Some Atari titles do not produce a "clean" or very steady 240 scanline output signal so some carts do not work properly when displayed though the RetroTink, as I discovered just today. For instance, I found that both Atari's Battlezone and Activision's Starmaster do not work with my TV through the RetroTink - I get a "Resolution Not Supported" message from my 2013 Samsung LED. Different sets might give different results, of course.

    2. Bixler


      Thanks for sharing your experience! I plan on using a couple other consoles with the RetroTink but I'll keep that in mind for my Atari gaming w/ my Harmony Encore. Fingers crossed I don't run into any issues.

    3. DrVenkman


      Sure. My Genesis looks very good through it, as does my 7800 and 5200. Of course, I haven't tested all my my 7800 or 5200 games, nor have I tried more than a dozen or 2600 games. Most of the 2600 games look great but some are trouble. I've emailed the developer tonight to see if he could do some testing with 2600 games to see about fixing sync/scanline issues in a future firmware update. Hopefully he'll decide to try.


  4. Quick question: is a bog-standard AV- or S-video-modded 2600 + the RetroTink 2x Pro the best plug-n-play solution for 2600 on my 4k TV? https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/retrotink-2x-pro

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    2. ApolloBoy


      If you want the best picture quality, an OSSC along with a 2600RGB-modded system is the way to go.

    3. Bixler


      That was my original plan until I saw the price for the OSSC and realized the price of an RGB mod kit + the labor cost of paying someone here to do it for me... ;) The RetroTink 2x Pro seems like a budget option even if I'm taking a hit with the quality compared to the OSSC. Thanks to you too though. I suppose what you proposed literally is the best option, I just don't have the money or the know-how (I'm guessing having someone on these forums do it would run me about $150).

    4. Austin


      If you're just playing on a HD TV, I second the Retron 77 route with community update. It's quite solid. If you're capturing, avoid it. I couldn't get my capture card to pick up audio from it.

  5. Could I see pics of the HDMI mod? Does it affect the display of any 2600 or homebrew games negatively?
  6. Bixler

    WTB Composite 2600

    I've sent you a PM!
  7. The Wii U is a wonderful, underappreciated system hampered by terrible marketing. I love using mine to play my extensive Wii library and a smattering of Wii U games.
  8. I'd like to finally purchase some 2600 homebrew carts from the AtariAge store to support this website and the 2600 community. What are some of your favorite(s), and why? I'm already drooling over Space Rocks, Halo 2600, and Medieval Mayhem. 😍😎 P.S. Are there any homebrew carts that won't display properly, for whatever reason, on an AV composite-modded 2600? Gonna be purchasing one very soon to use with my HDTV, since I don't have a CRT nor do I have a cheap means of getting one for my small apartment.
  9. Loving the new website. Is there an AtariAge discord server?

    1. RockyRaccoon


      I don't think AA has it's own Discord. But I know an AtariAge member runs this server here;



    2. Albert


      I'm looking at integrating Discord directly into the forum...

    3. fdurso224


      Hey Bix. Long time no see bro. What's new with you? Hows that CMVS Neo-Geo unit these days. 8^)

  10. I'll be buying a composite-modded console soon since all I have available to use for games is my HDTV, and I'd like to take advantage of the Harmony cart I used to love using a few years ago. Would also like to finally buy some homebrews, and it seems like a composite-modded system is my best way of being able to use all of this.
  11. Bixler

    WTB Composite 2600

    Wonderful! I would be very happy with this. I will send you a PM later this afternoon after work.
  12. Bixler

    WTB Composite 2600

    Holy cow, the prices they are going for on eBay are a bit too steep for my budget. I didn't realize that I'd likely be spending over $100. I may have to reconsider this entire thing haha. Thank you for the info.
  13. Bixler

    WTB Composite 2600

    I'm afraid I'm not adept with this sort of thing and would prefer to buy a clean, pre-modded 2600 to use with my Harmony cart. Thanks for the link though!
  14. Hey all. Since all I have in my apartment is a 4k flat screen TV, I guess I need to purchase a composite-modded Atari 2600 if I want to get back into my 2600 with my Harmony cart. Thus, I'm interested in purchasing an Atari 2600 system that has been modded for composite output that will work beautifully on a modern TV. I'm not sure what the pricing for such an item would be; I'll trust that whoever has a system ready to go will offer it for a fair price here. Thanks!
  15. Bixler

    2600 with HDMI?

    If I were to purchase an AV-modded 2600 from the marketplace here, would there be any issues with colors, ability to play games, or lag with my 4k TV? Sorry if that's an unbelievably dumb question; I'd happily just grab a cheap CRT if any were near me and drop it in the corner of my apartment's living room. But all I have is my modern flatscreen.
  16. I don't have a CRT TV anymore, and the nearest one on craigslist is quite a ways away. I do have a 4k 40" Samsung I use with my Xbox One, Wii U, and Blu-ray player, however. I'd like to get back into my 2600 with my Harmony cart, but obviously it won't connect to HDMI. Is my best bet to get an AV-modded 2600 and plug it in through the AV ports? Or is there a better alternative. Or at this point, should I just use Stella on my Macbook Pro and purchase a controller adapter? Thanks!
  17. Bixler

    RetroN 77

    I just discovered that this console is a thing. I have a Harmony Encore loaded up with the entire 2600 library on it and would love to play 2600 games again on my HDTV. Will my Harmony Encore cart be compatible with the Retron 77? Thanks.
  18. Is there any conceivabl reason to have an HDMI modded 2600 to play on my HDTV? Or should I just go with an AV modded system? A CRT won't be an option in my new apartment I'm afraid.

    1. digdugnate


      sometimes you just gotta do what you have the ability for- i have an AV-modded 2600 in our bedroom on a $99 el cheapo flat panel. :) I think you'd be good for retro goodness either AV or HDMI.

    2. Keatah


      If you don't mind cheap emulator stuff, get a Retron 77 with native HDMI.


    3. GoldLeader


      Funny, before I read any comments, I was thinking get a RetroN 77 and A/V modded 2600!

  19. Images: https://imgur.com/a/hVg4IXG Unopened SNES classic. $85 shipped, continental US.
  20. Bixler

    RetroN 77

    Dang. I was looking forward to a way to play my Harmony Cart with HDMI.
  21. Was just having some dried mango slices while playing Berserk on my 2600. What do you snack on while playing?

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    2. Atarian7


      Water or soda. Games without pauses are not conducive to snacking.

    3. Ransom


      Back when I could eat anything and not gain weight? Coca-Cola, Fritos and Nestle Crunch. Now? Water. Maybe an apple if I feeling like running the extra distance later on to make up for it.

    4. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Beer, Chips and Salsa, Hummus

  22. So happy I've rekindled my love for Dungeons & Dragons. 5e is a total blast!

    1. JDTAY


      D&D assumes I know people in real life. Angband loves me for the stereotypical lonely wretch I am.

    2. pangasinan


      I hate people.

    3. Bixler


      @JDTAY Angband is a lot of fun, but my favorite pick-up-and-play roguelike would have to be Brogue.

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