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  1. Well I would check the sellers feedback soon, expect a nice fat negative!! Hahaha. Some people, my god. Trying to save a few dollars and then get bitten in the arse. Serves them well. Lets face it people. Falcon's are expensive. If you want one expect to pay out the arse, don't try and nickel and dime your way on ebay for a deal. Another non working one went for over $200. I don't get it. I sucked it up and paid over $700 for a new in box one, and a few years before that $325 for a used one that was mint. I paid my dues!! Hahahah Apparently it was a great investment.
  2. Well the winner must be beside himself! He figures he got a nice Falcon030 computer AND an extra case and keyboard!? Why else spend $148? Simply AMAZING...
  3. I bet this person thinks they are getting one heck of a steal on a Falcon030!!!! I guess there is the slim chance the bidder really wants these parts and knows it is not a complete unit but it just amazes me how some people don't take the time to read auctions... What do you all think? lol -edit- For some reason the link feature is not working, maybe the ebay URL is too long? ebay item #220154398689 http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdethquack
  4. Sorry I must of mis-read it, I thought you said Clear Coat, you said Base Coat. MY BAD! Yes I agree it would look bad, that is why I did not do it and it looks great (see my pic above) I also tried a different shade, called Flat Light Aircraft Gray from Testors and it is too light. (looks like TT030 shade) Light Sea Gray seems to be pretty darn close. I also got a Flat Gull Gray can to try and see how it looks. This is fun!
  5. Also FYI, doing the "Drop" or "twist" are for noobs that cannot or will not open up the ST, it is a quick and dirty "temp" fix. Since you opened up the ST, all you had to do is reseat all the socketted chips! No need to do the drop if you open it up man! LOL
  6. Maybe Steve Tucker (Atarimax) needs to fill this gap?
  7. tjlazah


    Are you guys going to make me desolder the PROM to make a copy of it so I can finally play the damn game on my PC via Emulation? My 5200 is down at the moment and I have had this game for several months collecting dust!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  8. Yep if you hover the mouse over the link or when you press it and get to the page where it is asking for your login info, check the URL. That's how you know if it is a hi jack attempt or not. Not sure if you know what this is, but it is a hi jack attempt to get your user ID and password. The scammer will then start listing high ticket items under your account for too good to be true priced items. Then he will email the buyers to have them pay for those items directly to him. Then when the buyers never get their items guess who they will contact and open claims with? Be careful people!
  9. I am getting a tricked out 1200XL from Atarimax soon! I wanna add a PAL Antic, which one do I need and what else needs to be done? It will have the 32-in-1 OS in it. (B&C lists two Antics one for XL/XE and one for 800/old XL, is that what the 1200XL needs?)
  10. ATRUtil rocks! I setup mine so when I right click on an .ATR file I can edit it with ATRUtil! Works great.
  11. Damn! That has to be the worst shipping disaster I have ever seen! I have had a few myself, but this one tops it all. Looks like it was sent in a large manila envelope! LOL
  12. If you liked the Snowman check this out: http://nehe.gamedev.net/data/projects/proj...ect=the_snowman
  13. You guys see this? Looks cool! http://cgi.ebay.com/Mobile-PlugnPlay-IDE-H...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. I have a extra Universal Power Supply from Radio Shack that works perfectly with the Stacy! Tested and working 100%, asking $60 shipped.
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