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  1. Hello Thom i am in Plato chat channel 0 with my Commodore SL 286-16 old PC Dos Computer and testing platoterm for pc dos and it looks nice and colorfull. I had trubble logging in with names and stuff i keep forgetting.
  2. I am logging in everday with my C64 and Platoterm 64 the platoterm 64 works real good, The keyboard is a bit hard to get used to you have to use the commodore key and right shift key and you will have to figer them out or go along and use the help menu.
  3. I am there in irata talk channel 1 with my c64 and the software is working good
  4. did a party even now i get a connect then no more i will keep trying.
  5. trying to login now but plato is not going any ferther do i set the tcp to ser 7 bits or 8 and i have irata.online port 8005. i can see blinking curser in one spot but no text on screen only the platoterm main scren.
  6. hi tempest here are a google drive link to two mp3 files i did from a zx81 tape see if you can down load them from this link and try ithem with your timex 2068 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive don't know if i did it right the tape is super programs 7, can someone try the link and see if it works.. if not i will delete link later.
  7. i have a suitcase full of zx81 tapes of games and a binder for the zx81 learning lab tapes i can go through them sometime and make wav files or mp3 files from the tapes if you like. tapes like sinclair zx81 super programs 7, with 6 games for 1k ram.
  8. looks good i wood like to be able to run it on my commodore from a d64 soon
  9. I have put a new video on youtube to show Koala Slider Slideshow in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O0WLhlb9Vk
  10. it wood be nice to have a terminal for my vga 286 pc with 640k of ram to log into system.
  11. I can login now my Pterm was going to the wrong server it was syberserv.org now its irata.online and all is going good.
  12. I have logged into the bbs and posted a message and downloaded qwk file the bbs looks nice and clean nice one.
  13. I have a AMD 486 DX4 100 PC and Windows 95a on it i have no trubble browsing the web with Netscape 4.04 and Gopher and i use Lynx text bowser as long as you keep to web pagers that old broswers handle and use the FTP sites.
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