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  1. Hi Robin Yes sorry I did not precise. The 600xl has the 64k internal mod. If this is enough to properly load the IDEII cartridge this is the best solution and If not no other choice then to go for an SO2IDE reader. The SIDE2 definitely needs a 1mb upgrade to perform ATX functionalities but MyIDEII from AtariMax looks good with a 64k Xl machine. Is this complicated to set up ? UnoCart looks very nice too and hope to see this things running soon 😉
  2. MyIdeII solution looks pretty interesting considering it has the writing capabilities to ATR disk images. :-) better anyway then scrolling files through an LCD screen. Any link also to the UNO Cart to compare ?
  3. Hi Robin Yes that is very clear 🙂 Thank you. Have to look at the specs of these solutions and pick the good one.
  4. Hi, The question may be stupid but I would like to confirm that any ultimate cartridge connected to the cartridge port can only read but not write. I would like to have a decent storage solution but also the possibility to save any program I may type in on my 600xl. I have seen the SD2Iec reader/writer to be connected to the parallel port which may be what I am looking for.
  5. Hi Kyle 22 Yes I did the mod with what was available but need to reassess a little bit a couple of soldering joint which do not look very solid + insulation and silicon paste to stick wires on the MB. Anyway most important is that it is working and happy with that!
  6. Ok Guys, I did the 64k mod with the 41464 and they just work like a charm! :-) I was scared as it is ages I did not take a soldering iron in my hand but I managed to dit a decent job. I still need to insulate wirings I just tested it on the fly and the SELFTEST will give 48k of Ram so I am good to go. It is not very nice to the eye yes I agree but who cares :-). I am fine with a 64k I do not think I will need more to run most of the programs released during the machine lifespan but I am fairly interested to know more about those extra ram expansion. Any docs? Cheers, Rick PS : Sorry for the picture size, it is very large I forgot to resize it. At least you can see in detail how shity I am in soldering EDIT : Ok I have seen this U1MB board, looks expensive anyway. I do not see for me at least the reason to upgrade an old 8bit computer with MB's of memory.
  7. Anyway I am fine with a 64k upgrade as I want to run mostly programs and games originally edited during the lifespan of this computer so mostly 80's and beginning 90's
  8. Hi Kyle22 Ok thank you :-) I have bought a couple of those 41464 from the vendor in UK.
  9. Hi Guys, I am trying to configure the last built of QMC2 with SDL mame 0.161 but I do not know why I cannot list any game. I have checked all paths and they look fine. I am using OSX Sierra. Is the latest QMC2 compatible with an old SDLMame built (0.161) or do I need to upgrade SDL Mame to latest built. I would like possibly to use the SDL Mame 0.161 as I do have a complete romset for this version. :-)
  10. Hello guys, I would like to perform the 64k mod on my ATARI 600XL and for this I am looking for a couple of 4464 DIL18 Ram chips or equivalent. Does anyone knows where to buy this for a decent price? If someone has some to sell I can pay chips + postage with Paypal. :-) Many thanks in advance Rick PS : found a vendor in UK who is selling 41464 ram chips and stating those are equivalent to the 4464 series.
  11. Hi Gunstar Ok now I better understand 😅 Well actually the ram mod was to upgrade to 64k and have then the 600xl running as the 800xl version. Upgrading to 128k or more is also interesting but does this have an impact on the memory map of the computer ? I would like to play with Atari basic a little bit as I was more à Commodore 64 user on those old school days 😉 I have a lot of books for Atari 800xl programming so I was wondering what are the major changes in the memory map of the computer if going further than 64k? Anyway do you have the reference of chips and mod tutorial for a 128 or more upgrade ?
  12. Hi Gunstar I did not understand really what you are referring to. What is the impact in changing to 64k the 600xl? I assume that it will behave exactly as the 800xk then ?
  13. Hi, Just to close this topic I have received the S-video cable and working perfectly with the modded Atari 600xl 😉 Next move will be to upgrade to 64k ram ! 😉
  14. Ok thanks for the clarification I should be good concerning the mod. 🤗 I have tested the mod on two different monitors. The one with the Scart input is giving black and white picture and there is only one scart input. The second test was done on a vga monitor via a video converter. I am using then a Din to s-video cable to connect the 600xl to the converter. Problem is that I never tested this cable before and cannot confirm it is properly built. I have successfully hooked up a C64 with this converter and its own S-video cable. I am waiting for an high quality Din to Save video cable and will test again. Alternatively I can test both scart and s-video to another flat TV soon. 🤔
  15. Hi tf_hh Yes I do confirm the DIN connector was already there and this is a PAl 600 xl The instruction I followed are the one given on the first post of this thread. I have cut between pin 2 and pin 5 but I assume this is not sufficient and I need also to cut between 5 and grnd? I am a little bit confused here 😕😕
  16. Hi Guys, I am attempting to do this mod for my Atari 600XL. I checked the guide given on this first thread but I cannot get any picture from the S-video input. Could you please tell me which S-video cable do I need for the ATARI? I am actually using a 5 PIN DIN cable to SCART shared between my C64 and the ATARI 600XL which is working good. I tried then to use a selfbuilt 5 PIN DIN to S-Video input cable (originally done for S-video on the Vic-20) but I cannot get any picture. Now with the scart cable I still have a picture but it is black & white after the mod. Any idea??
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