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  1. I usually just plop them in a game genie to run on a US system. I recognize that is deeply awkward for a Nomad, though.
  2. I've just gone ahead and added in those as clickable links so you can see the reporting that was done. Will continue adding more links in the same vein over the coming days!
  3. WTD isn’t online, but I’m thinking of adding in various sources like those as clickable photos based on the images I have of the physical copies. Weekly Television Digest and Merchandising would be very good test cases.
  4. It’s actually a revised version of the game from the Genesis Mini. Adds conversions of the other two arcade Darius revisions, redoes the audio, and tweaked the Tiat (easy) mode to account for a lack of save states. Columbus Circle’s about the only outfit doing this stuff in Japan do their involvement is to be expected.
  5. As part of my Atari Archive chronogaming video project I had to try and put together a list of Atari 2600 game release dates. And since I wanted to add context to those regarding when games came out on other platforms, it kind of snowballed... and seven years into this project, I've got pretty decent release lists for basically every US-released home game system between 1976 and 1984, plus the 7800. Having all this locked up in messy google docs wasn't doing anyone but me any favors, so I took a few days to move all of that information over into a public-facing website. Hopefully this proves useful and informative! It's also a work in progress; as I find new information I would like to refine the dates here. Also considering uploading the various ad scans and such I've pulled from newspapers and magazines and having those linked, but one thing at a time! https://www.atariarchive.org/release-dates/
  6. Very exciting to see this turned up! I'm looking forward to trying out the "true" NTSC version of it myself.
  7. My sense is that different 2600 motherboard revisions have differing levels of issues with fuzzy blues, as some of my units have that issue but others don't.
  8. Ninja Jajamarukun is a lot of fun and doesn’t need reading comprehension, too.
  9. You literally ask in the title who owns it and then ask for that person to release the rom. Whether or not you would ask this person directly or whether or not they'd even see this specific topic, you're still asking here. It's a taboo approach. The way I see it is that there's an incredible number of unreleased games that have dripped online over the decades, and every one of them is a small miracle. I would not get hung up on ones that are still unavailable to run on emulators and appreciate what we do have.
  10. The new video is a little bit of a format shift, with a combined look at the histories of Activision's Checkers and Atari's Video Checkers. Two very different packages taking aim at the same board game... which itself has quite a long history in the electronic gaming space.
  11. I've noticed that too! Supposedly Kevtris has been working on an updated jailbreak for the machine, so I'm kind of hoping that improving the 7800 core is a part of that. Guessing by the time he gets to part 4 Parish will have a modded 7800 to work with, which will alleviate that issue at least.
  12. Generally speaking the people who own unreleased games don't appreciate being hammered with requests to release roms. Some people do so either on their own or with a bit of coaxing from preservationists, some folks will if they get paid enough money to offset the perceived loss of value, and others just don't want to. It's how things have been for decades, and with that long history in mind I can tell you that begging can be counterproductive.
  13. I know the Midway game you’re talking about. Space Encounters I think? Anyway it’s not a smart bomb in terms of something you can deploy whenever, it’s a screen clearing object that periodically comes across the screen that activates when you shoot it.
  14. If you can name these games that information can be more or less found out (with a month or two of uncertainty) from Play Meter/Replay and other coin-op trade magazines. As it stands I can't think of much besides Defender that year that the player would have direct control over its usage.
  15. The Magicard interface for the 2600 came with schematics to build your own cassette interface using a controller port. I wonder if such a thing could be whipped up for the Odyssey2?
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