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  1. So, so very sad. Curt was truly one of the great ones!
  2. Trooper


  3. I did take out to ROM card and took the chips about half way out and pressed them back but it didn't seem to make any difference, still the same problem. I decided I didn't have the time or space to keep troubleshooting and let it go to another collector. Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
  4. So I've been trying all day to get one of my 800s to work but I'm encountering problems I've never seen before. I connected the computer to the TV and to the powersupply, scanned for a channel and got one. However it only displays a black screen, very strange since the LED is lighting up and everything seems right, however, no memo pad just a black screen. I put in a BASIC cartridge, no change still black screen. I change to a "Basketball" cartridge and now it lights up! Everything looks right and I can start a game by pressing "Start", however I don't have a joystick handy so that's as far as my testing goes. But it looks great. So I turn off the Atari and puts in Qix, black screen..... Centipede, black screen, I try about ten more games and they all give me a black screen apart from Basketball which seems to work great. I have, of course, cleaned all the games thoroughly but that hasn't helped. Eventually I take off the top of the Atari to take a look at the memory modules. As expected there are tre 16K Ataribranded RAM cards but where I usually find an Ataribranded ROM card there's one marked "Atari 800S1" and "Elektroniktjänst Åkersberga" bland annat. I suspect that's a swedish ROM and that it's failed for one reason or another since I get no memo pad? The big question in my mind is why doesn't any games apart from Basketball work (or to a lesser degree, why the heck does Basketball work? )? Is it possible to run the 800 on a single RAM cart (or does all the slots need to be populated)? My thought was that you could run the computer on a single module to see if one of the RAM modules are malfunctioning.
  5. I'm really looking forward to these tutorials/installationpackages!
  6. Yeah I've clarified it a bit now, I can see how it was a bit blurry as to what was and wasn't for sale.
  7. I don't think I have a Jag up for sale? I'll have to check but I think the only Jag I have is the one in my collection.
  8. So, I've come to the conclusion that I simply don't have room for everything any more so I'm going to be selling of most of the stuff I've accumulated over the years. I've decided to do it from my existing site at http://www.trooper.se so please take a look and se if you find anything of interest. I will be adding lots and lots of things over the coming months so check in often! Please read the "Information" under "For Sale" in the menu to see how to buy. Trooper
  9. Gizmondo, have all 14 games + the Colors preview boxed.
  10. Yes quite so. Morgan may have been able to "turn things around", he was a very experienced businessman. BUT getting new products out costs money, lots of money and Warner was not at all interested in putting more money into Atari, had they been willing to keep funding Atari they would of coursen not have sold of the company (or parts thereof at least) to Tramiel. Also I really find it annoying reading about all this pissing and moaning about how the Tramiels are universally hated by Atarifans and how they destroyed the company by firing all the great people there. Bullshit, all Atarifans who isn't into drinking the kool-aid know very well that hadn't it been for Jack Tramiel buying Atari in 1984, reorganizing and sliming the company down it would have been over for the consumer division right there and then.
  11. a lot of them I don't have a list of the ones I've got but I'll try to take a look and get back to you asap.
  12. Ah ok I see Do you have any price in mind for them?
  13. Do you have a list of what Retrogame Mags you've got?
  14. Just thought I'd let everyone know that this years Retrogathering will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on October 2nd and 3rd. I am well aware of the fact that most of the people on AA are located in the US but should any of you happen to be in Sweden on the above dates please don't hesitate to come by and say hi! This is the fifth consecutive year we will be putting the show on and it should be the biggest and best so far. We've got 280+140 squaremetres of space this year, this means more space for sellers, more machines to play, more people, more exhibitions, more of everything! More information can be found here: Retrogathering. It's all in swedish of course but if you'd like to attend just use the contactform at the site for any questions you might have!
  15. Like I said above I am not in any way saying that the laserassembly won't wear out faster if you use CD-Rs, I just question what timeframe we're talking. Apart from the machine I referred to above I've got another 3 PAL units, another 5 Jap units and a couple of US units, all of them have been used with CD-Rs quite extensively and none have had any problems because of it. So no it's not like saying "cigarettes don't cause cancer because you've been smoking for 30 years and you're still fine.". It's more like saying "Sure, cigarettes cause cancer but the question is how big of a risk you're taking since I and many others have been smoking for 20 years without any adverse effects". Doesn't mean we won't get cancer, doesn't mean it's not dangerous to smoke. All it means is that we probably won't get cancer from the first 500 packs. Yes, it's a bad comparison really and I'd rather not compare a deadly decease with a $20 videogame console but since that was your example I thought it best to stick with it for consistency. Like I said, I am quite sure that you will wear out the LA on your DC faster with CD-Rs than with GD-Rs but I just don't feel it's as much of a problem as you make it out to be since I have more than ten machines and none have shown any signs of trouble from playing CD-Rs, doesn't mean your wrong and experiences may vary, I'm just going talking from my own perspective.
  16. The theory is that the laser has to move back and forth much more since the laser assembly was built to read GD-ROMs that have a different layout than CD-Rs and that would wear out the laserassembly much faster. This is probably true but the question is, will it be in this century? I've got the same DC I've had for the last 7-8 years and I've been usin lots and lots of emulatordiscs in it whithout any problems whatsoever. Like I said, I have yet to come upon someone who's actually had their own DC crap ut on them because of the CD-R "issue" it's always "a friends friend" or the like.
  17. Too bad about not having played burned games on it, because that would have been the first confirmed occurence ever of that leading to a crapped out laser. It's always brought up in discussions that playing CD-R's on the DC will put so much strain on the laser assembly that it will crap out in no time but no one ever have first hand knowledge on the subject it's always the classic "friend of a friend" who's had it happen...
  18. And from all your opinions on the subject I'm sure you've actually played some games on the NGage and are not just crapping all over this thread with stupid ass remarks on a subject you know absolutely nothing about?
  19. It's because it's a Channel F System II and it seems to have been sold by Fairchild themselves and not by Zircon, it's been generally believed that the System II was not released until after Zircon bought the rights to the Channel F.
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