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  1. As we all know, the Atari Lynx is a very powerful portable gaming console with unkown sales figures maybe we will find out some day, but there are not hard to get so i would definitely say that you should get one. Now one would put it closer to the Genesis due to the sound and the lower resolution, but also having very fast games. But one could compare the Lynx to the Super nintendo for the built in sprite effects and unlike the Super Nintendo, 3D capabilities packed in at launch. However, that still imo would not put it near the Neo-Geo which while not a 3d System seesm to have much more power and sprite manipulation than the Lynx. So i believe that the only console comparisons that are correct are the Genesis and Super Nintendo. Some may compare it to the TG-16, but the TG16 does not have the sprite manipulation techniques (or the color count from what I read but that could be wrong so correct me if it is) along with lack of even pseudo-3d like effects. In fact, the Turbo Express would be a way to see the difference between the two as it is basically a portable Tg16. I personally feel that the Lynx do to being able to do a few things the SNES can't as well as better sound samples than the Gensis may be a bit closer to the Snes while also seeming to be faster than the Super Nintendo. Now I am not saying that the Lynx can spank the Super nintendo, no no no, although that is debatable, I am just saying in terms of power and performance.
  2. These consoles in the poll above, are the main squeeze of the generation that started having smooth 2D games and starting the move to 3D. Now while I can not vote as that would not be fair, My opinion is the 3DO. Only those who actually got it during its time and could afford the price could experience the great games on it, instead of watching horrid youtube reviewers make fun of it for 2 games. Anyway second to that for me would possibly be the Playstation. Which after awhile started really putting out the good games. What about you guys?
  3. In a previous thread we expressed are concern about wikipedia, the lack of correct info, the fact many media use it, and the cult folowing. However I happened to gain an important foothold to get inside where even the mods/admins will look at what we change. So let's fix it slowly one thread at a time so that for gaming wikipedia could be a place were people will get the correct information about gaming. We will be starting with this article, about the video game crash (the 2nd one) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_video_game_crash_of_1983 Now in this article there are... A lot of things wrong, but I know a lot of people here have the articles, sources, scans, and uh, article we need ot fix it. Please keep in mind Wikipedia will not use blogs no matter how factually accurate (although if the blog contains scans or links to articles I can grab those individually from it.) So let us get started with fixing wikipedia. I will use the sources and etc. you find and add it/change parts of the article. This is good since now we can actually get in without back and forth arguing that would happen if atari joe logged in.
  4. I have been trying to find or make a complete list of FMV games. Some are out right hilarious. These also include games with FMV that give you full control like Phantasmagoria 2. Hopefully some can help. Here is my list so far: Braindead 13 (by ReadySoft, for Saturn) Braindead 13 (by ReadySoft, for 3DO) Braindead 13 (by Crystal Dynam, for PlayStation): Braindead 13 (by ReadySoft, for Jaguar) Braindead 13 (by Philips, for CD-I) Bug Blasters: The Exterminators (by Good Deal Games, for Sega CD): Cobra Command (by Data East, for Sega CD): Corpse Killer (by DigitalPictures, for 32X): Corpse Killer: Graveyard Edition (by DigitalPictures, for Saturn): Corpse Killer (by DigitalPictures, for 3DO) Corpse Killer (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars (by Philips, for CD-I) Crime Patrol (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO): Crime Patrol (by Philips, for CD-I) Crime Patrol (by Amer Lasergames, for Sega CD) Double Switch (by Sega, for Sega CD) Double Switch (by DigitalPictures, for Saturn): Dracula Unleashed (by Sega, for Sega CD) Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (by Philips, for CD-I) Dragon's Lair (by ReadySoft, for 3DO) Dragon's Lair (by ReadySoft, for Jaguar) Dragon's Lair (by ReadySoft, for Sega CD) Dragon's Lair (by Philips, for CD-I) Drug Wars (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO): Fahrenheit (by Sega, for 32X): Fahrenheit (by Sega, for Sega CD): Fox Hunt (by Capcom, for PlayStation): Ground Zero Texas (by Sony, for Sega CD) Gunslinger Collection 3-in-1 (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO): J.B. Harold Murder Club (by NEC, for Turbografx-16): Kids on Site (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Kingdom II: Shadoan (by Philips, for CD-I): Kingdom: The Far Reaches (by Interplay, for 3DO) Kingdom: The Far Reaches (by Philips, for CD-I): Last Bounty Hunter, The (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO) LoadStar: The Legend of Tully Bodine (by Rocket Science, for Sega CD) Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (by Philips, for CD-I) Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO) Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (by Amer Lasergames, for Sega CD) Mad Dog McCree (by Philips, for CD-I) Mad Dog McCree (by Amer Lasergames, for Sega CD) Mad Dog McCree (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO) Make My Video: INXS (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Make My Video: Kris Kross (by Sony, for Sega CD): Make My Video: Marky Mark (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Masked Rider, The: Kamen Rider Zo (by Sega, for Sega CD) Midnight Raiders (by Sega, for Sega CD) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (by Sega, for Sega CD) Night Trap (original) (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Night Trap (re-release) (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Night Trap (by DigitalPictures, for 32X): Night Trap (by DigitalPictures, for 3DO): Power Factory featuring C&C Music Factory (by Sony, for Sega CD) Prize Fighter (by Sega, for Sega CD): Psychic Detective (by Electronic Arts, for PlayStation): Psychic Detective (by Electronic Arts, for 3DO) Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka (by DigitalPictures, for 3DO) Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka (by DigitalPictures, for Saturn) Revenge of the Ninja (by Renovation, for Sega CD) Road Avenger (by Renovation, for Sega CD): Road Prosecutor (by Pioneer, for Laseractive): Sewer Shark (by DigitalPictures, for 3DO) Sewer Shark (by Sony, for Sega CD): Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol II (by TTI, for Turbografx-16): Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol II (by ICOM, for Sega CD): Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (by ICOM, for Sega CD): Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (by NEC, for Turbografx-16): Slam City with Scottie Pippen (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Slam City with Scottie Pippen (by DigitalPictures, for 32X) Snow Job (by 3DO, for 3DO): Soldier Boyz: (By ?, for CDTV Space Ace (by Philips, for CD-I) Space Ace (by ReadySoft, for Jaguar) Space Ace (by ReadySoft, for Sega CD) Space Ace (by ReadySoft, for 3DO) Space Pirates (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO) Star Strike (by Good Deal Games, for Sega CD): Strahl (by Panasonic, for 3DO): Supreme Warrior (by DigitalPictures, for Sega CD): Supreme Warrior (by DigitalPictures, for 3DO) Supreme Warrior (by DigitalPictures, for 32X): Surgical Strike (by Sega, for Sega CD): Time Gal (by Renovation, for Sega CD): Tomcat Alley (by Sega, for Sega CD): Town with no name(By D4I, For CDTV) Triad Stone (by Pioneer, for Laseractive): Voyeur (by Philips, for CD-I) Who Shot Johnny Rock? (by Amer Lasergames, for Sega CD): Who Shot Johnny Rock? (by Amer Lasergames, for 3DO) Wirehead (by Sega, for Sega CD) X-Files, The (by Fox Interactive, for PlayStation):
  5. They were the same genres on PC's, and the Intellivision. There were some already being more common on the 2600 later as well. The NES was just a MSX that scaled down the games excluding the chips they put in the roms later on in 88+
  6. 7800 and NES came out the same year. Xegs was a computer attempt, not sure how the NES did anything. Only similarity could be that the NES was basically bringing compter ports to consoles, something people who played consoles before 83 were afraid of, and then for some reason, accepted. However that similarity is debatable. Lynx was a thing long before the Gameboy was even properly announced. Jaguar you may have something although from the looks of it seemed more like a knock on the Genesis than the Super Nintendo. However the D-pads for the European launch of the 7800 MAYBE, although the Master System smashed everyone in the end.
  7. Isn't this what basically wikipedia used for its generations? because people though consoles before NES that brought us Jesus were all not 8-bit machines? I even read a linked article on the NES page that said "Before the NES does not matter. To be exact Video games were created in japan, no one brought video games otuside a few thousand people before the japanese brough the NES to America" Also i tried to use tons of new papaer scans, posters and texts to thancge the genreations around to at least have all the late "2nd" consoles in third but I had to do it in the talk page lol.
  8. Well it seems that they have these certain rules in place were the information must be a website of rules and everyone is supposed to go to the "talk page" for consensus when most info on wikipedia has no consensus at all. I for example tried to remove the Dreamcast pages constant praise of them "creating and pioneering" certain things as well as listing more info on the 3do, and all things that were blogs were redone. i was told blogs were not allowed. In one instance, a blog literally had a commercial and actual PICTURES of a system DOING something before another system and it was told it was not reliable because it was a blog. They were pretty much saying a $1 bill did not exist if someone had a blog of them using a $1 to buy something at a register. I had went back and forth on a lot of gaming related articles and kept being told to go to the talk page but no one wants to talk. Got blocked for 2 days for "edit warring" and the person who reported who did more changes than I did as well as just rude got nothing at all because well, he was there longer. Does not help around 2002 when wiki assigned groups of fan boys to certain pages and some of them are still on there. It seems it would have to be a team effort to edit wikipedia and we would have to have some sort of "concrete text" in order to make them look at things. Because the fact most media use Wikipedia is just awful, and if we can't change it it will continue to be awful.
  9. Has anyone ever tried to go in and fix some of their mistakes before? It seems impossible. But apparently they got a cult like status there and seniority is exempt and can control what goes on the pages.
  10. 1.I am not sure if serious, because you basically took out tons of games like Mortal Kombat, NBA JAM, Lion King, NFl games, Ms.Pacman, X-men, Lode Runner, Tomb Raider, Fifa, Gex, Crash, Spyro, Klax, Rush games, Half the wrestling games, and more. That's just america. And only a few examples. 2.That's ONE game, and that was not even among the best selling initially. it seems more people got that from the wiki article if anything. Most games brought for it were not exactly of japanese decent. Which again, shows the 3DO as an exception to your rule. Most collectors don't usually go after that game in the top of their collection lists.
  11. A whole thread based on this whole site is a flame war? I know your very stupid and slow but at least try.
  12. Now, yes, NES would later have other games that would beat it out, although arcade port wise at least a good portion of the NES life till maybe 88+ was the coleco comparable.
  13. My point which you missed is NGII is on the MSX, which in turn could run on the Colecovision. Also your point is kind of invalid. NES was not even able to produce certain arcade graphic only slightly before its time let alone currently outside a select few games. Evolving past early arcade games is an odd statement. The entire industry as a whole is also just as odd, that happened before the NES. There are arcade games were the coloecovision is better than the NES version, I do not know however where you got the word landslide from. Overall I think this post is mostly confused and is based on thinking I think the Colecovision will beat the NES in a landslide and that throwing a game that is not an arcade games, that can run on the consoles you are trying to say cannot run it, is a tad silly.
  14. This forum has been an interesting read for the most part. It seems that some N64 games could be ran if you were able to program over the 68k (Which i never could do or anybody else when the jaguar was relevant) The issues with that is obvious, but i always did want to try using the 68k like one of the VDP's in the Saturn. Using it for effect over 3D so that it could be used at the sametime as the RISC's.
  15. Looks like an easy port for the Lynx, make it happen.
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