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  1. Added to Completed: Bira Bira: The Legend is Real (?K) by Scott Dayton @neotokeo2001 / Neo Games Knabber Rob (16K) by @Gemintronic / Neo Games
  2. ZeroPageHomeBrewJames Ms Galactopus Score: 19305 VIDEO:
  3. ZeroPageHomeBrewJames Ms Galactopus Score: 17835 VIDEO:
  4. Perfect, just need to add in some vertical and horizontal lasers. I'll get out the cat toy laser pointers.... - James
  5. It's pretty much like that around here, I'm typing this about 2 feet from the fridge. It looks like a hoarders house with how many boxes are piled up in the living room. I doubt we'll be doing a broadcast from this mess so I'll start putting in the free time into the upcoming 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards! - James
  6. Now there's a great idea! Food themed gaming sessions. Mmm... Burgers and Chaotic Grill, a perfect combo! - James
  7. You're welcome! It's a great side effect of having a public list in preparation for the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards that are coming up in the new year. 🙂 - James
  8. I found these handy instructions on this website that might point me in the right direction! - James
  9. That's REALLY interesting! This points away from the RGB mod as Albert's console had a svideo mod in it. Things are in disarray at the moment at ZPH studios but when everything goes back to normal I will take a look at my console. Thank you so much @batari for looking into all of this!! - James
  10. Pretty good list, a little outdated at this point as it looks like the last update was in 2017. I usually refer to @Arenafoot's homebrew list which constantly updated and extremely exhaustive: http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew - James
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