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  1. Less of a problem than the lack of sprites on A8. Software sprites need far more CPU time than software scrolling every 4th frame. Since you use a "rasterline address" lookup table anyway it ends up being the same on both computers. Just the tables look different, the code is the same. Lacking the color RAM ofcourse. 63 cycles on a PAL machine. And 64 on early NTSC machines. Anyway, VIC2 is full of shift registers. 8x 24 bits and then 40x 12bits for screen/colors... and ofcourse the current bitmap byte shifter. Ofcourse the 8x24 and 40x12 eat up most of the space but they are well worth it. Two prime features of the VIC2 where the ANTIC (as good as it is) cannot compete. ANTIC has other strengths.
  2. ANTIC is a good IC but then again it has a lot of "luxury" features which you don't really need to do it's number 1 job: games. I believe the balance of features is better in VIC2, or said with in different words: VIC2 does better (2D) games with less coding involved. Doing a jump'n'run or shoot'em up on VIC2 is much much easier to do than on ANTIC/GTIA.
  3. Well POKEY has 4 volume registers for each channel and can do ADSR by software. Less precise than the SID ADSR but still ADSR.
  4. CBM made MOS go bust just to buy it.
  5. I totally agree. Useless posters like Frohn and Wolfram need to be ....going. Although they are quite funny so to speak. You are not even funny.
  6. It's not the A8 I hate, it is you I hate. Ofcourse I know that you are just trolling around but then again so I am.
  7. Well, thank you, and it takes one to know one....unskilled that is, and we established that you are quite some posts back already. "takes one to know one" is kinda cheap. Especially when you have done NOTHING and I have done a number of things on both platforms.
  8. You probably are. Gay and unskilled. Gay would be fine...
  9. Conclusion: frenchmen still surrender monkey without ANY kind of skills apart from random trolling. Have you done ANYTHING valueable in your life at all? Your wife must be pretty disappointed.
  10. And what did you do? Apart from "nothing"?
  11. Better than no A8 game showing the "power" of the A8 chipset.
  12. And now please your kick ass A8 games... nothing? oh I'm sorry... Alternate Reality Rescue on Fractalus The Eidolon Ballblazer Shall I continue? I can list others... None of that games is "kick ass" in my eyes. You guys are all blinded by 20++ years of anti-commodore propaganda. And you guys are completely unskilled crap people too. please die now.
  13. Better than NO additional cycles because of NO friggen sprites.
  14. And now please your kick ass A8 games... nothing? oh I'm sorry...
  15. There is no handycap. It's basically the same (copying screen data every 4, 8 or 16 frames). On C64 it's very easy to re-use sprites vertically. Just set new screen position... done. Only thing missing would be the sprites.
  16. Concerning "cycles" it doesn't matter if you scroll vertical or horizontal. I think horizontal shooters were more common because of R-Type spawning a lot of similar games.
  17. Because there was the Shoot'Em Up Construction Kit for v-scrollers so there are many many v-scrollers done by amateurs. Also don't take that screen shots too serious. A lot of them are very old and done with very very wrong emulator palettes. And concerning SEUCK: All SEUCK games scroll color RAM too, so there's atleast 720 more shoot'em up games scrolling the colors too. A few other V-scrollers with color RAM: Terra Cresta Marauder
  18. The opposite is true. ANTIC/GTIA are pretty much straight forward with only few possibilities to exploit features while the VIC2 is the most exploited gfx chip that I know. Looking through the games library I see a huge number of games with 4 color background. 4 colors looks always like 4 colors, no matter if they are picked from a 128 color palette or 16 color palette. The reason is that gfx people normally avoid technical stuff. They just want to set pixels, and if you just want to set pixels without knowing much of the technical background, the A8 is pretty much limited to 4 colors @ 160x200 resolution.
  19. There are enough shooters which prove the opposite. In fact, shooters are the most easy genre when it comes to color RAM scrolling + sprite multiplexers. Examples: Katakis Enforcer SWIV Slap Fight Ikari Warrios etc etc etc
  20. Better than wasting far more for software sprites. 9? If you are refering to character mode you get 11 colors. Ofcourse easily extended by sprites and raster colors. Flimbo's Quest
  21. It should be mentioned that this is all crappy emulation palettes which have nothing to do with how things look on the real thing. Same for A8 emulators btw.
  22. That's not 100% true because the C64 can display all of it's 16 colors at 80x200 resolution without restrictions.
  23. Assuming a 40x25 character screen comparision it's ~5200 cycles difference on PAL systems and ~2550 on NTSC. On a bitmap screen the A8 gains 800 cycles in comparision.
  24. Some of those drives have been in production. I own two 1551s and one 1570 for example.
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