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  1. I have both a French Atari 7800 (RGB SCART) which I use for PAL games, and NTSC Atari 7800 modded for S-Video for NTSC games. Both are good solutions honestly, and I would recommend either of those over the standard RF consoles, regardless of region.
  2. Hello, I am also looking for a Sophia SECAM board, but for Atari XEGS; in case it can help our friend JihemB and we can order together?
  3. I got a whole bunch of the originals from Best Electronics a couple years ago. Not sure how quickly they are selling but he seemed to still have a lot of stock at the time.
  4. I would also like one, assuming they are still available.
  5. You have several games I would be interested in.
  6. Thank you for the info Madman. And thank you for the advice Zerosquare.
  7. Hi cj23, I have the same problem as you. The Jaguar Euro power supplies are hard to find unfortunately.
  8. Yes, could you please tell us if this is a straight ST port, or if it has been modified or has any additional content or features. I know I am not the first to ask. Whatever the case may be, very pleased that your are supporting the Jaguar.
  9. I think they are still working on it, as they want to release it in both formats (PAL and NTSC). I am really looking forward to this game as well.
  10. Yes, that is precisely why I thought it must be Kasumi Ninja. Not really sure at this point.
  11. This sounds interesting. I do not see any mention of the game on the site. Has anyone found it?
  12. I believe it is an early version of Kasumi Ninja.
  13. Hello Eric. I also absolutely want one when they become available.
  14. Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread. Does anyone have an idea how much a complete boxed copy of Pastfinder would be worth? It is a game I would like to track down.
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