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  1. Hi, I have a recently aquired & Up for sale SOUND 1 Voice Module CIB Canadian Edition/Version, with a Mint/as new SMURFS SAVE THE DAY Atari 2600 Cart. & the 3 Cassette tapes that come with it. Tape #1 is not open. 2 & 3 is. There is ALLOT of Coleco Vision swag included in this. I thought to keep some of that, but keeping it fair, this is how I got the unit. The box is very acceptable, the couple of tears are not Hugely significant when you consider what you're getting. Please send any questions/offers to: livealive69@live.ca Regards, Johny Email me for more foto: Not all them went!! livealive69@live.ca Cheerz .. ~
  2. Hi, I just aquired one of these I'm selling. I'm in Toronto, Canada, & it's the Canadian Version. All Minty on the inside/foam iserts etc. Complete. except no earphone. Manual/warranty card etc. The box has a Couple tears, but nothing Absurd. I will get some foto's & start a new thread for it tonight, when I have more time to take proper foto's etc. Thnx & Cheerz .. ~
  3. I have one JUST aquired! & for sale. Im in Toronto. All Minty/Complete on the inside & the box is Not f*k, but a couple tears, but Not Herendous . I am New to the site, I can get some foto's up later tonight as per no time atm- Dinner at the Famz etc. Try email me: livealive69@live.ca if you don't see them posted here & are interested. Thnx & Cheerz .. ~ Johny
  4. Heyy guys! This is about the only info I could find on this Sound 1 Voice Modular. I Just aquired one(Minty/Complete inside/box decent) this weekend Complete in box as well! I was wondering what the value is on these? Any info would be Greatly Apprciated.(I have the Canadian Version) Cheerz ..~ Johny
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