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  1. The Color Computer Archive updated so that they now have the demon attack manual.
  2. Left joystick, ok got it and thanks. I only have one controller so that is important.
  3. Will there be enough cartridges made so that you dont sell out when it is released? I REALLY want this game!
  4. If you press "3" the game starts with guided missiles. 1= 1 player straight missiles 2=2 players straight missiles 3= 1 player guided missiles 4=2 players guided missiles
  5. This is the sight I went to. No instructions except for the mc-10 version but that is not the same game.
  6. I just bought Demon Attack for the CoCo. Game only. I went to the TRS-80 Archive to look at the instruction manual but alas it only has the front and back cover. Anyone know where I might be able to find a pdf of the instructions? On other machines you can select guided missiles for example. Can you do this on the CoCo version?
  7. just tried it as rom pack instead of a disk image on both mame and vcc and now I can play the game. Thank you all for helping me.
  8. When using an emulator to emulate a COCO2 or COCO3 for this particular game SPACE ASSAULT, I can get my ship to fire but I cannot get the ship to move. I have tried it on VCC, MAME, and XROAR all with the same result. I can get all the other games to control well just not this one. Is there anyone that has gotten this game to work correctly on any of the above emulators?
  9. Bmack36 - You are awesome! yes I was, yes I did and after turning it off it worked! THANK YOU!
  10. I just got a SGM off of ebay and at first everything was great. I followed the instructions in the instruction manual when it started not to work. I did a diagnostic and it tells me that ram 0000H-1FFFH: ERRORS FOUND. Is there nothing I can do?
  11. Thank you for the info! This will come in handy in the future Im sure. Here is a file of joust that works on sd2iec. Got this from CSDb. joust.d64
  12. forgive my nubeness. is there a way to convert the .crt file to either a .d64 or .prg file that can be used on a sd2iec?
  13. I got these 2 INTV add ons for $15.00. They stay snug on the controllers. They make gameplay for myself much easier.
  14. AtariAge put a section of their forum for this computer for a reason and that is most likely because there are fans like you and I who have fond memories of the TI-99/4A. TI making bad decisions in the past and deciding to abandon their computer hasnt stopped people from still trying to get TI-99/4As and accessories. New software/games are being made for it and new ways to enjoy the computer like FINALGROM cartridges and NanoPEBS that get around the newer model trying to restrict software usage show that this computer has fans that still love it for what it is. The guy in the video did seem unfair to me to! He is right that getting things for your TI are far cheaper than getting things for any Commodore computer or atari 8 bit computer. Long story short Enjoy the TI cause it still is a tremendous deal!
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