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  1. AtariAge put a section of their forum for this computer for a reason and that is most likely because there are fans like you and I who have fond memories of the TI-99/4A. TI making bad decisions in the past and deciding to abandon their computer hasnt stopped people from still trying to get TI-99/4As and accessories. New software/games are being made for it and new ways to enjoy the computer like FINALGROM cartridges and NanoPEBS that get around the newer model trying to restrict software usage show that this computer has fans that still love it for what it is. The guy in the video did seem unfair to me to! He is right that getting things for your TI are far cheaper than getting things for any Commodore computer or atari 8 bit computer. Long story short Enjoy the TI cause it still is a tremendous deal!
  2. arcadeshopper I got the bin from the same place you did lol
  3. save2600 thank you for the bin file. it works! Arcadeshopper if I have made you upset that was not my intention and I am sorry. The bin from save2600 works with my 32k expansion still plugged in.
  4. I have the finalgrom99 cartridge. using the .bin file for pitfall! rev b I can get the game to load to the title screen but no matter what I do the game will not go farther than the title screen. The instructions mention homebrew cartridge boards(pcb revision c). So my question is this: is there no way the game will run on the finalgrom99? I do have the 32k expansion. I have moved both controllers left to right like the instructions say to start game so thats not it either.
  5. 2 years after atarisoft did pacman for the c64 datasoft did pacman for the c64. does anyone know if the datasoft version has the intermissions? the atari 8 bit version by datasoft has the intermissions so I was hoping it would be the same for the c64.
  6. Thank you carlsson for your response. You say that the sd2iec is capable of more than rumors might say. Any examples of this?
  7. I just bought a C64c and an sd2iec. It will arrive soon. What kind of issues might I expect with the sd2iec. will most .d64 files work?
  8. Is there a list of games that used the speech synthesizer? Also are there any homebrew games that used the speech synthesizer?
  9. So is there anything I can do to get it to run on a real TI using finalgrom99?
  10. I have the 32k expansion but it has something to do with its starting address that prevents it from starting. the classic99 emulator has something built in that allows it to start that a real TI does not
  11. I just bought a finalgrom 99. The AsTIroids rom will not work on it. kinda bummed but at least it works on classic99
  12. Wow that looks awesome. Will it have UFOs as well? Here are the working images of AsTIroids that work on the classic 99 emulator. astiroids.dsk ASTIROIDS_G.BIN
  13. Found the file that works. Thank you so much! I would be greatly interested to see your ferocious Asteroids clone and of course if you have paypal I would be willing to spend a little cash on it if it seems fun enough to play
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