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  1. Does anyone know if the actual mouse pointer can be made unseen when using a mouse as the controller in Xroar emulator?
  2. Thanks to everyone involved in fixing the rom
  3. I dont know if this makes a difference but the game is star force not star fortress. sorry for the error.
  4. Using my Phoenix, It seems that Star Fortress freezes up after about 2 minutes of gameplay regardless of whether I play the game from my SD card or the Atarimax Cartridge. It seems to be just this game. Any ideas on what is going on?
  5. Thank you for the input, GAMEMOOSE! I think your suggestions are within my limited ability to program BASIC. I will try to implement some of them. I also like how you described the game and yes I did not put any kind of spell points as I think the game is challenging enough as it is.
  6. I found a bug where after facing a monster with more than one attack and defeating it the next monster has the same number of attacks that it should not have. I also slightly toned down the dragon. MISTWOOD.DSK
  7. This is a game loosely based on B/X Dungeons and Dragons that I created for the coco 3. It will also work on a coco 1 and coco 2 with 16k or more memory if you delete lines 50-70. I hope those who play enjoy the game and if you find any bugs please let me know. MISTWOOD.DSK
  8. The Color Computer Archive updated so that they now have the demon attack manual.
  9. Left joystick, ok got it and thanks. I only have one controller so that is important.
  10. Will there be enough cartridges made so that you dont sell out when it is released? I REALLY want this game!
  11. If you press "3" the game starts with guided missiles. 1= 1 player straight missiles 2=2 players straight missiles 3= 1 player guided missiles 4=2 players guided missiles
  12. This is the sight I went to. No instructions except for the mc-10 version but that is not the same game.
  13. I just bought Demon Attack for the CoCo. Game only. I went to the TRS-80 Archive to look at the instruction manual but alas it only has the front and back cover. Anyone know where I might be able to find a pdf of the instructions? On other machines you can select guided missiles for example. Can you do this on the CoCo version?
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