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  1. Ok, thx for the answers! Is this forum the best place to sell at, if I'm planning to sell anything? Or is eBay better? not sure how the market is for these stuff in Sweden..
  2. I can add that i am from Sweden, and it was here that they were used for rental.
  3. They´re original. The man i bought them from hade a store that rented out Vectrex to customers, so my guess is that he got the carts in some other kind of box that were more rentalfriendly.
  4. Thx for the answer! The glasses missing instructions, otherwise it is complete. It also got 3 disc, so one extra if I understood it right. Any info of the unfolded boxes, any value in those?
  5. Hey, Hope i find to the right place now, not to easy to find information about these things i recently got my hands on. What you see on the Pictures is about 20 new and unfolded boxes, pair of 3d glasses, some overlays and CIB games. Could you help me with a value on this, i would really appreciate it!
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