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  1. Oh, that makes sense. I see that they didn't use RF for the hookup, although I'm sure a lot of folks back in the day likely were.
  2. I was browsing eBay earlier and came across an Atari Jaguar kiosk. One of the pictures in the listing showed a photograph of the back of the kiosk, with a TV that had an Atari label on it. Did Atari make TVs or something back in the day? Here's the listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Jaguar-DEMO-STATION-RARE-COLLECTOR-ITEM-GOOD-CONDITION/322507454131?hash=item4b16f136b3
  3. Where can I get the OST for Speedster 2? Kickass soundtrack for sure! This game puts Super Burnout to shame, and even gives games like Gran Turismo a run for it's money! I guess I now know what the Jaguar was truly capable of now, case closed.
  4. You forgot about Zero 5 and Tempest 2000 (not 3D but still looks amazing).
  5. If a highly talented and skilled team of programmers (such as the top coders at SEGA back in the mid 90s) who were intimately familiar with the Jaguar's hardware did some hardcore assembly programming with great resource utilization developed a game on the Jaguar using Tom and Jerry, instead of the M68K, what kind of 3D graphics would have been seen?
  6. No results found for 'phear'.
  7. From what I recall, Tetrisphere was originally supposed to be a Jaguar exclusive before development was ported over to the N64 after the Jaguar was euthanized. Does anyone here have any prototype pictures, ROMs, information etc about this game from it's Jaguar development days?
  8. I often wonder what the Jaguar would be capable of if SNK had adopted it as their next 2D powerhouse system, thus keeping it alive. The 68000 combined with the Jaguar's crazy good sprite-pushing abilities would have produced some amazing games. SNK tried with the Saturn but I believe the Jaguar had better 2D capabilities. The Jaguar can do 3D in a way that would compliment well designed and fun 2D games, much like the FX2 chip enhanced a few effects here and there in Yoshi's Island 2. I'm sure the Jaguar is capable of some pretty amazing stuff, given the right amount effort. I imagine the Jaguar CD could maybe even do a great port of Metal Gear Solid. It's not bad hardware. Complex and with a few bugs, however, with a talented and dedicated studio with skilled programmers and a lot of money the Jaguar is capable of something that makes AvP look archaic in comparison.
  9. It's been a few months... any update on the status of this game?
  10. Bump... curious about anyone else's thoughts after finding this thread about Mac OS7 running on a Genesis. -----> http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?2117-Mac-OS-on-a-Sega-Genesis-Yes
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