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  1. man, this pains me greatly to read! This game is TOP NOTCH and a must have across all platforms. I still hope you are looking at a Switch release. I think (besides the 7800) it is the perfect platform for this platformer.
  2. these are still for sale btw. Lots of messages asking if they are still available - I plan to continue to offer them for some time.
  3. Absolutely am in love with how this port is shaping up- I came across it through Albert’s post on facebook today- I cant believe I somehow missed this! We 7800 fans have been rewarded for our patience in life, the past few years have been an embarrassment of riches for homebrew. The attention to detail here is stunning. I tested on real hardware tonight through my my concerto cart and could feel the polish on this title already. I couldn’t hear pokey music as I believe on the concerto is gets addressed at $4000. Is it possible to make a version that addresses as that? thank you so much for an unbelievable effort here- please keep up the good work and i’m down for at minimum two cartridges of this final product.
  4. the machines are clear, and there's a few more overlays in production! Holler at me if anyone needs some fresh overlays!
  5. I'm just checking in once again with another message of gratitude and amazement for this game. Over at my house this past month we've hosted 2 large birthday parties for my 5 & 7 year old girls. In my basement I have 4 pinball machines, a NES hooked up to a CRT, another gaming station set up with 6 retro systems on an RGB switcher and in the corner- a PVM with an Atari 600XL and 7800 hooked up to it- which is to say, there's no shortage of gaming options. EACH AND EVERY TIME we have people over, the 7800 is switched on and kids gather round en masse to watch a 2 Player Rikki & Vikki game. Nothing short of amazing. Sonic, Contra and Super Mario 3 abandoned, all eyes on the 7800 with maniacal laughter abound. My 2 girls, Junie & Dottie (for real) are like the de-facto ambassadors for this game. A Lineman for the Minnesota Vikings came to Junie's school to give a motivational speech and during question time she got up to the mic to exclusively ask him if he'd ever played Rikki & Vikki. (He said he hadn't but he was pretty sure his friend had it... really wanted to follow up on that one). So TailChao- once again, here's to you; and Junie & Dottie would love to be characters in your next game lol!
  6. have any been shipped? debating on pre (post?) ordering.
  7. Pole Position w/ color car overlay available! You can pick color of car if you'd like.
  8. The Switch's hardware is made for the game, two players ready to go at any time. I've been spreading the word as best i can about this game!
  9. My entire family is absolutely loving this game. TailChao , i sent you that video of my kids playing and loving the game on twitter the other day, and now my wife is ALL IN on the game. This hasn't happened in my home since the release of Mario Kart 8. No small feat. That being said, aside from the 7800, THIS GAME BELONGS ON SWITCH and I honestly believe it would do so well on the eShop.
  10. well, yall thought of everything on this one! Thanks again.
  11. Got my copy tonight, absolutely fantastic!!!! I really need to get a resistor in my TIA output or something because i feel like i still cant get the music loud enough even after cranking it all the way up on the cart. This game is a total package and then some! Only bad thing is I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and cant take my 7800 with me 😭
  12. very excited! cant wait to add this to the collection.
  13. midnight on the 18th? 😜
  14. Is there any chance you can tell us how "available" this will be? Is this intended to be a limited release? I just hope I don't miss out by being on the west coast or something if orders open up at 7am EST lol
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