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  1. Yeah thanks for that, but i've been using the files from this very same pack, just like with the Commando mentioned earlier in this thread. COmmando launches with white screen, Bentley launches with graphical errors. This is all new since i sent the cart to Batari to get updated. I'm a longtime user of the cart. I'll reach out to him.
  2. can anyone point me to a .a78 of Bentley Bear that will work correctly with Pokey audio on the concerto?
  3. hey there! yes, I do indeed make that one, as well as a Vectorblade overlay
  4. That's fantastic news and service. I live in the PDX area and would be happy to drop off / pick up to keep it cheaper if you'd prefer that
  5. should be heading your way if not alrea day delivered!
  6. got it! I'm waiting on more ink to arrive and then I will begin your order ASAP! (should be sent out priority by this weekend)
  7. i have not had time to yet but still plan on it at some point- do you have any artwork in mind yet?
  8. at this time- no- but use psych c for that game, it works great!
  9. if you are only getting one I’d totally go for psych C! seems to work best for most games. I’d encourage you though to get three of them- B, C & F. that’s the trio that covers you for everything
  10. that is correct! still making and shipping these out every darn day.
  11. KnightEx overlay now available! THrust Overlay available!
  12. I do not have spidex overlay, but i'd suggest using my psych B or solar quest gradient overlays for that one. KnightEX overlay will be done this weekend, I'll be sure to post it here.
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