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  1. *Warning* TMI taco story... So Saturday I had a craving for Taco Bell (yeah, I know tacos in name only). All was well until I went to bed, then as my manager said when I told her I was sick on Monday, I had an "alien" in me. By mid-day Sunday, I thought I expelled the Taco Bell 'alien', after all there was nothing left in my body to expell. Nope, the alien left hatchlings who I hope have all been expelled since I've already slept for nearly 48 hours straight, lost two days of work, and had my first bite of solid food in three days! Still...ummm tacos! Just not Taco Bell!
  2. Thank You! I know what I'm doing on New Years Day!
  3. Beans, beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you don't provide updates Hmmm...I knew Atari was full of something. Now I know...beans! Oh...and as always...tacos!
  4. Beans??? I thought this was a taco thread! Keep focused people!
  5. OH NO...Please, please, tell me I'm the only one who received this email! Gotta say, they have a pair of 50lb brass ones! "Dear Atari VCS followers and friends: Season Greetings! It’s been a great 2018 for the Atari VCS project. We enjoyed a successful pre-sale launch on Indiegogo and progress on hardware and software development has been steady and remains on track for a 2019 delivery. To those of you who backed the Atari VCS campaign we once again say “Thanks!” Those of you who did not back VCS yet are still able to join the excitement while the project has “InDemand” status on Indiegogo. If you didn’t back Atari VCS, you may have missed all of the great update blogs from 2018 that were posted to our Medium.com blog. Check out all of the VCS blog updates here, and if you like what you see, please follow us there for future updates. Thanks again for a great 2018! All the best to you and your families in this festive season! See you in 2019!"
  6. Oops - edit. I thought the question was POSSIBLE to remain scoreless!
  7. To those saying Fred and his gang wouldn't risk their own money to artificially boost the numbers then and now, keep in mind that after the first 200K or whatever their initial goal was, it was all free money just flowing in. Big money sometimes requires big risks and after the first million, it became less risky because the money was all but in the bank! Also, Taco Tuesday's around the corner!
  8. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! - The Wizard of VCS Oh...forgot...almost three posts without it! Tacos!
  9. Noooo... no one would say that. Ohh...
  10. This completely boggles my mind, the campaign is currently back up to $3,003,479! Which means people are still signing up! Okay, some probably just heard of it, but don't people search for what's being said before throwing their money at something? Or is it someone (who could that be? ) making sure the campaign doesn't fall behind $3 mil?
  11. Awww...ya just had to rub it didn't ya! After I just had T Bell (not worthy of the full name)! :-) Actually I totally agree with Goldleader. T Bell is fine for what is. I was debating between going there or stopping by the market, laziness and convenience won out. Besides, there something about their tortillas (I had a Burrito Supreme and soft tacos) that I can't find an equivalent in the market. Plus I actually like the Fire Sauce, buy it by the bottle on sale. Use it instead of Tabasco. Just wish they'd bottle their Diablo sauce though. Edit: Just checked Amazon and they have it there...for $10 a bottle! Checked Target, they have it for $1.39, but none near me. I'll check Walmart the next time I go.
  12. Just dropping in to say I'm headed out to Taco Bell. Yeah, yeah, I know! But hey, it's got Taco in the name!
  13. How are people backing out of the campaign? I thought once an order is placed, the money's locked in.
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