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  1. Same! The Adam is lamented as to how aweful it was. I bought mine in a thrift store in 1988 for maybe $15. Still have it. Pretty much perfect shape. Maybe one or two of my original tapes failed in the last 30+ years...granted I'm no longer a heavy user by any stretch...
  2. Hello. I have recently been itching to play with my stock ADAM again and was amazed to see all the new activity in the community! In particular I am currently making an ADE and am interested in the MIB238. I could build it myself, but am wondering if I could purchase one somewhere? I tried searching but didn't have any luck with a source.
  3. Well. I got my ram from console5.com who very prompt in shipping! The original chips were quite difficult to remove as the pins were bent over in the pcb. I removed L2 and L3(-5v and +12v). And jumpered pin 9 to pin 8 on one of the IC's for the 5v. Worked great! I might order a second set of ram for a $10 memory expansion! Craig
  4. The ADAM technical manual at http://drushel.cwru.edu/atm/atm.html Has never been complete (that I can remember). Is there another source of this information? Craig
  5. Well I bit the bullet and ordered a set of 4164's. I'll post how it goes. I am afraid that it may not be the end of my issues though. I still have my printer line feed issue. :-(
  6. Ahh...I was afraid I would need to do something like that. Its a good place to start. The old connectors generally aren't gold plated and therefore tarnish!
  7. Sorry 'bout that last one. I'm new to this site. After checking the technical manual, I believe "A13, /BOOTROMCS and /EOS_ENABLE" are the lines required. Would one assume that Adam check address 0x2000 for a "magic” byte to see if there is a valid ROM present? Craig
  8. Separate (or perhaps related) from my previous post on my adam screen issue. My printer also has a line feed issue. When I print,(yes, I actually use the daisy wheel and I actually wear earplugs), every few lines, instead of two line feeds, there is one and the line partially print over the above line. It's almost as if the adam thinks the line is superscript. Also, now when I turn the system on, it get multiple line feeds instead of the one. Any ideas or test I can attempt to diagnose this issue? Craig
  9. Greetings. It has been quite a while since I have been on the mailing list and it seems very quiet there, so I'll repost here. I have pulled my adam out of storage (yes, my lovely wife was away for the weekend!) and set it up. Everything is still running but for a big few issue and a printer issue (separate post). Occasionally, when I power the unit on, I will get sometimes get a partially garbled screen. Everthing works fine, but the screen has weird characters on it. If I reset, it's usually fine,but it may take a bit. The coleco side seems fine. However, after work today, I turned on the adam and it was consistently pretty garbled. Now,the message "TURN GAME OFF" is ALWAYS garbled the same way. By comparing the hex values of what is displayed with what they should be, I believe bit2 of the vram is bad. These are the tms4116 ic`s. I read that bit 2 would actually be bit5 on the vram. Can anyone verify/debunk this? I have cleaned the power switches out last year, so I am pretty sure that is ok. I have read that some people use newer 4164 or 4516 ic`s. Has any one used these in an adam? Craig
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