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  1. When it will be "officially" released, I'll stop going to work!
  2. I will check it with Stella, but maybe there is a video of this new version?
  3. Hi YANDMAN, I really like Pacman 4K, Space Instigators and Berserk Voice Enhanced. I'm curious about Galaxian Arcade, probably my next purchase. P.S. I keep on my PC (and in my heart!) the photo of the GREAT artwork (box + manual) you did for Donkey Kong VCS... Maybe could you sell a copy of the box to me?
  4. This is great! I'm also interested in a cart release in PAL-60. Any chance?
  5. So the 4K version it may be considered completed, even in PAL-60? Can't wait to buy it! (and also can't wait for the 8K version) Thank you for your great work Dintar816!
  6. ...but IMHO it's not a bad idea, at least in a form of collaboration. I suppose the project is extremely time-consuming, and the enthusiasm of the author can not be always as the first day. But it HAS to be completed!
  7. Sad news, but thank you for your answer. I really hope to buy a D.K. VCS cart (with the great artwork of Yandex) one day, in a (not too distant) future. What about the nee project? (if it's not "top secret")
  8. But is this wonderful project officially still alive? Thank you.
  9. I really, REALLY hope it is still w.i.p. (and to be released soon!).
  10. Awesome! Recently I've found and purchased a Sony PVM 2130QM so I will need a similar mod for my Junior... can you tell me more? I have no experience with soldering skills... it is easy? Thanks
  11. Great photo! You had also the pac-man t-shirt!
  12. Hahahahaha you have my vote! P.S. On MS-DOS there was Aldo's Adventure!
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