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  1. Easy ! We will make an offcial announcment here , our own forum and some Facebook group. But I can already leak a few details: - The idea of a thrid run has been validated by the board the association - We still have more and 500 empty boxes , cartridge label and manual stored so We have to use them - We are searching for mat grey cartridge case, the third is not going to be anything "special edition" if you have any tips for us please shoot me a PM. - I said 2020 as it seems to be the most reasaonable goal, we all have famillies, plus we have lots of project to deal with. - ROM Flashing is made by hand 4 cartridge at the time and every cartridge has to be tested at least 5 to 10 minute before wxe pack it. Price and available quantity is not known for the time being.
  2. Nice are you planning to do more of them ? If So I'd love to have one, (M size for me).
  3. I have no money ... Would you think about making a second run later on ? I cannot afford 100 £ right now in a few months it xould possible but not right now ...
  4. I thought Power Drive Rally was kind of a sequel ? THey added 'Rally' in the Title, maybe like Val d'Isère it was adapted from the previous version and enhanced. Otherwise Brutal Sport Football was also released on PC.
  5. Thanks man that's awesome. It also spare me the time to do it myself.
  6. Yeah sorry for all your hard work rehabillating Bubsy but I just find the game frustrating. I can get Dragon. But Zero 5 ? Is that the difficulty that makes you say that ?
  7. As I am French I did not uderstand the rules of american Football until I played Troy Aikman Fottball. It was a Jaguar Game and as it was my only console back then I spend some hours playing it and it was a ice introduction into maerican Football for me. I LIke the game that's why I did not put on my list.
  8. I just chekc my cart collection and my least favorite games are: - aircars - BUbsy in Fractured Fairy tales - Chekered flag - Double Drgon 5 - Fight for Life - Hyper Force But the two worst for my are Chekred Flag and Doble Dragon. It seems lots of us agree on those 2. Curiously no one mentionned Troy Aikman Football, or maybe I just overead the topic
  9. Agreec to the FMV games but Brun Cycle does not required the FMV Card so it could be done as the CD-i is far less powerfull that the Jag... But the JAG-CD format would make it too difficult I guess
  10. To my knowledge AVP was thge only game to have a japanesse manual... Great pick-up !!
  11. I personnally would like to see some Amiga CD32 ports Fightin' Spirit Disposable hero (but with a continue option) Oscar & diggers (for Oscar do not match the Up arrow with jump) Bubba 'n Stick Arabian Nights (do not match up arrow with jump) Alien Breed 3D Banshee Why d not we imagine some CDI Ports like The Apprentice Kether Wack that Bubble Lucky Luke
  12. Can't wait Président of the Retro-gaming Connexion.
  13. I'd say 1. Cybermorph 2. Dino Dudes 3. Raiden 4. Trevor Mc Fur Président of the Retro-gaming Connexion.
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