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  1. Looks like you have improved the silk screen? Some TI boards were problematic about having the silk screen between solder pads (where you typically need them the most...).
  2. dhe


    Does anyone have two old Myarc PEB card cases the would sell?
  3. I think the gold standard might be Tech Drive by Monte Schmidt. If you have the cyc there is a clean copy on it.
  4. I powered up my TI system with SCSI Controller and Syquest Drives. My DM2K say (c) 2003. I think it is time for an update.
  5. Tim, Looking at your boot screen, you and RickyD have the exact same symptoms - One or more Character(s) corrupted identically.
  6. Missed your chance of becoming a member of the prestigious DOWNEAST 99ers? Well, here is your chance! 😃 I picked up their box of un-used membership cards about 20+ years ago, and am willing to mail you one unfilled out card to the address of your choice, I just asked they you mail back postage.
  7. From the coloring, I suspect it's Michael Becker's 32K on the 16 bit bus board.
  8. Jim might know the answer to your questions, I don't, I just purchased the Western Digital Drive, for all I know, Dee, might have formatted it before he sent it to me. I've also have not heard from Dee, in over twenty years. Not Geneve related, but I did get an email from Bruce Maret (also of Indiana, as was at one point Dee). Bruce is still around and probably has the foremost collection of faire video's any where - as he ended up filming most of them! 😃
  9. Maybe <- That's what we call a big maybe. Something to look forward to... McCann Software produced a number of leading edging packages for the Geneve. After McCann left the TI world, the rights to reproduce software was sold to Dee Turner. At some point, Dee also purchased Mac McCormick's WDS System, then later, I purchased it from Dee. At this point that WDS - in Unknown Condition has been sent to Jim for his touch. So maybe in the future, there might be more source and or packages come to light.
  10. Are TASM/TIC/Fortran on the list to go under the programming section? There was also the wonderful, but little used hyperstack by McCann?
  11. Good News, I'd gotten behind on updating, and I updated my version _31 to _38a, and SOB and Expanded Basic still work, so no recent enhancements have interfered with the special handling those two "special" pieces of hardware needed! ooraaa
  12. What's the current state of dskx emulation - where a directory on a hard drive emulates a floppy? I know at one point, it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.
  13. We all owe a big thanks to Tursi for his tireless promotion of MAME! 😃
  14. I went through my binder labeled MDOS programming (contents of): GenProg Manual TASM Manual. Some notes from Genie An Email from Tim on how to compile MDOS (both floppy and H versions!) MDOS-IPC v1.0 A reminder to read the MDOS History File. A copy of the 9938 manual. Discussion of the hole in MDOS called External DSR Support 😃 Sadly, no notes from Beery, though I know I attended his MDOS programming class.
  15. There where a number of articles about it in the Chicago UG newsletter. I think one included a mod that would allow you to burn either 12 or 24 EPROM. I think that was also Atrex's go to burner, before he purchased one for the PC. For the most part, it's a pretty solid unit, just use the software that came with it and make sure your using the EPROM called for. Also, I've seen it once, but I think the folks at Inscebot created another program to burn EPROM's with a really kewl interface. I don't think it was every released as commercial software.
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