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  1. Mike Maksimik had one of those. It was an A/D card with battery backed up time clock (similar to the MBP card). I believe Mike wrote routines to interface mice and routines to set the data and time for the p-system. d.
  2. Yep... That's the one thanks.
  3. When I was in German, I saw a couple of editions of a German language magazine, I think the title was TI Review. It was filled with boards, schematics and assembler code, not the usual TI stuff of the time like here is a Basic program that displays a star on the screen and scrolls it up one line. Does anyone know if scans are available for purchase? Thanks, Dan
  4. I can't remember. Did anything get worked out so 9640 Guys can run UCSD Pascal on the Geneve? Thanks, Dano
  5. We have the same desk! In my closet is my console with the Top Radio Supply of Chicago mod - w00t daughter board technology. Also, on my desk is my trusty HP 16C. I like it much better than TI's LCD Programmer, which always had double bounce key problems. Thanks for the photo. d.
  6. https://www.gainesville.com/zz/news/20190305/brilliant-man-who-was-inventor-of-calculator-dies/1
  7. Your comment about indentation is also aprapo to c99.. I remember Mike Maksimik of the Chicago TI Users group had hacked an old 80 column terminal in to the P-System. So that might be one route, serial cable, PC and a terminal emulator? Dano
  8. Ready for orders? Thanks, d.
  9. Mike Wright has one, maybe someone could get him to document it in the cyc? d.
  10. Opry99er, Thanks for the memories, it was a nice looking board and the guy that produced it Mike Ballumm (sp?) - was very knowledgeable. I was at the Chicago fair when these where released. Bud Mills about stroked out. I think the source of contention was that the original Ron Giles board and software was public domain the enhancements the Bud Mills service made where not. d.
  11. Tim, What file contains the PDMA - or is it a setting spread out amongst multiple files? Thanks, d.
  12. Fascinating stuff! Great job Tim and Richard for figuring out this mod, it's pretty easy to see the heat damage that has already occurred... What's the 12V regulator for? Other things I don't know, whats the voltage on RGB signals? Does anyone on here remember which chips on the Geneve need to be changed for use with Ron Walters Memex card? I vaguely remember some chips needed to be swapped from LS to HCT? This page offers a pretty good explanation of logic families and incompatibilities.... https://www.avrfreaks.net/forum/compatibility-between-chip-families-ls-hc-hct-etc d.
  13. I'd +1 for making another run of the VGA connector version. Nothing is better on a retro computer than more retro. d.
  14. dhe


    Thanks, but sad times... http://aa-ti994a.oratronik.de/compilers/C99_in_PC99_format.zip http://aa-ti994a.oratronik.de- IS dead.
  15. dhe


    Hi, It's been a few years, can someone point me to the current c99 distribution? Thanks, Dan
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