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  1. I'm trying to rewrite the basic catalog routine published in PHP1240 in Turbo Pasc99. At the core of the first part is: 100 OPEN #1:"DSK1.",INPUT, RELATIVE,INTERNAL 220 INPUT #1:A$,J,J,K * Record Length is suppose to be 38. Digging deeper in to TI's software specification for the disk controller softspec.pdf {in the cyc}, TI says: A$ Diskname - 10 Characters [up to] J Record type - always 0 for record #1 J Total number of sectors K Number of sectors used TI says - these records consist of 10 bytes of text - Diskname 8 bytes in floating point format - Record Type 8 bytes in floating point format - Total number of sectors 8 bytes in floating point format - Number of sectors used That gives me 34 bytes, not 38... I think I have good open... I get a good disk name, but no matter how I define j,k,l; I end up with garbage. { dir 06.14.2021 } {$S+} PROGRAM dir; LABEL done; CONST fn1="DSK1."; VAR File1:RELATIVE[38]; { must match dv80 } f_type: ARRAY[5] OF STRING[7]; disk_name: STRING[10]; j: REAL[8]; { record type always 0} k: REAL[8]; { total # OF sec } l: REAL[8]; { # OF available sec} BEGIN {main PROGRAM } f_type[0] := "DIS/FIX"; f_type[1] := "DIS/VAR"; f_type[2] := "INT/FIX"; f_type[3] := "INT/VAR"; f_type[4] := "PROGRAM"; disk_name := ""; j := 0.0; k := 0.0; l := 0.0; open(File1,fn1,input); {type, filename, in OR out } get(File1, disk_name, j,k,l); writeln(" Disk name:", disk_name); writeln(" Record type:", j); writeln(" Total # sectors:", k); writeln("# of available sectors:", l); close(File1); done: END. Results: Wolfgang who is way better at tp99 then I, also had problems working with relative files. Does someone know of a trick to make this work, or maybe I hit a buggy patch of code?
  2. With the recent blessing of many updated Myarc packages in the Geneve OS 7.3 release, I was wondering if the following source code was now lost to time... CSAVE MyArt MDM5 MDM3 ??
  3. Thanks, I'm on the channel - via an invite from ArcadeShopper. I guess I missed my chance to really ask alot of questions of TI, when they had a call center, I did call High Tech solutions a lot also. I purchased the extender board and hex<>Doc Bus converters, price where good and shipping fast.
  4. What's size EPROM should this be burnt in to?
  5. Maybe a sticker like on claymore mines, front towards enemy! 😃 Me to, I want one!
  6. Our community is small, but he is a big part.
  7. I've printed out all the documentation, and my red pen is out! 😃
  8. > Did you reload the PFM flashdisk after you programmed the OS? If not, your flashdisk may look ok, but some of the files will be corrupt. O' Noosss - I'll have to get a directory and recreate, because the stuff there is perfect for debugging. My next task is to custom build a floppy cable and get the GoTek going for easily moving files from PC to TI Geneve System. Then it's getting Chris's VGA converter going so I can see the screen.
  9. Hi, Beery - I'm holding the space bar but not seeming to get a menu? Tap / Hold down, should it matter? Closer - some notes that might help the visitor from 2035 who isn't familiar with this procedure! 😃 I ran CRCOS7 first - to verify the files integrity - and CRC was happy. I then ran from the a: drive: PFMSYS B:SYSTEM"/"SYS It also reported back, CRC good, and the value being 'CRC: 9610' The programming took about one second to complete. Not even long enough to read an obligatory warning - please do not power cycle this machine while updating... 😃 Not quite understanding how things work, CTRL-ALT-DEL - apparently doesn't do a real reset, as I first tried that and ended up with MDOS v5.00R again. A power down/power up cycle loaded the new Geneve OS from PFM. REMAP 7T - Brought back the internal PFM RAMDISK - which as programmed has all the utilities you might need to get things going from a boot strap prospective. I had forgotten the type command has the ability to start and stop scrolling with CTRL - S/T (Start/sTop) - until a part of the PFM-DOC which I wanted to read started scrolling by and 'muscle memory' kicked in! 😃 Hope this helps someone or soothes some nerves. ** So my two sticking point are: 1) is there some DOCS on REMAP, I want to bring the SCSI drives back in to the loop? 2) I'd like to get that PFM menu back up, holding the space bar when the PFM BIOS comes up doesn't seem to do anything and MDOS boots as normal. I appreciate all the help so far, and it feels fantastic to bring this Geneve up from about 12 years ago, to 4/2021!!!
  10. So I'm new to PFM and will appreciate any help I can get. My PFM Version was very old. I read the PFM-DOC, it mentions the PFM boot menu. Is that documented else where, I think I accidentally got in to once, by hitting the wrong key! Currently my Geneve has MDOS v5 - it doesn't see the scsi drives. First Physical Floppy responds to: c: Second Physical Floppy responds to d: Before running: pfmcoreup corev81 I had a ramdisk at G: It was mentioned in the docs some data would change so you would probably have to reformat any ramdisk provided by PFM, I guess that means me. Running pfmcoreup corev81 worked in that, the BIO's, first displayed when the machine is powered on, states it's running corev81. And loads the old MDOS V5.0 I think I need to find out what keys bring up PFM Menu, how to test load Geneve OS 7.3 and then finally finish up with: a) loading MDOS in to pfm memory. b) recreating the flash drive, make a floppy with what I want on it, and then copying the floppy to pfm ramdisk area? c) getting the scsi drives seen again (I don't remember if MDOS 5 supported scsi). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  11. I'm pretty sure the Foundation in un-modified form would be worth a lot of $$$ on ebay. Probably enough to buy a nice HRD4000B. As far the Quality Soft EPROM, I'd be surprised of Atrax of HummingBird software doesn't have it.
  12. I think Jeff White created the PDMA for SCSI - but of course that doesn't answer your question
  13. Because I'm never afraid to show my lack of understanding... It's my understanding the HFDC includes DMA capabilities, further, I understand that to mean, the CPU says - Controller, I want these sectors, loaded in to that memory area, call me when's it done. So my questions are: 1) Is my understanding true? 2) If so, whats the maximum bandwidth of the different mass media controllers: HFDC, IDE, SCSI - because I think with all the various solid state drives for each of these three controllers, mechanical drives are no longer a factor, unless we want them to be? How about a ram disk, since it essentially doesn't have to go through a controller interface? ---- Sorry for the edit, I re-thought my question... If you remove physical drive latency from the equation, you have what ever that particular controller chips maximum sustained output is... Then you get in to --- what is the limitations of the geneve / TI - bus, memory, wait states and cpu speed...
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