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  1. mizapf - I've never seen it done in real life, but it seems like one should be able to plug a Hexbus floppy HX5102 in to a CC40. Does that work in mame? Thanks, Dan
  2. For a brief time, I had the development system for the cc-40. It was a Video Interface - I think it was composite out and gave a vt100 like typing experience. That coupled with the editor assembler module, and a hexbus drive (ti used those with all hexbus systems) made a solid e/a development platform for the cc-40. I believe these were given to a university in texas for their interns to develop all the modules for the cc-40. (Kind of like developing on your macbook air or your iphone! 😃 ) O'well, maybe one day Michael Becker or Michael Bunyard will awake and say - you know I could make one super hexbus device with a Raspberry PI! 😃 Maybe I should be looking a cross development. Is there a software emulator for the cc-40? Thanks, Dano
  3. Supposedly the 99/4a was hampered because of it's display. My question is what could you use the one line display offered up by the CC-40, and how would you use it? dhe
  4. dhe


    I've read a good bit on 99/4 (and perepherals) and TRS-80 Model 100 repairs but never seen much on CC-40 repair. Anyone have in experiences they can share on CC-40 repair? Thanks, Dano
  5. ti994w looks perfect for 99 development - in either c or assembler. I'm close to getting the tool chain complete, but could use some help from someone already working. I put a sample hello_world.c99 file in /utl. I'm able to compile with c99c.bat hello_world c99 - that creates /obj with assembler source code out of the c compiler. I'm then able to do c99c.bat hello_world a99 - that create another /obj in obj with the assembled output. There is another file l99.bat. Questions: Where should my files live. Assuming I have a perfect, non-problematic c program, what would I need to type to Compiler, Assemble, link, (hopefully) copy files to a /dskX directory and autorun with ti994w? Thanks, Dan
  6. Mike Maksimik had one of those. It was an A/D card with battery backed up time clock (similar to the MBP card). I believe Mike wrote routines to interface mice and routines to set the data and time for the p-system. d.
  7. Yep... That's the one thanks.
  8. When I was in German, I saw a couple of editions of a German language magazine, I think the title was TI Review. It was filled with boards, schematics and assembler code, not the usual TI stuff of the time like here is a Basic program that displays a star on the screen and scrolls it up one line. Does anyone know if scans are available for purchase? Thanks, Dan
  9. I can't remember. Did anything get worked out so 9640 Guys can run UCSD Pascal on the Geneve? Thanks, Dano
  10. We have the same desk! In my closet is my console with the Top Radio Supply of Chicago mod - w00t daughter board technology. Also, on my desk is my trusty HP 16C. I like it much better than TI's LCD Programmer, which always had double bounce key problems. Thanks for the photo. d.
  11. https://www.gainesville.com/zz/news/20190305/brilliant-man-who-was-inventor-of-calculator-dies/1
  12. Your comment about indentation is also aprapo to c99.. I remember Mike Maksimik of the Chicago TI Users group had hacked an old 80 column terminal in to the P-System. So that might be one route, serial cable, PC and a terminal emulator? Dano
  13. Ready for orders? Thanks, d.
  14. Mike Wright has one, maybe someone could get him to document it in the cyc? d.
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