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  1. First Question - What's the latest release of MDOS (GeneveOS)? Looking on WHTech.com - I see a directory called Geneve and Geneve.new. Geneve.new has MDOS - now recommended to be called GeneveOS - to remove association with MyARC. - 6.50 Geneve has also MDOS 6.7RC2 - Was MDOS 6.7 ever released? Question #2 - Forth for MDOS (GeneveOS) Bill Sullivan (FDOS) (BRS Consulting?) worked for many years on a native Forth for the Geneve - I know John Carver was a serious user. I vaguely recall FDOS selling some of his TI Stuff to down size. Did anyone get Bill's Forth Source code?
  2. ok you all, order placed, I'll let you know when something happens.
  3. Best wishes for your quick return to health, and thanks for the great demo! I'll hit the order button tomorrow night.
  4. can you press a button and pull up a keyboard, or use a bluetooth keyboard?
  5. I've not heard back from Gregory, he's probably busy making TIPI's after his awesome demo Saturday at the 38th Annual Chicago Fair. (I went to the very first one at Triton College) I think I have an account created and the files loaded. It looks like it will be less then a hundred dollars to roll the dice on this one. If I don't hear back from Gregory, I will place and order and put a note up on this thread when they are in.
  6. fwiw - Looks like that book has been on the cyc since 2017, the dsk file since 2015 Canonical Path: cadd>cyc>books>stevedav>moleswor>introasm>introasm.pdf
  7. Disk of Horrors, Big thanks to blackbox for putting this out there for Halloween enjoyment! I few notes, I ran this on Classic99, setup was TI Disk Controller, automap Disk1. HORRORA.dsk <> DSK1. HORRORB.dsk <> DSK2. HORRORC.dsk <> DSK3. Everything seemed to run fine, the only time manual intervention is needed, is when you choose option A. You will be asked: Insert Disk C into Drive 1. Just do a pull down of disks, in Classic99, remap DSK1 <> HORRORC.dsk and press Enter
  8. how is keyboard and joystick input on these devices?
  9. Toucan, Interesting question. I know the cassette save a load commands in4A are pretty well documented, is it is possible to compute the amount that can be saved per minute of type. While saving as many bytes as possible was a goal, from interviews I later did with TI engineers, reliability was probably even more important. Also, mildly interesting to anyone playing with cassettes, I'm playing with a machine called a Z88 Cambridge, and have been following the adventures of company - not CCL - that made a cassette interface for the Z88. Two major problems they bumped in to hard was many records had automatic gain control, which after listening for a few seconds would decide to either set the line for blast, or ignore the incoming signal all together. and some of the units didn't have enough power to work reliable. The said a good rule of thumb was use a recorded with 3 or 4 batteries, or even better, always leave it plugged in. Now, one missing piece, back in the early days or the Huggers Users Group. A lot of cassettes where in play. The hit rate of read back was pretty good as long as it was the same record and tape and was plugged in to the mains (best luck went to GE's Computer Record and TI's own unit). Then it got dicey - with one exception. TI pre-record tapes almost always read back. It would be real neat to pump the person in charge of producing tapes for sale, the quality control they went through to make that happen!
  10. Hi ArcadeShopper, are you interested in doing a group order? Or are the numbers to low? Thanks, Dan
  11. Below, is a picture from 99er.net of a TI-99 in handheld form. Has anyone done a TI-99 handheld lately that they like?
  12. For your Thursday evening reading pleasure. I stumbled on this document while doing a search... PL/99 a mid-level programming language. https://scholarworks.wm.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4122&context=etd
  13. Hey, Back to the fake chip video... I have a question. One of the techniques that was used to quickly identify a fake, was to test for resistance between pins. I guess going back in time, your biggest worry was the 'pulled' chip you got might have been dead when the equipment was surplussed. He brings up a valid point, you don't know what you are going to do to the rest of your chips it you plug a cable modem chip in to your 9901 socket! 😵 So is checking resistance a good ideal? You can't explode a chip with a meter can you?
  14. Matt, Another quick question, arcadeshopper said this program no longer needs tipi. What's the requirements for a non-tipi, no Finalgrom system? Thanks!
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