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  1. Are you planning on supporting console grom over ride?
  2. I figured out how to build a whole screen, and display it at once. What I can't figure out how to do, is go to a row, and col and do a an equivalent of accept at.
  3. Wasn't there a basic program that would tell you what chip failed?
  4. dhe

    4A DOS

    Thanks, that's a mighty nifty feature! One of the reasons, I was looking at FDOS, was it looks like the complete source is there, though I have not recompiled it yet. So, the theory being, if there something I don't like, I can fix it myself! 😃
  5. dhe

    4A DOS

    Took a bit, but I tracked down, what was going on. I was implementing the instructions as given, but still failing. The clue to what was going on was in Flotmann1's video, when it hit DSK1. I re-watched, Tursi's Video, Tursi loaded fdos from DSK1. I pulled down an additional copy of Classic99, and put it, in it's own directory, and pointed it to DSK1. At that point ever worked as expected. I guess the unknown, was even though FDOS is loaded in to the supercart area, the program disk needs to be in dsk1?
  6. So, I issue you a programming challenge! 😃 I did manage to display the matrix, basically by building a whole screen at a time. Let's say, I wanted to build a program to allow cross word puzzles to be filled in... How could one do that with out a set or get pos? C GRAPHICS EXAMPLE - 04/28/2020 - DHE PROGRAM G2_S C GRAPHICS EXAMPLE 2 SOURCE C2345678 INTEGER MY_MAT(3,3) DATA MY_MAT /1,2,3, ! 4,5,6, ! 7,8,9/ CALL SETVID CALL CHAR ( 111, '1824429999422418'X ) C SPRITE BUILT WITH FSF.IO SPRITEPAINTER PRINT , 'The gAme of Life' C With out a work setpol must build whole screen at once WRITE ( 6, 900 ) MY_MAT(1,1), MY_MAT(2,1), MY_MAT(3,1) WRITE ( 6, 910 ) MY_MAT(1,2), MY_MAT(2,2), MY_MAT(3,2) WRITE ( 6, 920 ) MY_MAT(1,3), MY_MAT(2,3), MY_MAT(3,3) 900 FORMAT ( '+', M10.10, 3I1 ) 910 FORMAT ( '+', M11.10, 3I1 ) 920 FORMAT ( '+', M12.10, 3I1 ) C PRINT , MY_MAT(J,I) CALL DELAY ( 5 ) 20 CONTINUE 10 CONTINUE CALL DELAY ( 30 ) C WAITS 3 SECONDS, COMPARE WITH CALL WAIT CALL DELAY ( 40 ) STOP END
  7. With the 99/4a version, you get 'game of life' and lock up. Vorticon played with it on a real TI and received that same results, so we know it's a bug in the gpl version, that apparently is not seen in the MDOS version.
  8. C SIMPLE TEST PROGRAM C234567 PROGRAM STP INTEGER MY_MAT(3,3) DATA MY_MAT /1,2,3, ! 4,5,6, ! 7,8,9/ CALL SET40 CALL SCREEN ( 12, 2 ) CALL CHAR ( 111, '1824429999422418'X ) C SPRITE BUILT WITH FSF.IO SPRITEPAINTER PRINT , 'The gAme of Life' C Now lets unroll the array DO 10 I = 1, 3 CALL SETPOS ( 4+I, 1) DO 20 J = 1, 3 PRINT , MY_MAT(J,I) 20 CONTINUE 10 CONTINUE CALL DELAY ( 30 ) C WAITS 3 SECONDS, COMPARE WITH CALL WAIT CALL DELAY ( 40 ) STOP END
  9. Thanks for the help Beery, all the work I've done is with the GPL version in Classic99. If I was really smart, Fortran99 has a debugger facility that could possibly be used to trace this down. This is one of those cases, where having in compile first to intermediate assembly would be helpful. alas. thanks,d.
  10. dhe

    4A DOS

    I must not be doing this right. .026, E/A option 2, 3 load and run, filename DSK9.XIOS/OBJ, F9 to get back to main E/A menu, alt-= to go to menu, enter, choose option 3 For F-DOS. Wait 5 seconds - Edit, Debugger, in the debugger windows type C6522=13 - click apply. Warm reset doesn't seem to help either. Help, would like to understand what I'm doing wrong here. Thanks!
  11. dhe

    4A DOS

    Thank you for the clarification. I thought Mike had made it a HIYW (Have It Your Way) program. If I want to use it on Classic99, I think I will need to comment out some of the RS232 portion (maybe a conditional compile) and recompile. Thank you again, for the try on REAL iron! 😃
  12. fwiw - my playing with Fortran99 has basically come to halt. It would appear, one of the more useful commands (setpos) has a bug, that causes a lockup when that command is encountered! Maybe, someday, if we get the source a quick patch can be found.
  13. dhe

    4A DOS

    Wow.. Thanks for the work. I watched the video, but am a little confused. Do you get a prompt on both the console and the serial terminal, or just the serial terminal?
  14. dhe

    4A DOS

    Can someone run this on a real TI for me? I suspect, a terminal is supported if you have one, otherwise, I though it defaulted to the command line.
  15. dhe

    4A DOS

    ok... found maksimiks fdos disk. But I can't get it to run in classic99 - can I get a little help here? fdos.dsk
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