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  1. I hope you can get a batch out soon that will be just for folks that want to play with this unusual 99/4a memory / co-processor. O' and the basic you listed sounded really interesting!
  2. If I remembering correctly, you can burn your own ROM's with 2532, also another way to test the content storage.
  3. https://github.com/BeeryMiller/HyperCopy/blob/main/HISTORY.txt I love (and miss) the honest you used to see from programmers. 09/05/88: Catalog disk working, except for display of floaters. This due to fact that Lou Phillips ducked up in the writing of MDOS math routines -- the float to string conversion doesn't work worth a duck. 10/06/88: JPC fixed some bugs in MYARC/S. Fixed problem with 3.5" drives by adding two gap bytes in format table. Added routine to write message "Many thanks to PaulC. None to JR." at end of tracks, one byte per track. JR is Jack Riley, vice-president of MYARC and the bane of the existance of me, Peter, and Paul. 11/2021 - I love my evil corporate masters (sorry.. I just made that up! ) 😃
  4. Hi Tim, When you get time, could you tell us about the setup you used to debug this problem, I know Jim Lowmeyer had a 9640 debugger that worked with the rs232 port, and I think there might have been some rudimentary code in the boot EPROM that would use the rs232.
  5. Mike Wright spent most of forty years working on the Cyc, which now is about 3GB in size. Lots of money was spent to purchase items to PDF them, agreements signed, trips taken to pickup collections headed for the dump. Sounds to me like your trying to recreate a wheel? https://caddelectronics.com/the-cyc/
  6. I was paging through the Boot EPROM source, TAT did a heck of a job of 'reconciling' Original Code, Tony Code, Jim Code, etc to update everything. One of the comments was - a horizon can act just like a Hard Drive - with large horizon, I think that is the way most people would like to go. In an other thread, I think it was Beery who outlined the different ways to format different devices. Maybe it's time to pull format out of Geneve OS and make it a stand alone program - while that wouldn't by itself make it a universal formater, it might give room in the persistent parts of Geneve OS?
  7. What's the final status on formatting devices, floppies, ide drives, ram disks, scsi, hfdc?
  8. I also remember in one case, I think it was Disk+Aid (?) - If you paid the suggested amount, you could receive a copy of the assembler source. I thought, what a great way to learn, but I was a bit disappointed, as the source code had ALL the comments stripped.
  9. Thanks Beery, That post is a keeper, and one I think, I'll need to read multiple times. It really shows the hardware potential of the Geneve - I think two good examples are Genmod and Lou Riccio's Window's Demo. Just like most people think of the power little TI, as that console sold in K-Mart, they had no ideal of the potential hidden in the architecture that could go up to 640K with a RAM card, and be expanded in to infinity with a PBOX. We can only hope, that one day, FPo will have a zero wait state, full memoried out Geneve for us to use!
  10. I don't know the answer to your question, but I know when I ordered the switching power supply PCB, they have an option of 'weight' - Might that factor in also?
  11. A few random thoughts... 1) That's a very sharp looking board! 2) I hope you can release a BOM, I'd like to put as many NEW parts in as possible. 3) I can see this starting a whole thread of - what to test next! 😃 People might want to pitch in a make something like the Horizon assembly manual. 4) I hope you consider gold fingers on the I/O port, it might improve reliability for just a bit more cost. 5) I've always wanted a TI motherboard with machine screw (tulip) sockets, it makes the dread of working on something less. 6) TI Seemed pretty adamit that the TMS9900 need bus bars to work properly, I follow with interest that suggestion. Thanks for the work you have put in to this project.
  12. Here is an interesting variant: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Texas-Instruments-TI-74-Basicalc-Programmable-Calculator-In-Case-8k-Ram/384071545049?hash=item596c72b0d9:g:qmwAAOSw-hhgZM69 The Cummins Engine TI-74
  13. I bought an olivetti model 10 to keep my model 100 company. I asked the lady offering it on ebay, if she could put in a couple of batteries and show the screen - I got the same answer, sorry I don't have time and can't be bothered. I went ahead and purchased with the understanding I might have a unit for parts only or might need take serious repair. That was one of the few times, I've gotten lucky and unit actually was in good shape. Electronics seems to be one of the few fields, where people, on a routine basis, can't be bothered to let you know if something works or not.
  14. dhe

    SDD 99

    Any news on the most anticipated hardware for 2021?
  15. dhe

    Clam Shells

    Hi Wierd_w, did you get any test clam shells made up? I'd like to try one. Thanks, Dan
  16. From a book written by Frederick Holtz: " Twenty-two software applications packages, including 8 plug-in Solid State Software cartridges and 14 Wafertape cartridges, are also available. The plug-in cartridges, which sell for prices ranging from $39.95 to $124.95, are: Mathematics, Finance, Perspective Drawing, Statistics, Business Graphics, Nonparametric Statistics, and Advanced Electrical Engineering ($59.95 each); Editor/Assembler ($124.95); and Games I and Games II ($39.95 each). Wafertape cartridges, which have a suggested retail price of $19.95 each, are: Elementary Dynamics, Regression/Curve Fitting, Pipe Design, Production and Planning, Inventory Control, Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Photography, Solar Energy, Profitability Analysis, Quality Assurance: Control Data. A total of 75 applications solutions cartridges (48 solid state and 27 Wafertape programs) are also available. TI is initiating aggressive third-party authorship programs as well as developing software internally. " Is there a comprehensive archive of the modules and documentation that went with them stored on the web? I received from ebay, via the post office, the Leisure Module for the TI-58/59 - One of the about 30 games is Jive Turkey. (I'm hoping that activated some long term un-utilized brain cells for those over 50).
  17. Some inspiration... I'd looked at what games could be written on a CC-40 given the limited display. I found some inspiration in the 'Leisure' for the TI-58 -and- HP-41 Games Pack
  18. Has anyone tried transplanting cherry keys switches on to the main board?
  19. dhe

    Clam Shells

    My primary interest was as a case for geneve's/hfdc as they always seem to have plenty o floaty jumper wires. Tim has of course came up with an excellent solution for heat dissipation... But, there are plenty of other boards that can benefit.
  20. dhe

    Clam Shells

    Myarc probably had the best clamshell design (screwless) I don't know if a printed plastic could handle the range of motions that happen, when they are opened and closed.
  21. dhe

    Clam Shells

    Come here for the tech fix, get the jokes for free! 😃
  22. It always sucks, when a product goes dry. Jaime came along at an ebb of new TI stuff - we where really blessed for the time he spent churning these out for us.
  23. Does anyone have a source of card clam shells?
  24. RickyDean, you have persevered, fair longer then most people!
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