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  1. When I was in German, I saw a couple of editions of a German language magazine, I think the title was TI Review. It was filled with boards, schematics and assembler code, not the usual TI stuff of the time like here is a Basic program that displays a star on the screen and scrolls it up one line. Does anyone know if scans are available for purchase? Thanks, Dan
  2. I can't remember. Did anything get worked out so 9640 Guys can run UCSD Pascal on the Geneve? Thanks, Dano
  3. We have the same desk! In my closet is my console with the Top Radio Supply of Chicago mod - w00t daughter board technology. Also, on my desk is my trusty HP 16C. I like it much better than TI's LCD Programmer, which always had double bounce key problems. Thanks for the photo. d.
  4. https://www.gainesville.com/zz/news/20190305/brilliant-man-who-was-inventor-of-calculator-dies/1
  5. Your comment about indentation is also aprapo to c99.. I remember Mike Maksimik of the Chicago TI Users group had hacked an old 80 column terminal in to the P-System. So that might be one route, serial cable, PC and a terminal emulator? Dano
  6. Ready for orders? Thanks, d.
  7. Mike Wright has one, maybe someone could get him to document it in the cyc? d.
  8. Opry99er, Thanks for the memories, it was a nice looking board and the guy that produced it Mike Ballumm (sp?) - was very knowledgeable. I was at the Chicago fair when these where released. Bud Mills about stroked out. I think the source of contention was that the original Ron Giles board and software was public domain the enhancements the Bud Mills service made where not. d.
  9. Tim, What file contains the PDMA - or is it a setting spread out amongst multiple files? Thanks, d.
  10. Fascinating stuff! Great job Tim and Richard for figuring out this mod, it's pretty easy to see the heat damage that has already occurred... What's the 12V regulator for? Other things I don't know, whats the voltage on RGB signals? Does anyone on here remember which chips on the Geneve need to be changed for use with Ron Walters Memex card? I vaguely remember some chips needed to be swapped from LS to HCT? This page offers a pretty good explanation of logic families and incompatibilities.... https://www.avrfreaks.net/forum/compatibility-between-chip-families-ls-hc-hct-etc d.
  11. I'd +1 for making another run of the VGA connector version. Nothing is better on a retro computer than more retro. d.
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    Thanks, but sad times... http://aa-ti994a.oratronik.de/compilers/C99_in_PC99_format.zip http://aa-ti994a.oratronik.de- IS dead.
  13. dhe


    Hi, It's been a few years, can someone point me to the current c99 distribution? Thanks, Dan
  14. Hi, In the past, I've setup funnelweb on an hfdc, I vaguely remember holding down a shift key and typing in a path of hds1.fw. Pc99w comes with IDE emulation, I've always hung back on dealing with the ide card, because I really didn't understand how it worked, nor could find the docs for it, I have on the SCSI card and hfdc. I've have visitied: http://www.ti99-geek.nl/, but still have a few basic questions. Does the ide card do sub directories or is like a horizon which does lots of disks? Has anyone set this up with funnelweb running from a sub directory? Are they docs more aimed at the end user? Thanks, Dan
  15. Willsy, Recently I purchased a Raspberry PI, and I wanted to see how pc99 ran on it. It worked with Dosbox, but was a bit slow. I decided to try TI-99/sim since it had a native ARM implementation. I took me about three hours to get things up and going or wondering around. I've included my notes to self here. It also includes the links I used to pull carts and roms. So if nothing else, that might be of assistance. Raspberry TI PI Observations. Install Stretch - the lite seems like a good ideal, but you be looking up how to install a lot of stuff by hand. Install DOSBOX mkdir d/cadd/{dsk, modules, pc99, romgrom} copy over needful files. pminfo reports a speed of about 11 - ~the same speed as a 4a. -- At this point, I'm not really sure, who provides the translator between the arm and 8086 instruction set. RetroPie: Setup Manually https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/Manual-Installation Good Docs, but the thing it's missing is 1) you don't want to run the install as root. 2) you don't want to run the install with a full qualified path. 3) you want to copy the install files to /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup 4) cd /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup and then ./retropie_setup.sh manual packages>exp>149 (at this time) ti99sim - it will mark it with ti99sim (Installed) if it's installed. The run able file is located in: /opt/retropie/emulators/ti99sim/ ti99sim-sdl (Ok, let's take a deep breath. If everything worked, your about 1/3 of the way done).... Right.. haven't these people heard of a double click, install? Things won't run with out the OS. Download the OS from here: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/gp2x.cgi?......%20%3C/td%3E%3C/tr%3E%3Ctr%3E%3Ctd%3E%C2%A0%3C/td%3E%3C/tr%3E%3Ctr%3E%3Ctd%3E%3Cb%3EDate%20d,1,0,0,72,2798 You get: Downloading gp2xti99-v1.1.0-bin.zip (1.16 MB) Unzip it, correct the case and copy to: /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS/TI-994A.ctg OS is covered, what about modules? http://zx81.zx81.free.fr/public/wiz/wizti99/cartridges.zip unzip and copy cartridges to: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ti99/ advture.ctg cartridges.zip espial.ctg lasso.ctg othello.ctg slymoid.ctg topper.ctg alpiner.ctg carwars.ctg et.ctg lobster.ctg pacman.ctg slymoids.ctg treasr.ctg Amazeing.ctg Carwars.ctg facemkr.ctg mashgam.ctg parsec.ctg sneggit.ctg treasurebeta.ctg amazing.ctg casi to run a specific module, /opt/retropie/emulators/ti99sim/ti99sim-sdl /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ti99/moonpat.ctg easy pezy... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok.. the emulator itself is up and running. But.. Wait, you got none of the freaking tools. Isn't that special. Go Here: http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/archives/ Copy the latest armhf files and unzip. It includes prebuilt binaries, which is good, but our old linux friend, different version of SO lives (see some fixes below). ---- libssl (specific version) needed by catalog. mkdir special_installs - need to make pre-configure utils run. wget http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/pool/main/o/openssl/libssl1.0.0_1.0.2l-1~bpo8+1_armhf.deb sudo dpkg -i libssl1.0.0_1.0.2l-1~bpo8+1_armhf.deb libboost_regex needed by mkcart so... looking for 1.55 - but not handy.. apt install libboost-regex-dev then [email protected]:/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf# ln -s libboost_regex.so libboost_regex.so.1.55.0 Protip: ldd (binary package) ================================================================================ The most helpful setup doc, I found was here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250767-how-to-install-ti-994a-ti-99sim-on-retropie-v36-raspberry-pi2-or-pi3/ (It includes links for where to go and download this stuff). The REALDOC for ti99sim can be found here: http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/README.html Dan
  16. Tim, Do you know if these cards where generated CAD/CAM or hand drawn? Can you give us a rough guess of number of versions? Was there any talk in the Cecure Electronics day of reproducing the Myarc cards, or was keeping the broken ones going more than could be handled? thanks, d.
  17. I think they where a British Company. I'm looking for their program DeathShip, they also had a tutorial on building DeathShip. I don't know if any copies made it to the US. Dano
  18. >Why??? Why??? What selling point is something that we already have which is 40 years old? I'll take that one for a thousand Alex. Why would someone want to program in extended basic when power shell, python, c++ exist? ENJOYMENT! Back in the 70's TI made a device called the University Board. Basically a 9900, some ram, a small monitor in rom and a modified calculator. You would just key in assembly code on the calculator. Would you want to create Parsec? No, but it was pretty fun for learning assembly and testing yourself by writing small programs on paper and getting them to work. So, would I like to have a brand new University board, YEP! Would I like to have a TI(ny)-4a - To write small XB, Pascal, Assembly, Fortran for my own amusement? You betcha. Dan
  19. dhe


    M' kay. (After - Much back and forth over the need or not need of video memory...) I guess no one knows where Mr. Tom Bentley is these days. It's a shame, because having the PrEditor source code, which I believe was written in c, would make it much easier to modify memory management to use another memory device. Especially vs an editor written in assembly. I know of Clint Pulley's QDE, but that was pretty Geneve specific. My other thought was the proto code written by John Birdwell for Micropendium - Micro-Word (Vol 5, No 6. July 88) Well, maybe one day I will find Tom and have some luck. Thanks and sorry to have kicked off all the fuss. Dano
  20. I'm on the waiting list for an f18. I really like Funnelwebs 80 column editor, I don't know if that will ever be ported. The other editor I really like on a TI/Geneve was PrEditor by Tom Bentley. Anyone here still friends with Tom? If you are, do you think you can get him to release the source to PrEditor, it's my understanding it was in part written in small C and might be easier to port then an editor written in pure assembly? Thanks, Dan
  21. I have an UberGrom Board that I purchased from Arcade Shopper, can someone point me to docs, on how I go about moving the file posted above on to the UberGrom Board? Thanks, Dan
  22. I was never able to purchase one of these modules, Asgard made one run. I am now running this module under PC99, I found out it has 3 ROMS and that doesn't place nice with review module library. Anyhow, I wanted to tinker around with this language/module. Does anyone know where I might find the docs? Thanks, Dan
  23. I've always been interested in Chess on the TI. Sargon - could have been much better with the addition of know opening moves. I have not studied it in a long time, but I think most of the games in the 80's had programmed know opening moves libraries that went up to the first 5 - 10 moves. This really gives the computer some more leverage if your play blitz chess (5 minutes on each clock) and if you have an AMS card you could go lots higher. I have also read TI Video Chess had an advanced level, but they couldn't seem to debug it, so it was excluded from the released product. It would be interesting to know if either Sargon or Video Chess are thinking about their next move in the background while waiting on you....
  24. Did anyone ever get the UCSD Pascal GROMS to run from the HSGPL card?
  25. Turbo Pasc'99. Back in the day, I was really excited about this product, as I did a lot of Turbo Pascal Programming in College. I was in pretty close contact with Larry Connors at the time (he lived about an hour and a half drive away) who at the time was going to Germany about once every couple of years. At one of the TI Fest/Fairs in Germany he spoke with the developers and become the sole US Distributor. I purchased a copy of the software as soon as it was available (I'm think $60ish in late 80's dollars). Unfortunately the US manual had lots of room for improvement. I went through and did a lot of fixes for the manuals and gave that to Larry. Unfortunately no v2 of the manual ever happened. About the time Barry Boone got a hold of the source code and made some patches. Unfortunately, I never found out what those patches and fixes was, and the only thing Larry had was a copy of the source code. The source code was a lot like the archiver source code. Very dense assembler code with no comments. At that time, the developers of Turbo Pasc'99 had a number of extra packages that they planned on releasing. I think, sound and graphics was one. I spoke to Wolfgang at one of the fairs and he thought he might have had the German additional packages. He said the guys that developed the software disappeared not to long after creating the packages. This package had the potential to be as professionally done as Fortran for the 4a. The hardwork was already done, it just needed a little bit more to refine the docs, some tutorials, additional memory support and translation of the additional packages manual. Dan
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