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  1. FWIW - Don O'Neil was having troubles tracking down some very intermittent problems people were having with the SCSI controller, and he sent some to Michael Becker to be diagnosed. Michael had already encountered the problems the WHT SCSI Controller was having in his own designs and that was the quick reaction time from modern chips set. In a condensed version, what he said was, the TI is relative slow and by the time the TI transitioned from one logical state to another, the newer chips are ready for many different changes in state, so any momentary glitch, the newer chips say - ah.. we need to transition states. So Michael designed the daughter cards to tell newer chips, just hold your state until the TI and it's bus are REALLY ready to change states! I don't think you will see anymore of these cards, Don sent a bunch of SCSI Controller cards to Michael to be upgraded, you can tell by the hand writing on some of the EPROMs. So, can't help with the board, but maybe you liked the history? 😃
  2. Thanks Wolfgang, I need to give that a try, the directions for using Isabella got me somewhat overwhelmed I can follow this and give it a try... Thanks!!
  3. Two examples of very read-able code our Edgar Dohmann (data biotics) and Ken Culp - Simplified Assembler.
  4. You obviously have not tried his archiver code! 😃
  5. Milestone reached. I now have all parts to work on the keyboard project, the last two feel in to place Wed (Bezel) and Friday (key switches). The key switches, where the first thing I ordered, about two months ago, from Mouser Electronics and where the last to arrive.
  6. Tim, We know you worked at Cecure, so working on Myarc HFDC's and Geneve's are certainly not the only equipment you've worked on. Would you say Geneve's and HFDC's are more 'fragile' then other cards or are they just more complicated so more things to break, er uh.. both?
  7. Is this related to the level II/Level III Disk Routines that caused some many problems in the early days of MDOS?
  8. dhe

    SDD 99

    I don't want to put any pressure on the creator, but this is definitely on my Christmas 2021 wish list! 😃
  9. For those that don't know, what is SBR_FILEOUT? >- added SBR_FILEOUT to disk images to better support Realms of Antiquity
  10. +1 GD, I'm a visual learner too!!! I much rather watch a video on how to do something, and then have docs as a backup or clarifier.
  11. >, and before I could complete asking a second question, they hung up on me. That must have felt a bit like a door to door salesman getting the door slammed in his face!
  12. If Adam looks back in his email, I've been professional nagging since at least 2007 for this game! 😃 My earliest email exchanges (that hotmail didn't decide to loose was 2005) - at that point it was about an Eastern Front Clone for the TI-99/4a. Now, that this little task is out of the way, maybe Eastern Front will make it back to the front burner! 😃 Thanks Adam, you know, I've been looking forward to this for a long time.
  13. I got AstroSmash!!!! Next Christmas, I'm hoping for an SDD!
  14. Wait until you see the mess made of cards jumpered for PC power supplies make when plugged in to a standard PBOX....
  15. Hi Tursi, With the release of TICodEd there is a reason why you might want to write to FIAD on the PC side, an execute the files in Classic99. Before I get all Assumptiony, I know the TI is really dumb, and really has no knowledge of file system states, except for what's in the PAB at any given moment. But if using Classic99, is there any 'statey' information stored while it is running, or will a reset back to the TI title screen be enough to render write to FIAD on the PC side harmless?
  16. ok... thanks... just establishing a baseline... Anything could have happened to these. I think you mentioned you have a scope... I think I'd check to see if Mr. Crystal was working and then see if you see anything on the data or address lines on start up.
  17. Just like I asked about beep, just in case it was just the screen, did these work at one time, and just quit when you pulled them out of storage?
  18. Have you tried just going through the motions and typing beep <enter> - maybe it's a screen only issue?
  19. I got excited for a minute, I thought Arcadeshopper was selling toilet paper and had it in stock!
  20. Three upgrades that immediate popup in my little brain: 1) Help - about, version, author. 2) Syntax help Click on For, and then a popup with complete syntax for for next file. If you built in the capability - you could leave the file blank for others to fill in? 3) Statistics - like how much stack space is used, how much program space - Even back of the napkin type calculations might be helpful. And a possible 4th: 4) Also for longer programs another tab maybe showing what chars had been redefined and what variables would be created, maybe with a mark for variables, defined but never used - as they usually helps people pickup brain malfunctions like calling something windspeed here and wspeed some place else.
  21. Thanks Steve, I was able to get this up and running with Classic99 in about five minutes, without reading the docs, or any head scratching. I'm halfway through the docs and they are very good also, Lazarus Pascal is nice. Full screen editing and any help with syntax highlighting is an enormous improvement over line by line editing. Thank you much for this package, now I might have to see if I can figure out Isabella! 😃
  22. TI Made a similar device, you might find mention of it, in some TI documentation - as the "Main Frame RAM Trap". Geoff Trott of the Hunter Valley (?) group in Australia made his own console tester. The ROMS as well as the schematics are floating around, I tried to sucker, er... get Jim to do a run of them...
  23. Thanks, up until recently I'd thought of the Pyuuta and Tomy as Same,Same. I get the sense it's more like 99/4 and 99/4a - "mostly" Same, Same! 😃
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