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  1. FWIW - I figured out, you have to go to the fabrication tab, and under that, you can do Gerbers... Minimum order was 5, so I'll be sending the remainder to ArcadeShopper, when they come in.
  2. I've wanted to try assembling one of these, as there isn't very many components. The original YouTube Video can be found here: This takes you to a place, that, I have never been to before: https://easyeda.com/jonn.blanchard/ti99-4a-replacement-power-board_copy_copy_copy_copy Most of these projects usually come with Gerber Files, this comes in an editor? I'm assuming easyeda, must make their money on getting people to sign up for an account, and unless you sign up for an account you can not save files, which is where you would get a gerber of the board from?
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hustle-TI-99-4A-Game-PHM3034-Command-Module-Only/164485500301?hash=item264c198d8d:g:g20AAOSwQOdfn0vq I think most of us probably have one module with the security hoop, BUT - how many of you all actually have the display case that went with it?
  4. And at least two Astrosmash'es have arrived in the US, just in time for the holidays!
  5. So are there any differences between a Tomy and a Pyuuta? What "keys" did you end up buying?
  6. Hi, Is the ROM socketed? Would you mind uploading the code to the ROM? Thanks, Dan
  7. In trying to find a piece of equipment, for a hobby unrelated to the TI. I found unlike China, there are very many products that are produced in Japan, for Japan, and there is very little interest in expanding their market oversea's. In fact it's such a big challenge, there are at least three companies in Japan, that will be your personal buyer! They check if they can get what you want, they quote you a price, you send them money, they buy the product and ship it to you. I'm currently giving https://zenmarket.jp/ a try.
  8. Almost impossible. Can you get in to basic just fine? If so, you probably have a grom port issue - dirty, bad solder joint, etc. I clean my grom port, by doubling over a business card, spraying a bit of deoxit on it and inserting that in to the grom port a couple of times. The cartridge edges can be cleaned the same way by hitting a lint free q-tip with deoxit and rubbing the fingers.
  9. You know I had this exact same problem today. I was playing with retropie, and this exact same problem occured in vi, until I went to raspberry pi config utility and switched from GR > US keyboard configuration and local.... Key Emits Should be Shift-2 " @
  10. Acadiel, I'll bet your words per minute drastically increased! Congratulations, your the first to finish the project. W00t W00T!!!
  11. GPL Questions: One of the mill stones MyARC had hanging about their neck, was being able to run module software. Their first decision was no plug in for module, they had Peter Hoddie, write C-Save. Issue 1, C-Save didn't know how to save all modules. Issue 2, Not all modules worked on the Geneve. I remember Mike Maksimik spent a lot of time making modules work. Broadly speaking problems seemed to fall in to four large categories. a) Bad hygiene on VDP register setup, things you got away with on the TMS9918, no longer did you get away with 96k of RAM and much more complicated V9938 with more registers. b) Modules that either played fast and loose with the KSCAN routine, or tried to directly access the keyboard and joysticks via CRU. c) Direct access to I/O devices like the sound chip. d) Loose programming that worked on the 4A, because the 256 bytes of scratch pad RAM would roll over. Then you often times had module files, and you thought, is this the FIXED moon patrol from Mike, or just an original dump of Moon Patrol? There never was a good database of patches or fixed modules put together. (Still isn't). Two other questions for the architect.... I never saw from Myarc, what the maximum Grom banks that could be used. I also never clearly understood, if the Geneve could support modules with RAM memory like SuperSpace, SuperSpace II or Minimum. Also, Myarc promised P-Code compatibility, I heard rumors of a pcode file but never saw it. Now, this could have been for two reasons (or more) - their Grom Operation couldn't emulate a P-Card, the Geneve's hardware wasn't compatible with a p-card. Maybe someone got it to run and all the disk-based utility had problems, not unlike some of the modules, or faster term, etc. In Candyland, I'd like to have full emulation of the P-Code card, and maybe emulation of the SNUG HSGPL card.
  12. FWIW - https://www.s-n-u-g.de/bwg/index.php bwg.zip
  13. Thanks I'll give those things a try!
  14. I consider the program to be very valuable. About the time the Geneve came out, the TI community was experiencing a pandemic of it's own. Corrupt software, either from bad diskettes, poorly aligned drives, bad BBS downloads etc. Many times, these were blamed on the hardware - people would say 'my Geneve keeps locking up'. Guru Meditation PROVED, the Geneve wasn't just 'locking' up, and in fact pointed directly to the problem. I remember at least two cases, where Guru, spurred me on to get new copies of the software, and that ended up being the fix to my 'lock up problems'. So, thank you for the Guru!
  15. Our very own Beery Miller published an action packed Disk-O-Zine called 9640 News. A bit like Genial Travler - except for the Geneve. Maybe if we ask him nicely he will release all the goodness!
  16. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-MBX-Expansion-System-for-Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4a-Home-Computer-Very-Rare/143495070223?hash=item2168f9020f:g:kyQAAOSw-89eFTUQ $999.00 Dollars, I feel pretty happy to have purchased one new in box, for $45 at Lima '89!
  17. Hi mizapf, sorry if that wasn't clear, as I really didn't know who wrote it, I remember I got it off 9640 news and always loaded it before a session.
  18. fwiw - I was told by Michael Becker, that the Geneve see's and uses the BwG (Becker, Winters - with a small w because he promised to help with the work and design, but didn't, Glaab(sp)) as a Corcomp disk controller.
  19. I was trying to build a GPI Case 4A Game Console and ran in to problems with the disk image I picked up from: ti99iuc.it Here is my tale of woe, in case it helps someone, or you have successfully used the image in question. I used this raspberry pi Zero: https://www.amazon.com/GeeekPi-Retroflag-Raspberry-Heatsink-Carrying/dp/B07X53S356/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=gpi+case&qid=1605891581&s=electronics&sr=1-2 The first mistake I made was putting it all together, because I turned it on, got a power light and a black screen. Pretty disconcerting. Also the video I watched on youtube of the assembly had stand off screws, the GPI Case I received, the pi Zero slides down four small Chicago screw like posts. Ok… Step 2, which should have been step 1. Let’s test everything first. Disassemble everything, and bring the pi Zero to a vga monitor and usb keyboard. Pull out your everything else needed to hook a pi Zero up to the keyboard and monitor and provide power. Plug power in to the outside usb connection. Plug keyboard connection in to the middle usb port - it angles at 90 degree and if plugged in to the outside port won’t let another connector be used. Plug mini-hdmi to vga converter into the remaining port. Plug in the vga adapter voltage booster into a usb slot. Plug in MicroSD card - the side with writing goes up, in the same direction as the component side of pi. Without a bootable USB drive, a pi Zero, will sit at a black screen. Now that we are all wired up, let see if it’s an os thing…. https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/ - Install the installer, Run installer, it will grab the os for you and put it on the micro sd card. And it works, keyboard works, video works…. Let’s go back to team Italy: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php%3Fpageid%3Dhomepage%26artid%3D203&prev=search&pto=aue Download ZIP from: http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pagina=articoli&artid=203#.X7f9auWSnRY Conveniently, when you double click on the zip in windows, Raspberry PI Imager (v1.4) will notice, it’s an OS for PI and ask you if you want to install it on a SD! I did and tried to boot. Same black screen…. Pulled the SD card again, went back to Raspberry Pi Imager, this time choose Retropie 4.7.1 - Wrote to card and boot! So my suspicion is: TI994a_Sim_Pack_for_RetroPie_ReadMe_V1.0.0.zip; is that this zip file is bad. I'm hoping someone else has used this, and they can tell me the one thing I need to do, to make this work!
  20. I've been reading the TM 990/10 docs, and it's brought up a number of questions.... Have you considered creating a hypervisor layer with an Arduino or pi? One of the nice features of the 990 chassis, was plug and pray - each slot was tied to a specific cru address, so need to set them. Two nice add on's that were made for the 4a, that would be nifty to build in, was Mack Mccormic published a circuit diagram when he was writing an assembly tutorial for Micropendium, that would slow down a 4a, to a craw so you could see what was happening in assembly, by playing with interrupts. The other, also interrupt focused was Jeffery Browns terminal emulator, where you programmed a non-maskable interrupt. When I was using a Genève mostly, I always loaded a little program that was tribute to the Amiga, when an illegal opcode was executed, it had a TSR popup with Guru Meditation Error, that usually mean code had wondered off into some area, that it shouldn't have - like executing data! 😃 IT would be neat if that situation could be handled by a hypervisor. When you get ready to release cards, maybe we can get Beery's permission to include his HD Image on an SD Card, that could save people years of trying to track down source code and get it transferred. A Geneve is faster than a TI, a GenMod Geneve is faster than a Geneve, where do you think Geneve 2020 will fall on the speed scale if you end up using 6Mhz TMS99105's?
  21. I think the only place I really remembering DMA work was in the copy command of MDOS. MDOS would check ram free and cut loose DMA Transfer of the files directly into ram - as much as was available - did really phenomenal things with disk copies - suck it all in, spew it all out! The copy code for MDOS is rather lengthy....
  22. Is this the manual your referencing? http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/ti/990/990-12/2268239_990-12Descr_Oct83.pdf
  23. You mentioned DMA. I know, the MyARC HFDC was the first to claim DMA capability, although, I also heard speculation that the MyARC FDC was on an evolutionary path to having DMA. So how do you envision DMA working in the Geneve2020 - Covid Edition?
  24. I also got bit, by not knowing the rules for certs. For personal domain, I went with a .US - Compared to .com - lots of open names, and .us is short also. So I took out this .us domain, I literally started getting phones calls day and night, people wanting to sell me web services. There is no way to make your contact info private with .us <-=-- No wonder people don't want to do that thing!!!
  25. Yep... And it's even more challenging now... Used to be 4 .. 5 year certs where the norm. Know google wants people to up every year. I've yet to see a register send a reminder notice, like they do on domains.
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