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  1. Thank you friend. Your last sentence led to my breakthrough moment. ”Am I getting 5v to this thing?” Nope. Here's the cable I built. Some of you might spot the error immediately; contact #12 is not pinned on the Atari cable—the pin that carries the voltage! So I re-soldered it with an Alibaba NeoGeo cable and everything works perfectly now! Thank you all. Hopefully this warning will be helpful to others.
  2. Wow, thanks for all these helpful tips! This forum rocks, as do you my friend. I'm determined to conquer this so the more things I can try the better. My pots measure 4.5k in circuit. That seems like it could point to a problem. (Unless that's normal somehow?) Interestingly, the text on the side is completely illegible, which is very different from the picture at SparkFun of the same model #. (Com-09032.) I got this one from Mouser. EDIT: Measured out of circuit: 8.8k on the horizontal, 9.2k on the vertical. So that's probably not the problem. I also checked continuity on the jumpers. Removed the 220nF caps, measured them out of circuit. Replaced them with ceramic 220nF. (I had polyesters in there before.) Also tried a different Digital Pot IC and a different ATTiny85 programmed on the same day. Next: I'll try re-programming the ATTiny with a different programmer since I used a non-standard/non-approved one.
  3. Checked, and double-checked! Thanks for that suggestion. There was some talk in this thread about some digital pot IC's being bad. Could that problem cause the values to read down in the 1 - 20 range?
  4. My suspicion is that I probably didn't program the chip correctly, because everything else appears correct. No cold joints, correct cap values, etc. I used the Tiny AVR Programmer from SparkFun, and the instructions that Dr. Venkman posted in this thread. It *appeared* to work and didn't give me any errors, but that seems to be the most likely culprit. I ordered a TL866 yesterday just because the ATTiny is my prime suspect and I have very little experience with such things. Once it arrives (from China) I'll give it another go. Hopefully I can erase this one and re-flash it. Thanks for chiming in!
  5. Here are my values with Pete's Diagnostics. (I had to use a regular Atari controller to navigate the menu and launch Pete's, then I plugged in the SMBaker to get these values.)
  6. Hello more experienced folks. I finally built up my SMBaker analog controller. The buttons work but the stick values don't reach all the way up to the >100 level that they should. In fact, they max out at 20 on both axes. Do these jumper settings look correct? I also tried the left 2 jumpers vertical instead of horizontal but that made no difference. Any tips would be appreciated!
  7. I ended up building a 9v regulator which I run the original brick into first. I figured it could take some of the strain off the internal voltage regulator and generate less heat inside the 5200. It works great. Of course, this is not necessary at all. I'm just sharing in case some of you might find my neurosis amusing. (Hyper Hearse is from a discarded stompbox enclosure. Repurposed for frugality.)
  8. Yours is way better, but while we're sharing our rehoused Uno-Carts, here's mine in a Combat cartridge.
  9. Yes, it will fit inside a regular Atari cart. I rehoused my UnoCart in a Combat cartridge. And I sent the 3d printed case back to MacRorie to reuse. Not sure about Activision cartridges, but the PCB aligns with a standard Atari cartridge perfectly, so Pac-Man will be an acceptable substitute.
  10. I'm fully aware that I'm one of those dudes who will let mine sit on a shelf until summer before I even touch it. So I try to impart a sense of zen on anyone who knows they're like me. I was overly eager back when I thought this would be limited to 200 units once you got tired of building them. And I was vocal on Twitter having been spurned by the discontinuation of the VecFever cart. But once you assured us you would eventually meet the demand in time, feelings of calm stoicism washed over me. In case no one's told you recently, you rock Saint.
  11. I'm sticking with #TeamAlbert One of your past tweets indicated that less that 50% of people who received the GD had even bothered to use it (as indicated by the # of people who had downloaded their corresponding firmware.) People oughta stop chomping at the bit for something that's no real rush. Also, I like the original label better than the Stone Age one.
  12. Your bulleted list from earlier today is pretty compelling. Also b*nQ, and the best version of Choplifter on any home system, etc. Rikki & Vikki pushed me over the edge to buy a system I thought I'd never bother with.
  13. No, you must have both. (Eventually.)
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