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  1. It's back: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Activision-Atari-2600-Freeway-Save-the-Chicken-Foundation-Repro-Patch/324111435640
  2. I have an Intv II that was working until I removed the RF modulator. I'll PM you.
  3. Woof. That is troubling news. I wonder what constitutes "nonstandard?" Most of us want the most out of our modern 2600 experience, which means: 1.) component or S-video output, and 2.) playing awesome homebrews. RF is something I want to get away from soon. Let me know if you find out any more. I did a search but couldn't find a reference to which mods don't work with Unocart. Maybe he means "all mods" = nonstandard.
  4. OMG, these labels are beautiful!!! ("Pursuit" is misspelled incidentally.) So this means we could order a Harmony-based version of PP directly from AtariAge? That's awesome. These are works of art. I love your label designs. Nice work!
  5. I'm guessing like most of us, you own multiple retro systems. If that's the case, consider which ones you want to divest yourself of. I had big plans for the Intellivision and sunk a lot of money into 1.) The LTO flashcart, 2.) an RGB mod kit, and 3.) The voice module. But I would never be happy until I custom built some kind of arcade joystick control for it because I absolutely hate the Intellivision controllers. I had to get realistic about when I would find time to build that controller. A couple of years have passed, and I have ongoing projects for other systems: Sega Saturn, Vectrex, etc. I just said goodbye to all my Intellivision gear. Sold it at a loss. But for me, I think that was the right move.
  6. Thank you Groundtrooper! 3 boxes sold. 1 remaining Ixion 1 remaining Revenge of the Apes.
  7. Boxes. $15 ea. shipped. New condition. Add just $10 if you want an additional box in your package. The Revenge of the Apes, and Armor Attack boxes will need to be glued together. The Ixion box is ready to fold. I have 2 of the Revenge of the Apes boxes, and 2 Ixions. Just 1 Armor Attack II.
  8. I still haven't gotten around to buying Gremlins!!!!!!
  9. Actually not that big of a concern. I'm happy to use DriveSort. At the time, it seemed like an extra hassle, but my perspective has changed. The time it takes to move around a bunch of 8k files isn't much. The complaints about Drivesort I'd read were from folks moving large media files on a FAT32 disk. Thanks for making the Harmony Cart available. It's a great time to be a 2600 fanatic! --- also @Thomas Jentzsch, thanks for editing my previous post.
  10. Thank you gentlemen! I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to edit my original post. But if I could, I'd remove Boulder Dash from that list.
  11. I guess I can do some research and answer my own questions. Oddly, I owned a Harmony cart for a short time. Then found out about the Unocart, and bought that for the ability to sort roms alphabetically. Then sold the Harmony without using it because the xmas budget was tight. Here are the games that other people have speculated won't run on the Unocart. Draconian Space Rocks Mappy WOW Arcade Scramble Super Cobra Arcade Space Cactus Canyon Galagon Boulder Dash Stay Frosty 2 I have not verified any of the above but I will update as I learn more. I remember my thinking in selling the Harmony cart was that for several of these, the full retail ROM is not available for purchase and I wouldn't be missing out on much. Demo roms are available for Galagon and Mappy. Will update (and annoy) as information permits!
  12. I searched long and hard and never found it. I finally decided I have plenty good versions of Pac-Man I can play and just let it go. Good luck though!
  13. Happy to bump an old thread, but does anyone know which games the Harmony Encore will play that the Unocart won't? Such a list does not exist. And MacRorie's advice above is: "I always recommend that you buy both." When you get too Atari obsessed, buying multiple items that do mostly the same thing starts to seem reasonable. Someone mentioned that the Mappy demo won't run on the Unocart. Is this factual? Any others? Worth buying a Harmony Encore if you already own the Unocart? Enquiring mofos want to know! I rehoused my Uno in a Combat because I apparently have nothing better to do.
  14. Oh, maybe I'm missing the Supercharger BIOS. Thanks for posting. That's probably the problem. I appreciate it!
  15. Has anyone successfully run Supercharger games on the Unocart? I think they're probably not supported. But I wonder if the roms I have are just not properly compiled.
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