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  1. I'm fully aware that I'm one of those dudes who will let mine sit on a shelf until summer before I even touch it. So I try to impart a sense of zen on anyone who knows they're like me. I was overly eager back when I thought this would be limited to 200 units once you got tired of building them. And I was vocal on Twitter having been spurned by the discontinuation of the VecFever cart. But once you assured us you would eventually meet the demand in time, feelings of calm stoicism washed over me. In case no one's told you recently, you rock Saint.
  2. I'm sticking with #TeamAlbert One of your past tweets indicated that less that 50% of people who received the GD had even bothered to use it (as indicated by the # of people who had downloaded their corresponding firmware.) People oughta stop chomping at the bit for something that's no real rush. Also, I like the original label better than the Stone Age one.
  3. Your bulleted list from earlier today is pretty compelling. Also b*nQ, and the best version of Choplifter on any home system, etc. Rikki & Vikki pushed me over the edge to buy a system I thought I'd never bother with.
  4. No, you must have both. (Eventually.)
  5. The firmware is user updatable just like with Batari's other cartridges—the Harmony, and Harmony Encore—so you can early-adopt with confidence that you don't have to send the cartridge back.
  6. Me too. I'mma start calling the 7800 "Little Sexie" as well. Cracks me up.
  7. Sweeeeeet! Finding one with the plastic film is a rare joy. (My 5200 still has it.) Since I was in wait mode, I bought another Harmony Encore last week, having read that it helps support Fred and AA. Then I read through this entire thread and discovered: the Concerto is 2600 bkwards compatible. So you'll basically have a Harmony Encore built into the Concerto. Not that I would stop you from buying one if you want to have a separate cartridge for the 2600. Just figured I should point that out. Peace.
  8. Awesome, thanks! I'm only now playing catchup on the PokeyOne. On account of cost, I'll probably wait for the HOKEY. But it's good to know options exist other than cannibalizing Ballblazers.
  9. That is truly exciting, and faster than anyone could've expected. Having read through this entire 78 page thread over the past week, I have a newfound appreciation for just how epic the Concerto is. After years of dedication, hundreds and hundreds of man hours troubleshooting, a divorce, several redesigns, shipping problematic consoles across the country, non-reproducable electrical gremlins, and superhuman perseverance on your part, it will finally come to fruition, it must feel great to finally have this nailed. Congratulations! Cool! I wonder if the PokeyOne available from HotRod Arcade will work in this application. Anyone know offhand?
  10. Fred mentioned recently that the HOKEY's aren't done yet, so I would check back in Oct. 2021 so as not to put too much pressure on him. In the meantime, you can buy a Harmony or Harmony Encore cart to support development of the Melody boards, AtariAge, and Fred's work in general. It looks like the quarantine sale may still be in effect. As a fellow new 7800 owner, I picked up a stack of carts to tide me over until next year. I found a seller that would combine shipping on his BIN auctions so these 4 carts only ran me about $25 total including shipping...
  11. Mateos. (It maxes out at 16 games so it's not an expansive, sd-based solution.) (Other three being: Concerto, Dragonfly, SainT.)
  12. I'm pretty giddy about it too. I've been eyeing the 7800's exclusive library for years now wondering if it's worth it. (Even though I'm a crazy Atari fan already.) You mentioned the Concerto pushed you over the edge. For me it was seeing this comparison video between game versions. Having played the 2600 version of Dark Chambers for years, I was blown away by the 7800's improvements. You ordered yours the same day mine arrived. Congrats! That was super nice of CPUWiz to help out a brother.
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