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  1. I was glad to see the video, if nothing else, just to learn about Bee Ball. It's now on my Unocart.
  2. Thanks Hairy. I was stupidly confusing it for the Boulder Dash demo that was shared a couple pages back. I found the compatibility clue by visiting the Draconian page and reading that "Draconian is a Melody-enhanced game that takes full advantage of the CDF mode in the Melody." I think that makes Draconian one of the very few games not yet compatible with Uno where the rom is also freely available.
  3. I can confirm, Panky the Panda runs great on the UnoCart. We've been playing it non-stop for the past few days on the Unocart. Brutally hard! Also successfully run Anguna and Zippy. Does anyone have a rom of Draconian that runs on the UnoCart? Mine just gives a blank screen.
  4. Thanks for that info. Current new price direct from Fred is 54.25, choosing options "plain paper manual" and "installed in a cartridge" and US shipping. I sold it for $50 shipped and was happy to have it out of my hoard an into a good home.
  5. Apologies for bumping an old thread, especially one with so much needless toxicity. But for those blocking Anna Andrychiewicz on Ebay (i.e. school_girl_in_a_short_dress,) you should also block ebay user: rhosim-14. That's a fake account Anna created to get around my block on him.
  6. Wow, Impressive work MacRorie, and electrotrains, and Dirty Hairy, and anyone else who contributed to this project. It's come a long way since Jan. 2018. Always glad to see a scene stay vibrant. Looks like UnoCart is the new HarmonyCart. Perhaps it should now have its own dedicated subforum. Amazing work!
  7. Hello Atari friends, I have this Harmony cart listed but I would always prefer to avoid the massive fees and sell directly to an Atari Age member. See link for more pictures. I'm aware these are now being discounted without the shell, but I figured there may be people who don't want to mess with cleaning up an old cart and cutting slots for the SD card and USB port. Please PM me if interested, Matthew
  8. Thanks for the detailed history. It takes a bit of hunting to find all that info. Mine looks like this [attached.] No mention of the word "Encore" anywhere on it so I'm assuming this is just the standard "Harmony" cartridge. Although I'm not sure why I would've chosen that one if the upgraded version was also available. As far as I can tell, there's no real difference except the Encore version can play roms >32k in size. Either I didn't know the Encore version existed, or I figured the cheaper one would suffice; I couldn't name a 2600 game >32k off the top of my head. My memory is that I paid around $65 for it. Although my memory is highly suspect on anything that happened more than a month ago. Anyway, thanks again for all the info.
  9. The last I heard is the Harmony Encore SD cartridge is the best version on the market for North American consumers. Is there any other USB or SD ATARI 2600 cartridges that are currently on the market besides the Harmony product line? According to this Flashcart and Multicart link the Harmony Encore and standard Harmony are the only SD cartridges that are currently available for the Atari 2600. That is my understanding as well. It was the successor to the older, legendary "cuttle card" long unavailable. I have one for sale that I've never used if anyone is interested. I'd prefer to sell it direct to an Atari Age member and avoid the 10% ebay markup + 3% paypal markup. If anyone's interested, $67 shipped? PM me please. Matthew
  10. There's a no-reserve boxed copy on ebay now if anyone's looking: LINK.
  11. And this is the *simple* version believe it or not. A bunch of alternate schematics include extra transistors for activating the fire button, pic micro controllers, all kinds of head spinning things. I was determined to stick with the simplest 555 timer chip. I'll post my super simple drawing once it's perfected.
  12. Wow, thank you so much for the detailed response. There's still a lot for me to learn so I appreciate all the resources and thoroughness. I didn't necessarily expect you were still out there or would care to respond to an old thread. I spent most of a Saturday afternoon trying out different values from the different schematics and messed with the calculator to death. I learned breadboard experimentation is key here. I tried this same circuit a couple years ago with a home etched circuit board which required constant desoldering and re-soldering to try new things. Today I went part-by-part and relaunched Minestorm after each swap to see what was happening. Eventually I discovered jumping R1 killed everything (duty cycle under 50%) and that calculator values are merely theoretical when connected to an actual console. I never did get the pot to adjust the speed even when the calculator says it should. Also, there's simply a limit to how many bullets the Vectrex can display at once. Aiming for 30Hz isn't even practical. Even 7 shots per second pretty much taps it out until the game catches up. Interestingly, swapping the cap value changed the speed even when turning the pot did not so at the end of my session, I was considering varying the capacitor value with a switch. But with your post in hand, I'll dive back in next weekend. I appreciate your input my friend. Just now caught up on your cigar box joysticks. Nicely done!
  13. Did you ever get yours working Nateo? I tried all 4 of the schematics posted to this page, meticulously checking every connection. Fails all around. Finally, I set my full concentration on the "first picture" because Grips said, "your first picture is ok, others not so much." After being 100% certain I'd connected everything correctly with a DMM on every joint, it occurred to me to try a different 555. That fixed it. I spent several hours assuming that part was working. Now I get a very sporadic, semi-slow autofire that speeds up and slows down. Woo! Semi-success! After drinking this coffee and finishing this post, I'm gonna plug Kozmik Stardust's values into the Slovakian schematic (the first one.)
  14. I've unsuccessfully tried a few schematics to add rapid fire to the Vectrex. Last night, I tried the values outline by Kosmic Stardust because 1.) the values work on in the online calculator, and 2.) the values are drastically different from other schematics out there. I figure we're onto something. I breadboarded it unsuccessfully. Here is how I hooked it up. Can you (Kosmic Stardust) or anyone tell me if I'm missing something obvious here. I suspect I'm screwing something up that might be easy to spot by someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for any suggestions, Matthew
  15. Definitely following this project. There seems to be no readily-available, user-installable RGB mod out there. When you get a prototype working, I'll be a beta tester. Good work!
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